ILL Lending

Lending services to libraries
We provide book loans and scanning services to libraries.

If you are an academic, public or special library, we accept either OCLC requests to the symbol “GZM” or webform requests (if OCLC is not an option for your institution). If your institution needs a webform login, please contact our staff at and we will gladly set you up after you provide mailing information about your library.


Lending services to individuals
If you are an individual who needs materials from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s collections, please place an Interlibrary Loan request at any U.S. or overseas library to which you have access. If you are not affiliated with a library, please consult UW-Madison Libraries’ fee-based services.


Lending services to businesses
If your business or industry has no library or information service, please consult UW-Madison Libraries’ fee-based services.