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Wisconsin Artists Research Bibliography

This bibliography covers a selection of books on Wisconsin artists. It has been divided into several thematic sections, which are described below. A description of each book and its contents gives an idea of the type of information provided by the source, along with an alphabetized list of the featured Wisconsin artists. Call numbers and shelving locations for the copy at the UW-Madison Kohler Art Library are provided in parentheses.

Section Descriptions:

Decorative Arts and Crafts – Materials focusing on utilitarian artwork or artwork created mainly as a decorative item.
Folk Art – Sources devoted to the work of artists not formally trained, both professional and non-professional.  Can include outsider artists or artists trained in a traditional, but non-academic method.
General/Contemporary – Resources concerning artists currently working or artists whose careers have existed within a recent time span.  Includes sources not applicable to other categories; for example those that cover a range of mediums.
Glass – Items related to Wisconsin glassworkers and glass art.
Historical – Sources describing the history of art in Wisconsin; its development, influences, notable artists, etc.
Minority Artists – Materials concerned with the work of minority artists in Wisconsin.
Photography – Items discussing Wisconsin photographers.
Printmaking – Information on Wisconsin printmakers.
UW Faculty – Documentation of work by University of Wisconsin faculty.
Women Artists – Sources of information on Wisconsin women artists.
Watercolor – Resources about Wisconsin watercolorists.

Decorative Arts and Crafts
Madison Art Center. The Decorative Arts in Dane County. Madison, Wis.: Madison Art Center, 1982. (N 6530 W6 M32) (Reg)

Exhibit catalogue with one black and white print for each artist with brief biographical information.  Artists exhibited include: Mary Bero, Palli Davis, Mary Dickey, George Ellis, Fred Fenster, Martha Glowacki, Michael Gross, Walter Hamady, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Cam Langley, David Leppla, Brigitte Manoogian, Monique Milhollin, Eleanor Moty, Sarah Nelson, Dennis Pearson’s, Curtis Platt, Don Reitz, Allan Rosenbaum, Susan Solie, Steven Spiro, Elizabeth Tuttle, M. Avigail Upin, Jim Van Deurzen, and Dick Wickmans.
Folk Art
Barton, John Rector. Rural Artists of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin Press, 1948. (N 6530 W6 B3) (Reg, Ref) — Digital copy available at:http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/Arts.BartonRural

Text covering the work of approximately thirty Wisconsin artists featured in a series of rural art exhibits in Madison  from 1940-1948, a project partially produced by John Curry.  The book is illustrated with photographs of the artists, along with both color, and black and white prints of their work.  A two to three page biographical essay is provided for each artist, and the last section is an index, by artist, of works included in Madison Rural Art exhibits.  The featured artists are: Ambrose Ammel, Joan Arend, John Black, William Boose, Frances Burt, Frank Engebretson, Francis D. Grady, Louis Grebetz, Racheal Grimm, Lois Ireland, Alexander Norman Jargo, Arthur Johnson, Herman Krause, Ralph Krug, Walter Kuse, Ethel Kvalheim, Millie Rose Lalk, Carl Marty, Sr., Clarence Boyce Monegar, Elizabeth Faulkner Nolan, Chris Olson, Florence Peterson, Martha Rodenbough, Lloyd H. Scarseth, Lela Borah Smith, Earl Sugden, Iris Furman Tellefson, Walter Thorp, Mrs. Carl Ubbelohde, Alice Weber.

Grass Roots Art: Wisconsin, Toward a Redefinition. Oshkosh: Office of University Publications, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 1978. (N 6530 W6 G7) (Reg, Locked)

Catalogue of an exhibit at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.  Includes an introduction and the essay “Grass Roots Art: Wisconsin, Toward a Redefinition” by Wanda G. Cole.  No biographical information for the artists is provided other than city of residence, but commentary is provided for pieces represented in a print.  Following is a list of included exhibitors, names in italics indicate artists with a black and white print of their work in the catalogue: Barbara Anger, Howard Angermeyer, Glady’s Bartol,Aaron L. BeechyDan Ray BeechyAdam BergCharles Beyer, Henry P. Boogaard, William Boose, Conover Family, Daniel Craig, Andrew L. Dahl, Lucy Dahlin, Nick EngelbertDan Erbstoesse, Clarence Josiah FeltenbargerCharles FooteJoe Gazecki, Gerhard Gessel, Kathleen Gresens, Elsie Heindl, Jerry Holter, Harvey JorgensenWalter Juslen, Loretta Kufahl, Walter Kufahl, Michael LenkJanis LesdinsNeil Long, Francis M. Meinhardt, Philipina Melville, Frank MenkusLynn Miller, Aldon (Smiley) Mueller, Emil Pearson, Grant Peterson, William PetersonJohn Phillip, Loretta Pitzl, Ruby Reiter, Albrecht Rolke, Rudolf Rotter, Herman Rusch, Sanome Sanapaw, Frederick Schaar, Annie S. (Sievers) Schildhauer, Gregory SchneiderArthur SchwandtOrrin SiewertFred SmithEarl SugdenLoretta SylkeJames Tellen,Pat Thomas, Walter Thorp, Joseph A. VandenplasFather Mathias Wernerus, Peter White Bird, Hjalmar WisthFrank WolfertAlbert ZahnPhilip ZellmerJerry Ziebelland several anonymous artists.

Krug, Don. Miracles of the Spirit: Folk, Art, and Stories from Wisconsin. 1st ed. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2005. (N 6530 W6 K78 2005) (Reg)

Chronicles the stories of twenty-six Wisconsin artist/makers not initially trained in the arts.  These artists could be considered folk, primitive, outsider or rural artists.  The first four chapters cover geographical sections of Wisconsin and are sub-divided by artist.  Artists included are: Hope Atkinson, Prophet Wiliam Blackmon, Guy Church, Jack Dillhunt, Dr. Evermor (Tom Every), Anton “Tony” Flatoff, Lester Fry, Paul Hefty, Wally Keller, Norbet Kox, Les Morrison, Ellis Nelson, John Ree, Lori Reich, Rudy Rotter, Simon Sparrow, Bruce Squires, John Sroka, John Tio, Carter Todd,  Bob Watt, Mona Webb, Della Wells, Mike “Ringo” White, and Clyde Wynia.  Following those are two chapters: “The Life of Ideas: The Formation of Outsider Art in Wisconsin” and “Miracles of the Spirit of Art: Representing an Artist’s Sense of Place”.  An index and bibliography are provided.


Rooney, E. Ashley. 100 Artists of the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Pub. Ltd., 2012. (N6522 R66 2012) (Reg)

Informal guide covering selected contemporary artists, working in various media, from the “Great Lakes States” of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Includes a foreword “The Heartland” by Tom Bluemlein and Sandra Guile and an introduction by E. Ashley Rooney. Divided by state, the book features a personal statement, a photographic headshot and a few selected works for each artist. Most images in color. Wisconsin artists featured: Michael Banning, Stephanie Barencz, Mary Bero, Mark Brautigam, Terrance James Coffman, Leslie DeMuth, Joel Elgin, Patrick Farrell, Raymond Gloeckler, Martha Hayden, Helen Klebesadel, Cathy Martin, Lon Michels, John Mominee, Francisco X. Mora, Mark Mulhern, Charles Munch, Timothy M. O’Neill, Bill Reid, Jim Rose, Jan Serr, Sharon Stelter, Fred Stonehouse, Dave Tilton, Tom Uttech, Jeremy Wolf, Janica Yoder.

Arts Build Directory: Artists of Southwest Wisconsin 2005. Wisconsin : Arts Build, 2005. (N 6530 W6 A78 2005 Reference Collection)

Directory of current Wisconsin artists organized by county with artist and discipline indexes.  Also includes a short summary of what the Arts Build is.

Cabinets of Curiosities: Four Artists, Four Visions: Martha Glowacki, Mark Lorenzi, Natasha Nicholson, Mary Alice Wimmer. Madison, WI: Elvehjem Museum of Art, 2000.
(NX 511 M33 C33 2000)

A catalogue providing in depth discussion of the exhibit by the same name.  The exhibition was proposed by Natasha Nicholson and her introduction explains the inspiration behind it.  Nicholson’s introduction is followed by the essay “The Wonder of it All: Contemporary Cabinets of Curiosity” by Joseph Goldyne.  The remainder of the catalogue is divided into two sections; “Four Artists” which contains four essays, one for each artist, discussing their process, work, and influences.  The second, “Four Visions”, has color prints of the work in the exhibition.  The four exhibiting artists were: Martha Glowacki, Mark Lorenzi, Natasha Nicholson, and Mary Alice Wimmer.

Emerging Imagists. Milwaukee, WI: The Museum, 1983. (N 6530 W6 E4 1983 2)

Catalogue of a Milwaukee Art Museum exhibit focusing on contemporary Wisconsin artists who incorporate imagery into their work.  The exhibited artists were also described as “Leading practitioners of an expressively altered figurative style.” (preface)  Several color and black and white prints are provided for each artist along with an artist’s statement and biographical information.  Artists in the show were: Dennis Bayuzick, Randy Berndt, John Broenen, Pat Fennell, Michael Jacobsen, Jeff Johannes, Dennis Nechvatal, and Bob Sill.

Levy, Hannah Heidi. Famous Wisconsin Artists and Architects. Oregon, WI: Badger Books, 2004. (N 6530 W6 L48 2004 Reference Collection)

Informal guide to over 100 Wisconsin artists and architects, including a section on panorama painting, followed by a list of lesser known Wisconsin artists.  Bibliography and index are included as well as a guide to other sources for information Wisconsin artists.

Milwaukee Art Museum. 100 Years of Wisconsin Art. Milwaukee, Wis.: The Museum, 1988. (N 6530 W6 O58 1988 Reference Collection)

*This is mainly a historical source so it is listed below in the historical section, but it does include work by a few contemporary artists.

On Site: Installations. Milwaukee: The Museum, 1986. (N 6494 E6 O6 1986)

Catalogue of an exhibit in Milwaukee consisting of a group of temporary site specific installations by a diverse group of artists.  The introduction briefly discusses most of the pieces in the show.  A black and white print of each installation is included alongside brief biographical information on the creator.  Artists include: Irene Adamczyk, David Aguirre, Al Blankschien, Jeff Boshart, Michal Carley, Dennis A. Coffey, Laurie Beth Clark, Robert Curtis, David Damkoehler, Sally Duback, Leslie Fedorchuk, David G. Genszler, Sandra L. Greuel, Katherine King, Michelle Grabner, Philip Krejcarek, Lois Van Liew Leonard, Barbara Manger, James Matson, James McCarter, Nancy McGee, William Reid, Suzanne Rosenblatt, Jill Sebastian, Jean Stamsta, Henry Steinfort, James Vopat, Thelma Wasserman-Friedman, Nancy Metz White, and Jeff Worman

State of the Art, Wisconsin Painting and Drawing. Sheboygan, WI: J.M. Kohler Arts Center of the Sheboygan Arts Foundation, 1982. (N 6530 W6 S7 1982)

Catalogue for one exhibition in a series covering current directions in Wisconsin art through the work of Wisconsin artists who contributed significantly to an art form or medium.  Includes black and white reproductions of work by each artist and brief biographical information.  Represented artists: Nancy Burkert, Gibson Byrd, Jean Crane, Paul Caster, Warrington Colescott, Gary Hagen, Robert Mertens, Mark Mulhern, Stephen Samerjan, Susan Slavick, Jill Sebastian, Cristel-Anthony Tucholke, Tom Uttech, and John Wilde.

Chang, Yuyen, et al. Tem·per : Works by Six Art Metals Graduate Students. Madison, Wis. : 3D Area, Art Department, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2003. (NK6401 M33 U55 2003)

Catalog featuring work from six students in the MFA Metals program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  For each artist, there are two color images of work, a black and white portrait of the artist, and an artist’s statement.  The introduction also contains brief information about each artist.  Artists are: Yuyen Chang, Catherine Gilbertson, Ju-Wen Hsiao, Mary McMullen, Tim O’Neill, and Anika Smulovitz.

Aiello, Nicala, et al. Verbal Text/Non-Verbal Context : Handmade Books by Wisconsin Artists. Milwaukee Art Museum, 1992. (N 7433.3 V47 1992) (N7433.3 V47 1992 Room 160a)

Catalogue of an exhibition of Wisconsin artists who make handmade books.  For each artist, there is a black and white image of a work and an artist’s statement.  Artists are: Nicala Aiello, Leslie Fedorchuk, Marta Gomez, Caren Heft, Dara Larson, Leslee Nelson, Jo Anna Poehlmann, and Ivan Soll.

Wisconsin Biennial/Biennale

The Wisconsin Biennial began in 1978 and was organized by the Madison Art Center.  In 1987 the biennial became the Wisconsin Triennial.  The triennial is mentioned in more detail later on.  The catalogs of the biennial are listed below.  Kohler has three catalogues from the biennial; each has black and white reproductions of pieces in the exhibit and a list of the selected artists.  Exhibited artists are listed below divided by biennial year.

Wisconsin Biennale (2nd: 1980: Madison Art Center). 1980 Wisconsin Biennale. Madison, Wis.: Madison Art Center, 1980. (N 6530 W6 W57 1980)

Randy Arnold, Andrew Gordon Balkin, Diane Balsey, Ronnie Baron, Dennis Bayuzick, John Berens, Marc A Bergeron, Kyle Berney, Carl Billingsley, Mark Bina, Chris Bjorklund, Carol Burns, Megan Campbell, Robin Carnes, Dan L. Carrel, Gregory Conniff, Jon Corson-Rikert, Beth Costello, Roland J. DeBaker, Donald DeKeyser, Paul Delong, Julie Dierauer, Paul Douglas, Paul Duesler, Jeanne Eberlein-Burmeister, Wendy Edwards, Donna Elliot, Marion Engelke, Patrice A. Federspiel, Andre Ferrella, Karen Fitzgerald, Richard Frodi, Ed Gray, Matt Groshek, Karen Gunderman, Karon Hagemeister-Winzenz, Gary Hegen, Lauren Sinnott Hambrecht, Stephen Hankin, Lawrence Harrison, Marylin Hart, Donnie Hedfield, Curt Heuer, ILA, Michael Jacobsen, Jeffrey Johannes, Helen Kaplan, Helen Kaplan, William Karberg, Judy Kashman, David Kerner, Karin Ketarkus, Joann Kindt, Lewis Koch, Jean Crane Koeper, Maude Kozlowski, Charles Kraus, Philip Krejcarek, Jeffrey Kroll, Steve Larson, John Losiniecki, Denise Luhman, Jim McLear, Richard Meinecke, Robert Merline, Jan Meyer, James D. Michael, Marlene Miller, Jerry Mischak, Judith Mjaanes, Susan L. Montague, Gisela Magdalena Moyer, Thomas Muench, Jeanette Mullane, Dagny Quisling Myrah, Paula Nees, R.K. Nelson, Mary Ellen Nelson-Raney, Perry Loren Nesbitt, John Northcutt, Mark Oliver, Dan O’Neal, Chris Osborne, Nang Sook Park, Shirley Pasternak, Elaine Pelosini, Steve Peter, Judy Pichler, Gregg F. Pustaver, Barbara Quade, Richard Reese, James F. Reimer, Ellen Reyher, Robert Richter, Jamie Ross, Adrienne Sager, Kathleen Gray Schallock, Elliott Schnackenberg, Tom Schott, Nick Schroeder, Annette Schuh, Terry Schwab, Jill Sebastian, Barbara Seyda, Jan Smith, Marko Spalatin, Marilyn Staslak, Sr. M. Stephanie Stauder, George H. Steuer, Jarrett Strawn, Kay Sullivan, Jackson Tiffany, Mike Tincher, Glenn Trudel, Christel-Anthony Tucholke, John J. Turnock, Judith Uehling, Leslie Loomis Vansen, Pat Vecchione, Laureen Vlaisavljevich, Bud Wall, Susan Walsh, William Willers, and Paul Wirtz.

Wisconsin Biennial (3rd: 1982: Madison Art Center). 1982 Wisconsin Biennial. Madison, Wis. : The Center, 1982. (N 6530 W6 W57 1982)

Irene Adamczyk, Steve Agard, Marilyn Agnew McAweeney, Morris Altman, Nancy Andrews, Randy L. Arnold, Sarah Aslakson, Dennis Bayuzick, Mary Benton, Sally Behr, Pamela Bentzien, Gene Bloedorn, Rosemary Bloedorn, Duane Brissette, John Broenen, Alfredo Caballero, Carol Cameron, Steven P. Carlson, Robin Carnes, Michael E. Christopherson, Dennis A. Coffey, Gregory Conniff, Stephanie Copoulos, Tom Corcoran, Amy Cuthbert, Jerry Dell, Mary Diman, Duane Ditty, Beth Eisendrath, Scott Endsley, Andrew Ewen, Michael A. Finger, Phil Fisher, Donald Furst, Susan Gallub, Susan Gardels, Arvind Garg, Drew Gawel, James Gill, Nancy Goetz, Karen Helland Granger, Ed Gray, Eric Hagstrom, Tom Hancock, Sally M. Hayes, Mary Highfill, Valerie Hodgson, Deborah Howard, Linda Huber, Anne Hughes, T.J. Jackovich, Joel Jaecks, Amelia Janes, Larry Junkins, Barry Krammes, Philip Krejcarek, Dawn Krokowski, Cam Langley, Suzette Jeanne LaVigne, Ruth Lingen, Claudia Lipke, John H. Losiniecki, Mark McFadden, Phyllis Isabel McGibbon, Jim McLear, Glenn T. Mackie, Don Michael, James D Michael, Ruth Miles, Susan Miles, Thomas Mobeck-Hoffman, Diane Molvig, Timothy Moore, Mark Morrison, Mark Mueller, Thomas Muench, Mark Mulhern, Charles Munch, Frances Myers, Kathryn Myers, Natasha Nicholson, Michael Nitsch Jr., Olive Nordby, Joan Fontana O’Connor, Judy K. Olsen, Daniel O’Neal, Danny O’Rourke, Linn Hesse Petri, Steven J. Pierick, JoAnna Poehlmann, Philip Quinn, Michael Rebholz, William Reid, John M. Robinson, Steve Roffler, Douglas Safranek, Peter S. Saupe, Robert L. Schultz, P. Scobey, Bruce J. Severson, Anders Shafer, Bob Sill, Susan Slavick, Graham Kim Smith, Laurie Stein, Larry Stephens, Leanne Stevenson, Robert E. Stevenson, Marti Stewart, J.M. Strader, Joseph Sutter, Max Taylor, Evelyn Patricia Terry, Christel-Anthony Tucholke, Elizabeth Tuttle, Thomas C. Uebeherr, Hope Van Winkle, Christopher Vanden, Charlie Vaughn, Susan Walsh, Terri Warpinski, Steven Paul Welch, Art Werger, W.B. Willers, Ken Workowski, S.K. Yaeger, Peggy Flora Zalucha, and Zippy Franklin Zetzman.

Wisconsin Biennial (4th: 1984: Madison Art Center). 1984 Wisconsin Biennial. Madison, Wis. : The Center, 1984. (N 6530 W6 W57 1984)

Irene Adamczyk, Marlyn Agnew-McAweeney, Don Albrecht, DoraMay Aldworth, Paula Schuette Anderson, John Mark Arnold, Susan Baehmann, Elizabeth Baldauf, Tom Bamberger, Beth Bartholomew, William Bedford, Leslie Bellevance, Christopher L. Davis Benavides, Lois Bergerson, Lynn Bicknell, Carl Billingsley, Rosemary Bloedorn, Nancy Blum, Taffnie Bogart, Elizabeth Breed, Paula Bunch, Sam Caldwell, J. Scott Canfield, Robin Carlson, Valerie J. Christell, Holly Cohn, Gretchen L. Coles, Jocelyn Cox, Jean Crane, Douglas Cumming, Keith Davis, Eileen Potts Dawson, Robert G. Devine, Mary Diman, Robert A. Dolsen, Anita Douthat, Carol Emmons, Kathleen Young Fenner, Regina Flannagan, Peter Flanary, Constance Gage-Kivlin, Arvind Garg, Martha Glowacki, Hilary Goldblatt, Thomas Grade, Nancy Greenbaum, Gary John Gresl, Matt Groshek, Michalene Groshek, Deb Grossfield, John Groth, Karen Gunderman, Thomas Hancock, David M. Harding, Bev Harrington, Mary Harrison, Caren Heft, B. Hopkins, Linda Huber, Sally Hutchison, Marc Jacobson, Les Klug, Gregg Kumlien, Tim Ladwig, Guntis Lauzums, Ronna Lee, Ruth Lingen, Carlos Loera, Catherine Loughran, Linda McCovern, James Michael, Mary Raab Mickiewicz, Don Miller, Joan Miller, Judith Mjaanes, Thomas Mobeck-Hoffman, Lois Mogensen, Georgia Mommaerts, Lloyd Mueller, Christopher Murphy, Dagny Myrah, Dean Nagel, Rhonda Nass, Natasha Nicholson, Rise Anderson Petersons, Dorothy Provis, Mary Pulliam, Tom Rauschke, Marylu Raushenbush, Richard Reese, Jacqueline Richards, Elaine Rogers, Virginia Rose, Allan Rosenbaum, Stephen Samerjan, Kenneth Schneider, Nick Schroeder, Robert Schultz, Phyllis Sechrist, D’Ann de Simone, Kathie Skrabanek, Susanne Slavik, George Steuer, Tom Thiel, Sue Tjepkema, Timothy Togstad, Joanne Toman, Andree Valley, James Van Deurzen, Jennifer Vaughn, Marian Vieux, Marilyn Waligore, Bud Wall, Margaret Walsh, Bruce Walters, David Wellis, John Wendt, Doris White, Jonathan Wilde, Marylou Williams, Philip Williams, Ed Wong, S.K. Yaeger, Peggy Flora Zalucha, and Zippy Franklin Zetzman.

Milwaukee Art Center.  Wisconsin Directions / [Exhibition] September 19 through November 2, 1975.  Milwaukee Art Center, 1975. (N6530 W6 M548 1975 Locked)

Catalogue of a show of a variety of mediums by artists residing in Wisconsin.  Each artist is represented with a black and white image of their work, and sometimes a short artist’s statement.  The artists exhibited are: Gloria K. Alford, Harold Altman, Clayton Bailey, Guy Baldwin, Nancy Loo Bjorge, Bruce Breckenridge, Larry K. Brown, Winifred Brown, Nancy Ekholm Burkert, Robert Burkert, Gibson Byrd, Tjae Chapman, Warrington Colescott, John N. Colt, Robert Cumming, Robert Danner, Palli Davene Davis, Paul Dresang, C. R. Paul Dingman, Durwood Dommisse, Paul S. Donhauser, Lois Ehlert, Allan W. Erdmann, Fred Escher, Fred Fenster,William R. Fiorini, Bobbie Fishman, Alan Friedman, Verne Funk, Charlotte Funk, William P. Griffiths, Robert L. Grilley, Raymond Louis Gloeckler, Thomas G. Gondek, Susan Goodrich, Walter Hamady, Audrey Handler, Kent F Ipsen, Michael Jerry, Charles James Kaiser, Steven Kemenyffy, Cavalliere Ketchum, Anne E. Kingsbury, John Carl Kloor, Les Klung, Jerome C. Krause, R. J. Kreznar, William Krueger, Joseph Kurhajec, William F. Lachowicz, Edmund Lewandowski, Marcia Lewis, Marvin Lipofsky, Schomer Lichtner, Harvey K. Littleton, Karen T. Massaro, Fred Marcus, Dorothy L. Meredith, Robert Mertens, Eric Moebius, Charles T. Moore, Jr., Eleanor Moty, Eugene Mueller, Charles Munch, Frances Myers, Walter G. Nottingham, Dennis Pearson, Bruce Le Page, Joan Michaels-Paque, Frank Parkel, Lee Barnes Peck, C. William Peckenpaugh, Jo Anna Poehlmann, Roland Poska, Laurence P. Rathsack, Kenneth Ray, Richard Reese, John J. Reiss, Linda G. Rich, Don Reitz, Adolph Rosenblatt, Joseph Rozman, Dick Sauer, Italo Scanga, Frederick N. Schaar, Edward T. Schoenberger, Marko Spalatin, Jean Stamsta, Lucia Stern, Brooks Stevens, Wayne Taylor, Charles Toman, Christel-Anthony Tucholke, Tom Uttech, Charles Waldeck, Robert J. Warrens, William Weege, William Wegman, Nadene R. Wegner, John Wilde, and J. Fred Woell.

Milwaukee. Art Center. Wisconsin Directions Two: Here & Now. Milwaukee: The Center, 1978. (N 6530 W6 M55 1978)

Catalogue of a show surveying contemporary art by artists residing in the state of Wisconsin.  None of the work was completed before 1977.  The exhibition was open to anyone in the state over eighteen to give lesser known artists a chance to show their work.  Each artist is represented in the catalogue with a black and white print of their work, and sometimes a short artist’s statement.  The artists exhibited were: Diane Balsley, John Balsley, Gayle Bard, Roy R. Behrens, Fred Berman, Randall Berndt, Carl R. Billingsley, Ron Bitticks, Todd Boppel, Roald Bostrom, John Brekke, Gibson Byrd, Tjae Chapman, Valeria Chen, Warrington Colescott, John Colt, Laurence L. Conn, Robert Curtis, Robert Danner, Palli Davene Davis, James Donnelly, Christine Douglas, Dick Evans, Susan Evans, Judith Fineberg, Steven Douglas Foster, Richard Frodl, Orazio Fumagalli, Raymond Gloeckler, Alan Goldsmith, Susan Goodrich, Arnold Gore, Robert Grilley, Gary Hagen, Lawrence Harrison, Ron Harvey, Ronald Dale Hinz, David Holmes, Thomas Hovorka, Charles James Kaiser, Barbara Kohl, Dale Kohlstedt, James Kronlage, F.G. Luntz, Barbara Manger, Gary Marx, Karen Massaro, David Merkel, Joan Michaels-Paque, Charles Munch, Frances Myers, Mary Bero Nechvatal, Narendra Patel, James Robert Perry, Steve Peter, Joanna Poehlmann, Laurence Rathsack, Patrick Robison, Joseph Rozman, Jr., Virginia Schoenberg, Robert Schuenke, Toni Seebantz, Jean Stamsta, Anthony Stoeveken, Michelle Hope Stuhl, Authur Thrall, Jackson Tiffany, Charles Toman, Christel-Anthony Tucholke, Elizabeth A. Tuttle, Tom Uttech, Dedra M. Walls, Murray Weiss, Huff Wesler, and Acquaetta Williams.

Milwaukee Art Museum.  Wisconsin Directions 3: The Third Dimension, February 26-April 12, 1981.  Milwaukee Art Museum, 1981. (NB 230 W5 W5)

Catalogue of a show of contemporary sculpture by sculptors residing in Wisconsin.  Work was made between 1978 and 1981.  Each artist is represented with a black and white image of their work, and sometimes a short artist’s statement.  The artists exhibited are: Dennis Coffey, Dick Evans, John Ganske, Martha Jane Glowacki, Karen Gunderman, Karon Hagemeister-Winzenz, Ruth Kao, Katherine King, Robert Merline, Don Miller, Stephen Pevnick, Barbara Povlich, Jill Sebastian, Jarrett W. Strawn, and Marian Vieux.

Goldstein, Rosalie.  Wisconsin Directions 4: Milwaukee Art Museum, September 14 – October 28, 1984: John Porter Retzer and Florence Horn Retzer exhibition.  Milwaukee Art Center, 1984. (N6530 W6 W59 1984 Locked)

Catalogue surveys art in Wisconsin made between 1981 and 1984. For each artist there are two black and white images of artwork and a listing of education, exhibition(s) and bibliography. The artists exhibited are: John Balsley, Leslie Bellavance, Randall Berndt, Ron Bitticks, Todd Boppel, Karl Borgeson, John Broenen, Gibson Byrd, Sam Caldwell, Warrington Colescott, John N. Colt, Gregory Conniff, Robert Curtis, Alicia Czechowski, Rob Danielson and Paul Dickinson, Dennis Darmek, Jan Doyle, Steve Feren, Tom Fleming, Steven D. Foster, Deb Grossfield, Karen Gunderman, Murray Home, Patrick Huey, Truman Lowe, Mark Mulhern, Charles Munch, Dennis Nechvatal, Robert Nelson, Stephanie Newman, William Nichols, Natasha Nicholson, Don Reitz, Lenore Rinder with Owen Klatte, Robert Schuenke, Jill Sebastian, Susanne Slavick, Simon Sparrow, Jean Stamsta, Andris Strazdins, Tom Uttech, James Van Deurzen, Leslie Loomis Vansen, John Wilde, and William Willers.

The Milwaukee Journal Gallery of Wisconsin Art:  A Collection of 32 Milwaukee Journal Purchase Award Paintings Selected Each Year Since 1926 from the Wisconsin Painters’ and Sculptors’ Annual Exhibition of Wisconsin Art and Presented by the Milwaukee Journal to the Milwaukee Public School System.  Milwaukee, Wis.: Milwaukee Journal, 1957 (ND230 W6 M55 1957 Cage)

For each artist, there is one color image and a few paragraphs of biography.  Artists are: L. W. Bentley, Mietzi Bleck, Joseph Brzenk, Paul Clemens, Thomas Dietrich, George Frederiksen, Byron Gere, John Goray, Michael Gorski, Morley Hicks, Sylvester Jerry, Agnes Jessen, Mel Kishner, Edmund Lewandowski, Schomer Lichtner, Charlotte Major, Tom Milbank, Gustave Moeller, Alfred G. Pelikan, Karl Priebe, Peter Rotier, Robert Schmidt, Lester Schwartz, Gerrit Sinclair, Francesco Spicuzza, Helmut Summ, Howard Thomas, Charles W. Thwaites, Angela Von Neumann, Robert Von Neumann, Frank Wokurka, Kenneth Robert Zimmerman.
Wisconsin Painters and Printmakers. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 1983. (N 6530 W6 W63 1983)

Issue of the Wisconsin Academy Review devoted to Wisconsin painters and printmakers.  Contents includes the following articles and sections, artists mentioned in each are listed in parenthesis, those in italics have at least one print of their work in the issue:
Regional Gallery Directory, Wisconsin Art Exhibitions, Wisconsin Art Exhibitions, Wisconsin Prints and Printmakers (Robert Burkert, Donald Furst, Raymond Gloeckler, Ruth Grotenrath, Keiko Hara, Schomer Lichtner, Dean Meeker, Frances Myers, Clary Nelson-Cole, Marko Spalatin, Anthony Stoeveken, Arthur Thrall, Judith Uehling, William Weege)
Some UW-Madison Painters and Printmakers (Aaron Bohrod, Gibson Byrd, Warrington Colescott, Raymond Gloeckler, Robert Grilley, Richard Long, Suzanne Slavick, John Wilde, Santos Zingale)
Poems by Barbara Fowler, Independent Artists of Wisconsin (Nancy Ekholm Burkert, Mark Frederick Geisheker, Ida Ozonoff, JoAnna Poehlmann, Christel-Anthony Tucholke, Don LaViere Turner, Charles Wickler)
Art in a Cold Climate: Some Milwaukee Area Artist-Teachers (Fred Berman, John N. Colt, Douglas Cumming, John Earnest, Joseph Friebert, Mark Mulhern, Joseph Rozman, Howard Schroedter, Tom Uttech)
Directory of Artists (Jack Damer, Elsie Hagert Heindl, Richard Long, Dean J. Meeker, Dennis Nechvatal, Arthur Thrall, Joanne Toman, Joan N. Zingale, and all artists mentioned above)
Bookmarks Wisconsin.

West Bend Art Museum. Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors, Wisconsin Artists in all Media: Centennial Exhibition. West Bend, Wis.: West Bend Art Museum, 2000. (N 6530 W6 W38 2000)

Catalogue published by the West Bend Art Museum for an exhibition of the same name.  The preface is entitled, “A Century of Artistic Endeavor” and gives a brief history of art in Wisconsin relating to the formation of WP&S (Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors) and WAAM (Wisconsin Artists in all Media).  Followed by the essay “Our Past is Present in Our Future”.  A checklist of included artists provides a color print of works shown, but no biographical information.  The catalogue finishes with another essay “A Place in History”, which is a historical account of WP&S.  Artists are: Sophia Amm, Rise Anderson, Marilyn Annin, Kathy Armstrong, Steve Ballard, Leslie Boyanovsky, Metje C. Butler, Ted M. Conde, Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Amy Cropper, Phyllis Donovan DeMeyer, Lee H. Grantham, Jo Greenen, Gary John Gresl, Martha Hayden, Doug Haynes, Sally Gauger Jensen, Angelika Kade, Patricia Keller, David Klein, Nancy Lamers, Dara Larson, Sherry Lawson Gates, Phyllis Lingurd, John S. Miller, Lois Mogensen, Kathy Moss-Reeves, Karen E. Muench, Jody K. Nolan, Kaaren Oreck, Audrey Lundquist Paesel, Jeanne Cole Panka, Anne-Marie Quackenbush, Theron Caldwell Ris, Janet Roberts, George A. Ronsholdt, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Jamie Ross, Geri Schrab, Colette Odya Smith, Carroll M. Tabaka, Trudi Theisen, Peggy Thurston-Farrell, Judith Tomter, Robert Paul Ulrich, Vito Valenti, Rose Van Vranken, Larry Welo, Charles F. Wickler, Maurine A. Willey, George C. Wussow, Yan Xu, Rita Yanny, Peggy Zalucha.

Wisconsin Triennial

The Wisconsin Triennial continues the exhibition series begun with the Wisconsin Biennial.  In addition to switching to a triennial schedule, the selection process and number of artists selected changed in 1987.  The selection committee chose to exhibit a smaller number of artists, allowing display space for several works per artist. The smaller number of exhibiting artists means that the catalogues for the triennials contain more information on each artist, along with a black and white print of their work.  Biographic information includes lists of past exhibitions and collections holding work, professional positions, brief discussion of the artist’s work and a bibliography.  Exhibition catalogues are listed below by triennial year with a list of included artists and if applicable mention of any extra materials.

Barilleaux, René Paul. Wisconsin Triennial: A Survey of Contemporary Visual Art in the State of Wisconsin. Madison, WI.: The Center, 1987. (N6530 W6 B28 1987)

Prefaced by the essay, “Art in Wisconsin: Extended Visions from the Homefront”
Exhibited artists: Ann Althouse, Mark Anderson, Tom Bamberger, Sue Bartfield, Leslie Bellavance, Randall Berndt, Mary Bero, Jeffery G. Boshart, John Broenen, Richard Burkett, Lois R. Geiger Campagna, Laurie Beth Clark, Daniel Joseph Colleran, Gregory Conniff, Michael Connors, Douglas Cumming, Dennis Darmek, Waldemar Dynerman, Jeanne Eberlein-Burmeister, Carol Emmons, Patricia Fennell, Andre Ferrella, Steven D. Foster, Ney Tait Fraser, David G. Genszler, Gary John Gresl, Michael Gross, Gary D. Hagen, Walter Hamady, Willard H. Kolstad, Susan Kwas, Richard Long, David W. Lundahl, Todd V. McGrain, Rachel Morris, Mark W. Mulhern, Charles Munch, Frances Myers, Dennis Nechvatal, Paula J. Ness, Michael Newhall, Natasha Nicholson, Charlie Olson, Morgan T. Paine, Jeffrey Ripple, Scott Robertson, Robert L. Schultz, J. Shimon & J. Lindemann, Mark David Sisson, Simon Sparrow, Jean Stamsta, Fred Stonehouse, Barbara Tetenbaum, Linda Threadgill, Carter Todd, Tom Uttech, Marian J. Vieux, Susan Walsh, William Willers, Robin Lynn Wilson, and Janica Yoder.

Wisconsin Triennial : A Survey of Contemporary Art in the State of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis.: Madison Art Center, 1990. (N6530 W6 W64 1990)

Mark Anderson, Brenda Leigh Baker, Sue Bartfield, Leslie Bellavance, Mary Bero, Robert Burkert, Bary Carlsen, Paul J. Chilsen, Laurie Beth Clark, Warrington Colescott, John N. Colt, Michael Connors, Cathy C. Cook, Jack Damer, Dennis Darmek, Jerry Dell, Carol Emmons, Steve Feren, Alan Ricardo Fierro, Peter Flanary, Patrick JB Flynn, Steven D. Foster, Lois Ann Freeberg-Hagen, Martha Glowacki, Michael T. Gross, Walter Samuel Haatoum Hamady, Rick Hards, Ken Horii, John Hughes, Lewis Koch, Norbert H. Kox, Richard Long, Mark Lorenzi, Mancy Mladenoff, Mark W. Mulhern, Charles Munch, Frances Myers, Dennis Nechvatal, Charlie Olson, Edward R. Pope, Carol S. Pylant, Jeffrey Ripple, Scott Robertson, Luis Roldan, J. Shimon & J. Lindemann, John Shimon, Daniel Smajo-Ramirez, Simon Sparrow, Jean Stamsta, Fred Stonehouse, Barbara Tetenbaum, Linda Threadgill, Tom Uttech, John Wilde, Karon Hagemeister Winzenz, Janica Yoder, and Peggy Flora Zalucha.

Wisconsin Triennial. Wisconsin Triennial. Madison, Wis.: The Center, 1993. (N6530 W6 W642 1993)

Sarah Bowker, Jim Brozek, Robert Burkert, Warrington Colescott, John N. Colt, Cecelia Condit, Gregory Conniff, Michael Connors, Cathy C. Cook, Jack Damer, Dennis Darmek, R. Christian Egger, Carol Emmons, John W. Ford, Martha Glowacki, Lisa Greve, Michael Gross, Caren Heft, Freida High, Drake Hokanson, Sally Hutchison, Charles Johnson, David M. Lenz, Jeff Lipschutz, Mark Lorenzi, Nancy Mladenhoff, Frances Myers, Dennis Nechvatal, Natasha Nicholson, Moyo Okedui, Daniel O’Neal, Anthony Pessler, Carol S. Pylant, Jacqueline A. Richards, Scott Robertson, Luis Roldan, Robert L. Schultz, Daniel Smajo-Ramirez, Simon Sparrow, Fred Stonehouse, Linda Threadgill, Tom Uttech, Tomas Warn, John Wilde, Rob Yeo, and Janica Yoder.

Wisconsin Triennial. Madison, Wis.: The Center, 1996. (N650 W6 W64 1996)

Bert Brouwer, James Cagle, Barry Roal Carlsen, Laurie Beth Clark, Portia Cobb, Warrington Colescott, John N. Colt, James Michael Dietz, Laura Dronzek, R. Christian Egger, Carol Emmons, Steve Feren, FIELDWORK, Peter Flanary, Nicholas Frank, Martha Glowacki, Michelle Grabner, Michael Gross, Jean Roberts Guequierre, Walter Hamady, Caren Heft, Gary Hodel, Mark D. Horton, Gregory Klassen, Richard Knight, Norbert H. kox, James Kreul, Dianne Levesque, Thomas Loeser, Richard Long, Lydia Matheson, Todd McGrain, Nancy Mladennoff, Mark Mulhern, Frances Myers, Natasha Nicholson, Morgan T. Paine, Douglas Rosenberg, Stan Shellabarger, Daniel Smajo-Ramirez, Bently Spang, Fred Stonehouse, Tom Uttch, Marshall Weber, John Wilde, Peter Williams, and Janica Yoder.

Wisconsin Triennial. Madison, Wis.: The Center, 1999. (N650 W6 W64 1999)

Maxine Banks, Anna Benavides, Dick Blau & Cecelia Condit, Thomas Bleigh, Sally Bowker, Marna Goldstein Brauner, Derrick L. Buisch, Molly Carter, Sonya Y.S. Clark, Warrington Colescott, Michael Connors, Simon Mohandes Dorfman, Robert Erickson, Andre Ferella, John W. Ford, Steven D. Foster, Nicholas Frank, David G. Genzler, Martha Glowacki, Lane Hall & Lisa Moline, Walter Hamady, Ariana Huggett, Fujiko Isomura, Hai-Chi Jihn, Norbert Kox, Paula Schuette Kraemer, James Kreul, Heidi Lasher-Oakes, Jason Lee, Nancy Cramer Lettenstrom, Jeff Lipschutz, Gina Litherland, Thomas Loeser, Mark Lorenzi, Frances Myers, Daniel John O’Neal, Jose E. Rodriguez, Douglas Rosenberg, Bird Ross, J. Shimon & J. Lindemann, 2funBasTards, Lee Weiss, Curtis Whaley, John Wilde and Jason S. Yi.
Allen Priebe Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.  The Wisconsin Movement: Glass in Form, an Invitational Exhibition.  Oshkosh, Wisc.: Allen Priebe Gallery, 1982.(NK5101 O84 W57 1982) (Reg, Locked)

A catalogue for an invitational glass exhibition.  For each artist, there is one black and white image and one color image of work, and there is information about education, selected exhibitions, and collections.  Artists include: Gary Beecham, Bill Boysen, Vernon Brejcha, Thomas Chiconas, Dale Chihuly, Jon F. Clark, William Dexter, Fritz Dreisbach, Jim Engebretson, Tom Fleming, Robert C. Fritz, Sharon Fujimoto, Audrey Handler, David Hasslinger, David Huchthausen, Dick Huss, David Kerner, Eugene Koss, Marvin Lipofsky, Harvey Littleton, Andrew Magdanz, Tom McGlauchlin, Michael Meilahn, David Nichols, Colleen Ott, Robert Pietruszewski, Jack Schmidt, Paul Seide, Michael Taylor, and David Willard.

Bergrom-Mahler Museum.  Wisconsin Glass of the 1990’s: September 13 to November 16, 1997.  Neenah, WI: AmeriPrint Graphics, 1997.  (NK5100 B47 A4 1997) (Locked)

With the exception of Bill Boysen, the subjects of this exhibition are artists who chose to stay and work in Wisconsin.  For each artist, there is education information, location, and a color image of their work.  All except two artists, Charles Paul Savoie and Colleen Marie Ott, provide artist’s statements.  Artists are: Bill H. Boysen, Ellie Burke, Ann Alderson Cabezas, James E. Engebretson, Renee Nielsen Engebretson, Steven Feren, Audrey Handler, Wes Hunting, Mark Lorenzi, Stephen Lorson, Michael Meilahm, Vincent Olmstead, Colleen Marie Ott, Charles Paul Savoie, and James Van Deurzen.
The William S. Fairfield Public Gallery Presents Wisconsin’s Glass Masters. Sturgeon Bay, Wis.: The Gallery, 2000. (NK 5112 A3 W5 2000) (Reg)

Catalogue of an exhibit organized to address the Wisconsin studio glass tradition.  The preface concisely covers the studio glass movement and Wisconsin ’s part in it. The introduction covers similar themes, including Harvey Littleton the ‘father’ of the studio glass movement.  Following is a full page color print of one work by each artist and paragraph-length artist biography.  The exhibited artists were: Dale Chihuly, Jon F. Clark, Fritz Dreisbach, Audrey Handler, David R. Huchthausen, Marvin Lipofsky, Harvey K. Littleton, Tom McGlauchlin, Michael Meilahn, Jeremy Popelka, Charles Paul Savoie, Jack A. Schmidt, and Paul Seide.
Milwaukee Art Museum. 100 Years of Wisconsin Art  . Milwaukee, Wis.: The Museum, 1988. (N 6530 W6 O58 1988 Reference Collection)

Exhibit catalogue, preceded by two essays, “The Early Years: the Cultural Basis for Wisconsin Art” and “Developments in Wisconsin Art since the Great Depression”. The exhibit included over fifty Wisconsin artists and the catalogue provides biographical information on each with an accompanying black and white example of their work.  Also includes a bibliography.  Artists are: Tom Bamberger, Henry Hamilton Bennett, Fred Berman, Aaron Bohrod, Samuel Marsden Brookes, Nancy Ekholm Burkett, Gibson Byrd, Warrington Colescott, Cyril Colnik, John Colt, Gregory Conniff, John Steuart Curry, Steven D. Foster, Susan Frackelton, Joseph Friebert, Owen Gromme, Emily Groom, Ruth Grotenrath, Edmund Lewandowski, Schomer Lichtner, Harvey Littleton, Richard Lorenz, Carl van Marr, Louis B. Mayer, Helen Farnsworth Mears, Gustave Moeller, Eleanor Moty, Mark Mulhern, Dennis Nechvatal, Robert von Neuman, William Nichols, George Mann Niedecken, Karl Priebe, Don Reitz, Bernhard Schneider, Jill Sebastian, Alfred Sessler, Gerrit Sinclair, Fred Smith, Francesco Spicuzza, Jean Stamsta, Edward Steichen, Brooks Stevens, Fred Stonehouse, Elsa Ulbricht, Tom Uttech, Henry Vianden, William Weege, Murray Weiss, John Wilde, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Santos Zingale.

Butts, Porter. Art in Wisconsin. Madison, Wis.: Democrat Printing Company, 1936. (N 6530 W6 B8 Reference Collection)

Discusses the development of Wisconsin art in eight chapters which include: America ’s Dark Age, Cultural Beginnings, The Painters Reporters, Panorama Scene Paintings, The Art of “Taking Likenesses”, Ideals from Abroad, Art as The Hallmark of Culture, and the Significance of the Frontier.  Followed by notes and a bibliography and illustrated with the work of the following artists. Brief biographical information on each artist is provided: J.O. Lewis, Seth Eastman, Peter Rindisbacher, George Catlin, Henry Lewis, Samuel Brookes, B.I. Durward, A. Leach, Samuel D. Coates, John GA——, R.M. Sully.  Also includes the Catalogue of the Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition, 1836-1936.  Included artists are: J.O. Lewis, Peter Rindisbacher, Seth Eastman, George Catlin, Henry Lewis, Samuel Brookes, B.I. Durward, A. Leach, John GA——, R.M. Sully, Samuel D. Coates, Henry Vianden, John S. Conway, James Reeve Stuart, Lydia Ely, F.W. Heine, Bernhard Schneider, Richard Lorenz, Robert Koehler, Carl Marr, Louis Mayer, George Raab, Alexander Mueller, Gustave Moeller, Dudley Crafts Watson, Emily Groom, and Carl Robert Holty in the retrospective section.  The contemporary section includes: Willi Anders, Helen Wann Annen, Gerhard Bakker, Lester W. Bentley, Otto F. Bielefeld, Gordon M. Borchardt, Paul L. Clemens, George Adams Dietrich, Stanley C. Drabinowicz, Forrest Flower, Joseph Friebert, Ruth Dorothy Grotenrath, Stella Emma Harlos, Morley Hicks, Charlotte Jean Jeffery, Agnes C. Jessen, Robert Henry Johnson, Hannes Kotilainen, Charles Le Clair, Lowell M. Lee, Harry Lichter, Schomer Lictner, Clarice George Logan, Frederick M. Logan, Charlotte Ruth Major, Harry M. Miller, Edward Lewis Morton, Milton Lambert Nenahlo, Myron G. Nutting, Floyd Pauley, Victor William Purdy, Earle Thomas Raine, Raymond N. Redell, Tom Lee Rost, Peter Rotier, Robert Schellin, Gerrit Van W. Sinclair, Francesco J. Spicuzza, Stewart Roland Stebbins, Helmut Summ, Howard Thomas, Charles W. Thwaites, Alexander Del Tillotson, John Owen Van Koert, Victor Volk, Robert Franz Von Neumann, Barbara K. Warren, Donald Le Roy Weismann, Harold George Wescott and Santos Zingale.

Collecting the Art of Wisconsin: The Early Years. West Bend, WI: West Bend Art Museum, 1996. (N 6530 W6 C5 1996)

Unillustrated exhibition catalogue with the essays: “Cultural Development in the Wisconsin Territory”, “The Panorama Artists and the German Influence”, and “The Turn-of-the-Century.  The First Generation of American Trained Artists”.  Essays are followed by a selected bibliography.  For each artist in the exhibit there is a paragraph or more of biographical information.  Artists in the catalog are: Elwood Warren Bartlett, Ellen Baxter, Lester Bentley, Franz Biberstein, Aaron Bohrod, Arthur Nicholson Colt, John Steuart Curry, Frank Enders, Bruno Ertz, John C. Fery, Emily Groom, Harold Hall, Paul Hammersmith, Jack R. Hampel, Frederick Wilhelm Heine, Conrad Heyd, Fritz Kerl, Schomer Lichtner, Richard Lorenz, Carl Von Marr, John Marr, Alfred Pelikan, George Peter, Burton Lee Potterveld, George Raab, Robert Schade, Daniel Leon Schatz, Bernhard Schneider, James Alfred Schwalbach, Alfred Sessler, Gerritt Sinclair, Francesco Spicuzza, Lucia Stern, Hans John Stoltenberg, Elsa Ulbricht, Henry Vianden, Robert von Neumann, and Peter Woltze.

German Academic Painters in Wisconsin, [exhibition] West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts, August 2-27, 1989. (ND 230 W5 G4 1989)

Catalogue created by the West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts for an exhibit in 1989.  Contains 12 plates and a cover illustration, which illustrate two essays: “German Academic Painters in Wisconsin” by Sandra Butz-Siebers and “What Happened to the Panorama Painters?” by Dr. Peter C. Merill.  Both essays include endnotes and a bibliography.  The Merill essay also provides several black and white photos of Wisconsin panoramic painters.  Plate List: Horse Market in Mid-Winter-Richard Lorenz,Untitled Landscape-Heinrich Viaden, Milwaukee River In Cedarburg-Bernard Scheider, Untitled (field workers)-Richard Lorenz, Returning From The Fields-Robert Koehler, Untitled (still life)-Robert Schade, Moose in Northern Minnesota-John Fery, Untitled (landscape)-Frank Enders, View of Mount Sir Donald In The Selkirks of British Columbia-Franz Biberstein, Fish Creek-Johnson Bridge-Friederich Wilheim Heine, Untitled (landscape)-August Lohr, View of the Milwaukee River-George Raab.Plus cover illustration; Horse Market in Mid-Winter-Richard Lorenz.

Merrill, Peter C.  German-American Artists in Early Milwaukee: A Biographical Dictionary.  Madison, Wis.: Friends of the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies, 1997. (N6538 G47 M465 1997 Reference)

The biographical text for each artist ranges from two pages to one sentence.  Some artists have black and white images reproduced.  These names are italicized.  Also, some artists have black and white portraits.  The artists are: Willi Anders, Fanny Angelstein, Anton B. Aurelius, Fred Baerwaldt, Charles Barth, Robert Bauer, Sr., Ernst Baum, Henry J. Baumgaertner, Arthur Ernst Becher, Adam Beck, Leonard Beck, Richard F. Becker, Otto Becker, Wolfgang Behl, Franz Biberstein, Irving Lew Biehn, Otto Bielefeld, Block Birchard, Charles G. Blauel, Endmund H Bodden, James F. Bodker, Hans Boebel, Rudolph G. Boehm, Edward Boerner, Clarence Boettcher, Amy Boos, Amalia Brah, Dorothea Brah, Elizabeth Brah, William Brah, Theodor Breidwiser, Donald Brenner, Frank H. Bresler, Arthur Briegler, Alfons Carl Brielmaier,Clothilda Brielmaier, Erhard Brielmaier, John Erhard Brielmaier, Guido P. Brink, Conrad A. Brockmueller, Charles Brodesser, Hugo Broich, Frederick Brosius, Charles Buckelmueller, Charles Busse, Alfred E. Von Cotzhausen, Berdnard C. Demien, Erna Dettmann, George Adams Dietrich, Otto Dinger, Peter Dreher, August Eberhart, Charles Henry Ebert, Otto J. Eckhardt, George D. Eiche, Karl Eilner, Frank L. Elfeny, Albert W. Elsner, Frank Enders, Louis Engfer, Otto Von Ernst, Bruno Ertz, Joseph F. Falkenbach, Charles A. Federer, George Ferger, Max FernekesJohn Fery, Anton Fischer, Charles W. Fistler, Herman A. Fistler, Frank Walter, Richard M. Franz, Henry Freshley, Charles Fritz, Otto Friz, Karl Hubert Frosch, Feodor A. Fuchs, Henry J. Gaertner, Franks Gehrts, William V. Georg, Fritz Gerlach, Jacob Gielens, G.A. Goehner, Henry Goering, Michael J. Goes, John A. Goetz, Joseph C. Gomber, August, Grade, Rudolf Grafenius, Joseph G. Grauvogal, Simbert Grauvogel, Ruth Grotenrath, William Gruber, Bernard E. Gruenke, Antoinette Gruppe, Arnold Gugler, Frida Gugler, Henry Gugler, JR., Henry Gugler, SR., Julius Gugler, Oswald P. Gugler, Paul H., Gugler, George Ralph Gugler, Robert Gugler, William Gustmann, Meta Hackendahl, Louis Hagendorf, Emma Ida Hake, Paul W. Hammersmith,  Jack R. Hampel, Joseph Hann, Armin O. Hansen, Robert Hartenberger, JR.,  Robert Hartenberger, SR., Frank A. Hartmann, George G. Hartmann, Gustav Haug, Frederick R. Heckman, Albert Heimberger, Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, Alwin H., Heinig, Otto Heiss, Theodore Heiss, JR., Theodore Heiss, SR., Marioe Herndl, Robert H. Heuel, Conrad W. Heyd, Fred Charles Hilgendorf, Franz Holzhuber, Edward A. Hoffmann, Maximilian Anthony Hoffmann, Theodore B. Hoffmann, Carl Robert Holty, Christian A. Honigman, Helma Jahn-Heynsen, John Alexander Jeske, Louis Joran, Carl Julis Jorgensen, Karl Kahlich, Martha Kaross, John Karst, George Kastner, Emil C. Kaufmann, Herman P. Kaufmann, William F. Keihl, Charles Frederick KellerFritz Kerl, Jacob Kessler, Louis Kindt, Gustav Klau, Klein Wolfgang, Carl E. Kleinsteuber, Peter Klippel, Alexander Klug, Wilhelm Knapp, Karl Snaths, Arthur A. Knauber, Jacob Knauber, Michael J. Knauber, Richard J. Knauber, Walter Henry Knauber, Gustav Koeffler, Louis Koeffler, Robert Koehler, Henry Koehnlein, Ferdinand Konig, Edward Kornreich, Erwin Kramer, Friedrich W. Kreft, John Kremer, Henry Krieger, Carl August Krueger, Ferdinand R. Krueger, Rudolph F. Krueger, Clara Krumbholz, John O. Krumbholz, Paul Krumbholz, Lina Kruse, Carl Kuehns, Joseph Kugel, Louis T. Kunde,  William Kunde JR., Paul J. Kupper, Louis Kurz, Louis Otto Kurz JR., Otto Lahmann, Paul Arnouterbach, Louise Lemp, Nicholas Lenz, Adolph Liebig, Theobold Lietz, Oscar Linck, Henry Alexander Lipman, Herman Lipman, Louis Lipman, Louis Loeffler, Aloys Loeher, Anton M. Lohr, August Lohr, Chales Lohr, Milton P. Lohr,Phillip Jacob Lohr, Robert Emmanuel Lohr, Richard Lorenz, George Ludwig, John W. Luedke, Feodor Von Luerzer, Frederick, A. Luettich, Augusta L. Manz, Carl T. Manz, Carl Von Marr, Frederick A. Marr, John Marr, Louis Marr, Herman Matt, Franz Mattersdorf, Hans Matthes, Theodore Matthes, August Matthus, August Mayer, Chester J. Mayer, Louis Mayer, Frederick Merk, Anton Merz, William Meyerhuber, Hermann Michalowski, Herman Millrath, Gustave Moeller, Alphonse J. Moroder, Philip Muehlenberg, Alexander Mueller, Carl Joseph Mueller, Frederck Mueller, Hugo Mueller, Frederick Muhs, Anton Mussweiler, Henry Mussweiler, Richard Neuderwitz, Robert Can Neumann, JR., Robert Von Neumann, SR., George Mann Niedecken, Paul Norak, John J. Ohlweiler, Louis Lemp Pabst, Max Pagel, Otto H. Papke, Martha Patitz, Clemens Johannes Pauli, Julius Peege, Alfred George Pelikan, George Peter, Herman Pfeifer, Fritz Wilhelm Pfeiffer, William H. Pfenning, Caesar Phillip, La Vera Ann Pohl, Karl Priebe, Kempert Quabius, George Raab, Charles Raabe, Herman E. Radbruch, Guenther Rauch, Edward F. Regensdorf, Carl A. Reimann, Robert Reuter, Albert B. Richter, Adolf Rieloff, Charles D. Rintelman, Walter Julius Rintelmann, Adolph Roegner, Heinrich Roese, William Roethlisberger, Robert L. Rohn, Franz Rohrbeck, Louis Roth, Alfred E. Rudloff, August W. Rudloff, Oscar Rudloff, Lillian E. Rumpel, Charles F. Runge, Robert Schade, Robert Schellin, Jessie Agnes Schley,Mathilde Georgine Schley, Albert Schmidt, Theo H. Schmidt, Joseph Schmiedl, Sylvester Schmith, Alphonse Schmitt, Conrad Schmitt, Edward J. Schmitt, Rupert P. Schmitt, Arlo Schmitz, Bernhard Schneider, George J. Schoeffel, Wilhelm Schroter, Johannes Schultz, WIlliam I. Schultz, Emil Schwarz, Adolph E. Seebach, Charles Seebach, Edward Seebach, Julius Segall, Emil Seidel, Henry Seifert, JR., Henry Seifert, SR., Helen A. Siegfried, Christ Sprinkmann, Edward Steichen, Alois Steinberg, Lucia Stern, Otto Stietz, Roman Stock, Charles Stoecklein, Henry Stoerzer, Frederick Stoltenberg, Hans John Stoltenberg, William Tauber, Amy Tesch, Ferdinand Thomas, Albert Otto Tiemann, Charles F. Tredupp, JR., Charles F. Tredupp, SR., Angela Von Neumann Ulbricht, Elsa Emilie Ulbricht, Hugo Ulbricht, John M. Ullmer, William Ullmer, Frank J. Ulmschneider, Henry (Heinrich) Viaden, Alma Vogt, Charles H. Vogt, Frederick A. Vogt, Joseph Vogt, Charles F. Voight, Victor Volk, August Volker, David E. Wachter, Herman Carl Wall, Theodore Wander, William Warnecke, Christian Weber, Friedrich Wilhelm Wehle, Reinhold Wehle, William Wehner, Henr Wellge, Gustav Wendling, Helmut Werner, Gustav Wiessner, Paul Wilhelmi, Adolph Wilmanns, Hugo Wilmanns, Michael H. Wiltzius, Herbert Wittenberg, Peter Woltze, Theodore Wondra, Anthony Wuchterl, William Wuertz, Oscar Von Zastrow, Berndt H.W. Zastrow-Kussow,  Frank Herbert Zeitler, Oscar F. Zimmernan, Otto Zimmerman.

Merrill, Peter C.  German-American Painters in Wisconsin: Fifteen Biographical Essays. Stuttgart: Verlag Hans-Dieter Heinz, 1997. (ND238 G47 M47 1997)

Text of fifteen biographical essays about artists, mostly immigrants from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  Essays and the artists contained in them include the following: “What Happened to the Panorama Painters?”–for each of the artists there is a paragraph of career summary and biographical information.  Artists in this essay are:  Amy Boos, Franz Biberstein, Theodor Breidwiser, Otto Dinger, Karl Frosch, Thomas Gardener, Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, Louis Kindt, August Lohr, Richard Lorenz, Feodor von Luerzer, Hermann Michalowski, George Peter, Robert Schade, Bernhard Schneider, Wilhelm Schröter, Johannes Schultz, Albert Richter, Franz Rohrbeck, Gustav Wendling, Paul Wilhelmi, and Thaddeus von Zukotynski.  The second essay is “Henry Viaden: Pioneer Artist in Milwaukee.”  The third essay is “Hugo Broich: Portrait Artist and Photographer in Early Milwaukee.”  The fourth essay is “Robert Koehler: German-American Artist in Minneapolis.”  The fifth essay is “Franz Biberstein: Painter of the Canadian Rockies.”  The sixth essay is “Feodor von Luerzer: The American Odyssey of an Austrian Immigrant Artist.”  The seventh essay is “Otto von Ernst: The Life of a German Academic Artist in Milwaukee.”  The eighth essay is “Richard Lorenz: A German Immigrant Artist in Milwaukee.”  The ninth essay is “Carl von Marr: Poetic Realist.”  The tenth essay is “John Fery, Artist of the Rockies.  The eleventh essay is “Julius Segall: Immigrant Artist in Wisconsin.”  The twelfth essay is “A Cosmopolitan Life in Wisconsin: Mathilde Schley’s Hunger for the Beautiful and Useful.”  The thirteen essay is “George Raab: Wisconsin Artist.”  The fourteenth essay is “Hans Stoltenberg: Painter of Rural Wisconsin.”  The fifteenth essay is “Elsa Ulbricht: A Career in Art.”

Wisconsin Art History: Early Wisconsin Craftmasters. West Bend, Wis.: West Bend Art Museum, 2001. (NK 835 W6 W55 2001)

The accompanying catalogue to this exhibit is not illustrated, but contains excellent background information on local craftsmen, followed by a selected bibliography.  The artists and movements discussed are: Cyril Colnik, Susan Frackelton, Elsa Ulbricht, stained glass studios, and woodcarving: duck decoys.

Pepich, Bruce. Wisconsin WPA Art in the Permanent Collection of the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts. Racine, Wis. : Wustum Museum Art Association, 1998. (N 8838 W57 1998)

Catalogue of an exhibition titled Wisconsin WPA Art in the Permanent Collection shown at the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts from February 22nd through April 19th, 1998. Introduction by Bruce W. Pepich, Director, and Caren Heft, Associate Curator. The catalogue also includes collected biographical information on each of the artists. Some images in color, most in black and white.  “Wustum’s WPA collection is not encyclopedic but based upon works included in the original 1943 allocation to the museum. This monograph features works on paper by Wisconsin artists selected for exhibition in 1998 as an in-depth introduction to this portion of the collection.”(p.48). Wisconsin WPA artists included are: Stanley Abstetar, Kendrick Bell, Marie (Mietzi) Bleck, Ludwig John Cinatl, Paul Lewis Clemens, Thomas M. Dooley, Max Fernekes, Forrest Flower, Richard H. Jansen, Agnes Cecelia Jessen, Edwin B. Knutesen, Ann Krasnan, Paul Arno Lauterbach, Edmund D. Lewandowski, Schomer Frank Lichtner, Edward Morton, Myron Chester Nutting, Louis Powell, Earle Thomas Raine, Robert William Schellin, Arlo Schmitz, Alfred A. Sessler, Charles Winstanley Thwaites, Frank Albert Bernhardt Utpatel, Barbara K. Warren Weismann, Santos Zingale.

Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. Wisconsin’s New Deal Art. Wausau, Wis.: Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, 1980. (N 6530 W6 L4)

Catalogue of an exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.  The foreword and introduction briefly discuss the history of the New Deal Art programs and the programs’ effect in Wisconsin.  Includes brief biographical information on 54 artists and reproductions of work by 25, whose names are italicized : Stanley Abstetar,Lester W. Bentley, Lou (Matthews) Bedore, Irving BiehnOtto BielefeldMarie (Mitzi) BleckAaron Bohrod, Henry Bolmes, Paul L. Clemens, Tom Dooley, Bruno Ertz, Max Ferneks, Forrest FlowerFrances Foy, William Frank, T. Arthur Gabrielson, Jacob Gielens, Boris Gilbertson, Ruth Grotenrath, Antoinette Gruppe, Armin Hansen,Indian Weaving Unit, Lac Du Flambeau, WI, Richard H. Jansen, Agnes Jessen, Leroy F. Jonas, Karl Kahlich, Anne Krasnan, Paul Lauterbach, Edmund Lewandowski, Schomer Lichtner, Thorsten Lindberg, Clarice George Logan, Robert Dwight Logan, Myron Nutting, Chris OlsonDavid Goode ParsonsLouis Powell, Karl Priebe, Earl Raine, Peter Rotier, Robert Schellin, Arlo Schmitz, Lester SchwartzAlfred SesslerGerrit SinclairCharles W. Thwaites, Albert Otto Tiemann, Frank Utpatel, Robert Von Neumann, Henry Waldeck, James WatrousPeter WhitebirdDick Wiken, and Santos Zingale.

Minority Artists
Carter, Curtis L., and Reusch, Johan J.K.  Wisconsin Artists: A Celebration of Jewish Presence. Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University, 1994.(N6538 J4 C37 1994 ) (Reg)

Catalogue of an exhibition of Jewish artists who either studied or practiced in Wisconsin.  For each artist, there is one black and white image and, except for two artists, an artist’s statement.  The back of the book contains brief artist profiles with information about education and exhibitions.  Artists are: Estherly Allen, Tom Bamberger, Helen Berland, Fred Berman, Dick Blau, Daniel Bodner, Aaron Bohrod, Eli Bornstein, Marna Goldstein Brauner, Abraham Cohn, Beth Eisendrath, Lisa Englander, Toni Ettenheim, Fred Fenster, Simme Frank, Joseph Friebert, Judith Friebert, Thelma Wasserman-Friedman, Gene Galazan, Nancy Greenebaum, Samuel Himmelfarb, Annette Hirsh, Arthur Jacobson, Marc Jacobson, Sheba Jacobson, Judith Joseph, Andrea Kantrowitz, Brian Kazlov, Peter Kazlov, Bobbie Krinsky, Barbara Kohl-Spiro, Simon Kops, Kathe Kurz, Michael Lacktman, Jeff Lipschutz, Ida Ozonoff, Shirley Pasternak, Stephen Pevnick, Linda Plotkin, Betsy Ritz, Harold Saichek, Shirley Siegel Schulman, Rebecca Silberman, William Schulman, Alfred Sessler, Sylvia Solochek Walters, and Murray Weiss.
The Wisconsin Connection: Black Artists Past and Present.  Verona, Wis.: Park Printing House, 1987.  (N6538 N5 W812 1987) (Reg, Locked)
Catalogue of an exhibition held at Memorial Union Galleries, University of Wisconsin-Madison, January 16 – February, 1987.  Features black artists who have worked or lived in Wisconsin.  For each artist, there is an artist statement and in the back there is information about education and exhibitions.  Some artists have color images of their work and others have black and white.  The artists are: James Brooks, Jerry Butler, Doris Derby, Ken Falana, Freida High, Deborah Johnson, Robert Martin, Vicky Meek, Don Michel, Lev Mills, Gregory Page, Charles E. Queen, Beth Ritter, Joe Roache, Janet Smith, Evelyn Terry, and Joe Thomas.


New Photography from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois . Madison, Wis.: Madison Art Center, 1995. (TR 645 M332 M26 1995)

Catalogue of an exhibition of a diverse group of Midwest photographers.  As is clear from the title not all the chosen photographers were Wisconsin artists, but those that were are listed below.  The introduction discusses some unintentional themes amongst all the work and Midwestern photography in general.  Each artist is given a page length discussion of their work accompanied by a black and white example of their work.  Wisconsin photographers: Gregory Conniff, Steven D. Foster, Lewis Koch, Lindsay Lochman (collaborating with Barbara Ciurejm IL), and J. Shimon and J. Lindemann.

Bamberger, Tom. New Wisconsin Photography: July 8 – October 2, 1994 / Milwaukee Art Museum. Milwaukee, Wis.: Milwaukee Art Museum, 1994. (TR645 M52 M55 1994 Locked)

Brief catalog to accompany an exhibition of four Wisconsin photographers: Dick Blau, Laird Knight, and Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman. Black and white prints accompany two pages of text discussing the artists’ work.

Bamberger, Tom. New Wisconsin Photography II. Milwaukee , Wis. : Milwaukee Art Museum , 1997. (TR 645 M542 M55 1997)

Brief publication to accompany an exhibit of five Wisconsin photographers: Susan Barratt, Nicolas Frank, Daniel Neumann, Kathy Swaney, and Aaron Van Dyke.  Color prints of the artists’ work are accompanied by a paragraph or two discussing their work.
Stevens, Andrew. 150 Years of Wisconsin Printmaking. Madison: Elvehjem Museum of Art. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998. (NE 535 W6 S74 1998) (Reg, Locked, Ref)

Catalogue of an exhibit mounted by the Elvehjem Museum of Art to demonstrate the breadth of printmaking in the state of Wisconsin.  Printmakers in the exhibit and the history of Wisconsin printmaking are discussed in the essay “Printmaking in Wisconsin” by Andrew Stevens.  The essay is illustrated with black and white prints and the catalogue also contains a section of colored plates.  A selected bibliography is provided at the end along with two appendixes: “Federal Art Projects Prints in Wisconsin” and “Printmakers in Wisconsin Artists Calendar 1937 and 1938”.  Printmakers mentioned in the catalogue are: Stanley Abstetar, Gerhard Bakker, Andrew Balkin, Elwood Warren Bartlett, David Becker, Otto Becker, Marie Bleck, Aaron Bohrod, Robert Burkert, Warrington Colescott, Helen C. Couch, John Steuart Curry, Jack Damer, Tom Dietrich, Frank Enders, Robert Erickson, Hulda Rotier Fischer, Joseph Friebert, Gerald Geerlings, Ray Gloeckler, Ruth Grotenrath, Lane Hall, Paul Hammersmith, Robert Hodgell, Carl Holty, Richard D. Houghton Jr., Susan Hunt-Wulkowitz, Hannes Kotilainen, Paula Schuette Kraemer, Louis Kurz, Chet La More, Lowell Merritt Lee, Schomer Lichtner, Clarice George Logan, Dean Meeker, Katherine Merrill, Donna P. Miller, Lisa Moline, John Mominee, Albert Mueller, Frances Myers, Robert von Neumann, Myron Chester Nutting, George O’Connell, Leon Pescheret, Danny Pierce, Burton Potterveld, George Raab, Charles Clark Reynolds, Tom Rost, Andrew Rubin, Gaylord Schanalee, Robert Schellin, Arlo Schmitz, Alfred Sessler, Gerrit V. Sinclair, Paul Smith, Marko Spalatin, Helmut Summ, Arthur Thrall, Charles Thwaites, Don LaViere Turner, Elsa Ulbricht, Frank Utpatel, Sylvia Solochek Walters, William Weege, Joseph Wilfer, Mary Alice Wimmer, Oscar von Zastrow, and Santos Zingale.

Wisconsin Painters and Printmakers. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 1983. (N6530 W6 W63 1983) (Reg, Ref)

*Described above in the General/Contemporary section.

Wisconsin Printmakers, Damer, Weege, and Students. Milwaukee, Wis.: Milwaukee Art Museum , 1982. (NE 535 W6 W57 1982) (Reg)

This catalogue accompanied an exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The introduction briefly covers the history of printmaking and then moves on to discussing individual printmakers in the exhibition.  One black and white print of each artist’s work is presented with brief biographical information.  Exhibiting artists were: Karen Broker, Jack Damer, Paul Douglas, Tim High, Edwin Kalke, Anne Marie Karlsen, Wilfred McKinzie, Tony Rubey, and William Weege.
UW Faculty
“Art Department Faculty Exhibition Catalogues” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007 <https://uwdc.library.wisc.edu/collections/Arts//ArtFacExhibits/>

This is an online digital full text collection containing the catalogues of every University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Department Faculty Exhibit.  The exhibits began in 1974 as a collaborative effort between the Elvehjem Art Center, later the Elvehjem Museum of Art, now the Chazen Museum of Art. Each catalogue contains comments by the department chair and the museum director, photos of and biographical information on included faculty, and artist’s statements and photographs of exhibited works.  The collection can be browsed by catalogue or there is a full text search.  The 1999 catalogue contains Arthur Hove’s essay, “Exploring Artistic Potential: An Informal History of the Department of Art”, pages 11- 19.  Full text of Hove’s essay, “Taking Inventory: Women Faculty in the Art Department” is part of the collection as well.  Exhibit catalogues are also available in print form in the Kohler Art Library.  A summary of each exhibit’s catalogue is given below, arranged chronologically, along with a list of artists in that year’s exhibition.  Citations for both print and digital formats are provided for each catalogue.

1974 Catalogue
Print Copy: Elvehjem Art Center. The Department of Art Faculty Exhibition. Madison: University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1974. (N6530 W6 E47)
Digital Copy: “UW-Madison Department of Art, Department of Art Faculty Exhibition: celebrating the 125th anniversary/the University of Wisconsin-Madison” University ofWisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007 <http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/Arts.AExFacEx125th>
1974 was the 125th anniversary of the founding at Madison of the University of Wisconsin.  It also marked the first extensive group exhibition on campus of work by faculty of the UW-Madison Art Department. The exhibit was held at the Elvehjem Art Center, itself inaugurated only four years earlier. This collaboration of department and museum began a tradition of regular art faculty exhibitions that continues to the present day.  The exhibit catalogue contains remarks from Chancellor Edwin Young, Elvehjem Art Center Director Millard F. Rogers, Jr., and Chairman L. E. Moll of the Department of Art.  Professor Phil Hamilton designed and supervised the printing of the catalogue, which contains faculty biographies and photographs of their work.  Exhibited artists were: Donald Anderson, Bruce Breckenridge, Mel Butor, D. Gibson Byrd, Warrington Colescott, Jack Damer, Raymond Gloeckler, Robert Grilley, Walter Hamady, Phil Hamilton, C. R. Johnson, Larry Junkins, Cavalliere Ketchum, Victor Kord, Marjorie Kreilick, Richard Lazzaro, Harvey Littleton, Fred Logan, Richard Long, Hal Lotterman, Dean Meeker, L. E. Moll, Eleanor Moty, Hardean Naeseth, Kenneth Ray, Richard Reese, Donald Reitz, Arthur Schade, Wayne Taylor, Athur Vierthaler, John Wilde and Santos Zingale.

1978 Catalogue
Print Copy: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dept. of Art. New Art Works: Department of Art Faculty Exhibition. s.l.:, 1978. (N5630 W6 W6)
Digital Copy: “Art Department Faculty Exhibition Catalogues” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007
An innovative exhibition catalogue format was employed for the second art faculty exhibition. Thirty-five individual postcards depict and describe the works of the faculty, and a folding envelope conveys the foreword of Eric McCready, Director of the Elvehjem Art Center , and the remarks of Phil Hamilton, Chairman of the Department of Art.  Exhibited artists were: Donald Anderson, Bruce Breckenridge, Mel Butor, Gibson Byrd, Wook-Kyung Choi, Warrington Colescott, Jack Damer, Fred Fenster, Ray Gloeckler, Robert Grilley, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Larry Junkins, Cavalliere Ketchum, Victor Kord, Marjorie Kreilick, Richard Lazzaro, Harvey Littleton, Fred Logan, Hal Lotterman, Doug Marschalek, Eleanor Moty, Hardean Naeseth, Ronald Neperud, Kenneth Ray, Richard Reese, Don Reitz, Cathie Ruggie, Wayne Taylor, Marion Vieux, John Wilde, David Willard, and Santos Zingale.

1982 Catalogue
Print Copy: Art Faculty Exhibition. Madison: Elvehjem Museum of Art, 1982. (N5020 M33 A7 1982)
Digital Copy: “Art Department Faculty Exhibition Catalogues” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007
N. Wayne Taylor, Chairman of the Department of Art, and Katherine Harper Mead, Director of the Elvehjem Museum of Art, introduce this catalogue. Thirty-eight art faculty members are represented by works in a range of media from silverpoint drawing to steel.  Exhibited artists were: Donald Anderson, Bruce Breckenridge, Mel Butor, Gibson Byrd, Warrington Colescott, George Cramer, Jack Damer, Patricia Fennell, Fred Fenster, Steven Feren, Raymond Louis Gloeckler, Robert Grilley, Walter Hamady, Phil Hamilton, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Junkins, Cavalliere Ketchum, Marjorie Kreilick, Richard Lazzaro, Harvey K. Littleton, Richard Long, Hal Lotterman, Truman Lowe, Dean Meeker, L. E. (Ernie) Moll, Eleanor Moty, Ronald Neperud, Edward R. Pope, Kenneth Ray, Richard Reese, Don Reitz, Susanne Slavick, N. Wayne Taylor, M. Avigail Upin, Bill Weege, John Wilde, David Willard, and Santos Zingale.

1986 Catalogue
Print Copy: Views 86: The Art Faculty: University of Wisconsin–Madison, Elvehjem Museum of Art, 15 March-4 may 1986. Madison: The Museum:, 1986. (N5020 M33 V53 1986)
Digital Copy: “Art Department Faculty Exhibition Catalogues” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007
Views 86, the fourth quadrennial art faculty exhibition, showcases works produced between 1982 and 1986, which faculty felt were most representative of their artistic directions during the period. Bruce M. Breckenridge, chairman of the art department, and Russell Panczenko, director of the Elvehjem Museum of Art, provide a foreword and acknowledgements.  Exhibited artists were: David Becker, Sally Behr, Bruce Breckenridge, Melvin Butor, Gibson Byrd, Laurie Beth Clark, Warrington Colescott, Leslee Nelson Corpier, George Cramer, Jack Damer, Patricia Fennell, Fred Fenster, Steven Feren, Raymond Gloeckler, Robert Grilley, Walter Hamady, Phil Hamilton, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Larry Junkins, Cavalliere Ketchum, Marjorie Kreilick, Richard Lazzaro, Rich Lipscher, Richard Long, Hal Lotterman, Truman Lowe, Doug Marschalek, Dean Meeker, L. E. (Ernie) Moll, Eleanor Moty, Hardean Naeseth, Ronald Neperud, Komelia Okim, Don P. Overmyer, JoAnn Phaedrus, Edward R. Pope, Kenneth Ray, Richard Reese, Don Reitz, Kathleen D. Tanaka, N. Wayne Taylor, Bill Weege, John Wilde, and Santos Zingale.

1990/1 Catalogue
Print: Elvehjem Museum of Art. University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Art Faculty Exhibition. Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin, 1990. (N6530 W6 E47 1990)
Digital: “UW-Madison Department of Art, Faculty Exhibition” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007<http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/Arts.AExFacEx1991>
Russell Panczenko acknowledges the 20th anniversary of the Elvehjem Museum of Art in his introduction to this catalogue for the fifth Department of Art Exhibition. Phil Hamilton, chair of the art department, contributes remarks from the department; and catalogue entries document recent work of 43 artists–faculty, staff and emeriti. Exhibited artists were: David Becker, Bruce Breckenridge, Hal E. Bundy, Melvin Butor, Gibson Byrd, Laurie Beth Clark, Warrington Colescott, George Cramer, Jack Damer, Jim Escalante, Patricia Fennell, Fred Fenster, Steven Feren, Raymond Gloeckler, Robert Grilley, Walter Samuel Haatoum Hamady, Phil Hamilton, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Larry Junkins, Cavalliere Ketchum, Majorie Kreilick, Richard Lazzaro, Harvey K. Littleton, Richard Long, Truman Lowe, Douglas Marschalek, Dean Meeker, Eleanor Moty, Frances Myers, Leslee Nelson, Ronald Neperud, Carol Pylant, Daniel Smajo Ramirez, Kenneth Ray, Richard Reese, John Rieben, Andrew Rubin, Elaine Scheer, N. Wayne Taylor, William Weege, Valerie Weihman, John Wilde, and Santos Zingale.

1994/5 Catalogue
Print: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Art Faculty Exhibition. Madison, Wis.: The Museum, 1994. (N6530 W6 E47 1994)
Digital: “UW-Madison Department of Art, Faculty Exhibition” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007
The work of 28 faculty, 2 staff and 11 emeriti are represented in the catalogue for the sixth quadrennial faculty exhibition held December 9, 1994 through February 12, 1995.  Russell Panczenko, Director of the Elvehjem Museum of Art, and Truman Lowe, Chair of the Department of Art, provide opening remarks and acknowledgements.  Exhibited artists were: David Becker, Bruce Breckenridge, Melvin Butor, Gibson Byrd, Laurie Beth Clark, Warrington Colescott, George M. Cramer, Calvin Custen, Jack Damer, Jim Escalante, Patricia Fennell, Fred Fenster, Steven Feren, Robert Grilley, Walter Samuel Haatoum Hamady, Phil Hamilton, Freida High, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Cavalliere Ketchum, Richard Lazzaro, Harvey K. Littleton, Thomas Loeser, Hal Lotterman, Truman Lowe, Dean Meeker, Eleanor Moty, Frances Myers, Leslee Nelson, Ronald Neperud, Edward Pope, Carol Pylant, Daniel Smajo Ramirez, Kenneth Ray, Richard Reese, John Rieben, Andrew Rubin, Elaine Scheer, N. Wayne Taylor, William Weege, John Wilde, and Santos Zingale.

1999 Catalogue
Print Copy: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Art, Sesquicentennial Celebration Faculty Exhibition. Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin, 1999. (N6530 W6 U55 1999)
Digital Copy: “UW-Madison Department of Art, Sesquicentennial Celebration” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007<http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/Arts.AExSesqui>
Marking the 150th anniversary of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this catalogue reflects on the department of art and its history via essays by Laurie Beth Clark, professor and chair of the department, and Arthur Hove, historian of the arts on the UW-Madison campus.  Russell Panczenko, Elvehjem director, contributed a forward; and 40 artists are represented through photos, statements, and biographies.  Exhibited artists were: David Becker, Bruce Breckenridge, Derrick Buisch, Melvin Butor, Laurie Beth Clark, Warrington Colescott, Michael Connors, George Cramer, Bruce Crownover, Jack Damer, Jim Escalante, Patricia Fennell, Fred Fenster, Steve Feren, Raymond Gloeckler, Michelle Grabner, Robert Grillry, Phil Hamilton, Frida High, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Cavalliere Ketchum, Harvey K. Littleton, Thomas Loeser, Truman Lowe, Douglas Marschalek, Dean Meeker, Eleanor Moty, Frances Myers, Leslee Nelson, Ronald Neperud, Carol S. Pylant, John R. Rieben, Andrew Rubin, Elaine Scheer, Diane Sheehan, T. L. Solien, N. Wayne Taylor, William Weege, John Wilde, and Santos Zingale.

2003 Catalogue
Print Copy: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Art, Quadrennial Exhibition. Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin, 2003. (N6535 M33 U55 2003)
Digital Copy: “UW-Madison Department of Art, Quadrennial Exhibition” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 01 Dec. 2007<http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/Arts.AExQuad2003>
Russell Panczenko, director of the Elvehjem Museum of Art, and Jim Escalante, chair of the art department, introduce this catalogue presenting the most recent work of current and emeritus faculty, affiliates, and staff of Tandem Press.  Jim Escalante’s foreword also summarizes faculty transitions since 1999.  Exhibited artists were: David Becker, Bruce Breckenridge, Derrick Buisch, Melvin Butor, Laurie Beth Clark, Michael Connors, George Cramer, Warrington Colescott, Bruce Crownover, Jim Escalante, Patricia Fennell, Fred Fenster, Steve Feren, Aristotle Georgiades, Raymond Gloeckler, Michelle Grabner, Lisa Gralnick, Robert Grilley, Phil Hamilton, John Hitchcock, C.R. “Skip” Johnson, Cavalliere Ketchum, Harvey K. Littleton, Thomas Loeser, Theresa Marché, Dean Meeker, Nancy Mladenoff, Frances Myers, Leslee Nelson, Ronald Neperud, Carol S. Pylant, John R. Rieben, Andrew Rubin, Elaine Scheer, Diane Sheehan, Gail Simpson, T.L. Solien, N. Wayne Taylor, William Weege, and Santos Zingale.

2008 Catalogue
Print Copy: 2008 UW-Madison Art Department Faculty Exhibition Catalogue. Madison, Wis.: Chazen Museum, 2008. (N6535 M33 A17 2008)
Digital Copy: “2008 UW-Madison Art Department Faculty Exhibition Catalogue” University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. 15 Oct. 2008 <http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/Arts.AFacEx2008>
Russell Panczenko, director of the Chazen (formerly Elvehjem) Museum, and Elaine Scheer, chair of the art department, introduce this catalogue presenting the most recent work of current and emeritus faculty, affiliates, and staff. Michael Jay McClure provided Notes. Exhibiting artists included: Derrick Buisch, Laurie Beth Clark, Michael Connors, Kim Cridler, Jack Damer, Jim Escalante, Steve Feren, Aristotle Georgiades, Lisa Gralnick, Stephen Hilyard, John Hitchcock, S. Driscoll Hixson, Tom Jones, Tom Loeser, Truman Lowe, Douglas Marschalek, Dennis Miller, Nancy Mladenoff, Frances Myers, Leslee Nelson, Carol Pylant, Douglas Rosenberg, Paul Sacaridiz, Elaine Scheer, Gail Simpson, T. L. Solien, Gelsy Verna, Jennifer Angus, Freida High, Diane Sheehan, Bruce Crownover, Andrew Rubin, Jason Ruhl, Julie Ganser, Bruce Breckenridge, Mel Butor, Warrington Colescott, Fred Fenster, Raymond Gloeckler, Robert Grilley, Phil Hamilton, C. R. Johnson, Cavalliere Ketchum, Richard Lazzaro, Eleanor Moty, Ronald Neperud, Daniel Ramirez, Kenneth Ray, Donald Reitz, John Rieben, William Weege.

Five Decades: Recent Works. Madison, Wis.: The Museum, 1980. (N 6512 F58 2)

Catalogue of the above exhibit. Exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the School of Education and the department of art, as well as the 10th anniversary of the Elvehjem Museum of Art. Accordingly there are three short introductions from the deans of the School of Education, the College of Letters and Science, and the chair of the art department.  A black and white print is included for each artist along with very brief biographical information.  Included alumni: Clayton Bailey, Robert J. Baxter, Nancy Ekholm Burkett, Richard Callner, Patrick D. Cauley, Dale Chihuly, Paul Clemens, Howard Conant, Jane Couch, Richard Cramer, Antonio Diaz, David Dorrance, Robert Engle, Edward Epping, Ken Falana, Phillip Fike, James P. Finnegan, Phyllis Galembo, Arie Galles, William Haendel, William Hammersley, Conley Harris, Cham Hendon, Sam Hernandez, F. Scott Hess, Robert O. Hodgell, Klindt Houlberg, Art Jacobson, David C. Johnson, Lois M. Johnson, Robert Knipschild, Carol Kumata, Joseph Kurhajec, Kay Kurt, Sylvia Lark, Marvin Lipofsky, Keith Long, Edward Mayer, Bruce McClain, James McDermott, Bruce Nauman, George O’Connell, Richard J. Olsen, Sam Parker, David Parsons, David Pease, James Pernotto, Linda G. Rich, George Roberts, Bruce Rod, John Rogers, Carol Schiffleger, Arden Scott, Vickie Sedman, Jody Shields, Sheila Solomon, Hugh Townley, Don LaViere Turner, Shari Urquhart, Sylvia Solochek Walters, Douglas Warner, J. Fred Woell, Paul Kan Wong, and Judy Youngblood.

University of Wisconsin–Madison. Dept. of Art. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Art, Quadrennial Exhibition. Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin, 2003. (N 6535 M33 U55 2003)

Catalogue accompanying an exhibit of recent work by UW-Madison faculty and department of art affiliates.  The catalogue includes both a color photo of each artist and a color print of one piece of their work.  Each faculty member contributed a short artist’s statement and the catalogue also includes what position the faculty member holds and their career achievements.  Exhibiting faculty members were: David Becker, Bruce M. Breckenridge, Derrick L. Buisch, Laurie Beth Clark, Michael Connors, George M. Cramer, Jim A. Escalante, Patricia Fennell, Fred Fenster, Steve Feren, Aristotle Georgiades, Michelle Grabner, Phil Hamilton, John Hitchcock, Cavalliere Ketchum, Thomas Loeser, Theresa Marche, Nancy Mladenoff, Frances Myers, Leslee Nelson, Carol S. Pylant, John R. Rieben, Elaine Scheer, Gail Simpson, T.I. Solien, Sonya Y.S. Clark, Freida High, Diane Sheehan, Bruce Crownover, Andrew Rubin, Warrington Colescott, Raymond I. Gloeckler, Richard Lazzaro, Eleanor Moty, Ronald W. Neperud, Daniel Ramirez, and John Wilde.
28 Wisconsin Watercolorists: An Exhibition of 28 Watercolors / by Members of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society and Guest Exhibitors of the Madison area.  Madison, Wis.:s.n., 1955.  (ND1835 W6 W18 1955 Locked)

Catalogue for exhibition.  For each artist, there is a location, title of the work, price, and brief biographical information.  There are no images.  The artists are: Arthur Anderson, Donald Anderson, Helen Annen, Aaron Bohrod, Marian Bode, Clarence Bohn, Edward Boorner, Warrington Colescott, Ruth Davis, Tom Dietrich, Earl Gessert, Marshall Glasier, Edward Green, Emily Groom, Byron Jorns, Gerald Landt, June Buchholz Landt, Dean Meeker, Dorothy Meredith, Peter Potier, Carl F. Riter, James Schwalbach, Alfred Sessler, Gerrit Sinclair, Helmut Summ, John Warren, Santos Zingale, Robert Von Neumann.

Watercolor Wisconsin: Celebrating 25 Years. Racine, Wis.: Charles A. Wustum Museum, 1991. (ND 1835 W6 W28 1991)

Catalogue for an exhibit of four categories of Wisconsin watercolorists: Landscape, Still Life, Personal Visions, and Abstraction.  The introduction discusses each category and the type of work it includes.  It also contains a few introductory paragraphs and a note about the exhibit’s organization and the criteria for artists included in the exhibit.  Not every artist has a print of their work in the catalog, those that are italicized do:  Tamlyn Akins, Sarah Aslakson, Bridget Austin, Phil Austin, Dennis Bayuzick, Jerrold BellandKathe BetzMarion Cape Biehn, Bruce Boeck, Nancy Ekholm BurkertWarrington ColescottJohn N. ColtJean Crane, Roland J. Debaker, Charles Dix, Elton DorvalCraig Ede, Lisa Englander, Carolyn GagliardiSherman Groenke, Danelle Hanna, Harold E. Hansen, David V. Holmes, Bruce HustadJoel JaeckesJeffrey G. JohannesRobert Johansen, Charles James Kaiser, Gregg A. Knoll, M.P. Marion, Nancy Marks, Ruth MilesAnne E. Miotke, Thom Petersen, JoAnna Poehlmann, Laurence Rathsack, Kenneth Ray, George RonsholdtJoseph Rozman, Stephen Samerjan, Carol Ann SchraderAnnette Schuh, Thomas Selle, Jan Serr, Berta Sherwood, Celeste Spransy, Fawn Shillinglaw, Nicolee Teegarden, Christel-Anthony TucholkeTom UttechLee Weiss, Doris White, and Peggy Flora Zalucha.

Madison Watercolor Society.  Madison views [exhibition]: August 9 through October 12, 1986, Whyte Gallery, Elvehjem Museum of Art. 1986. (ND1838 M3 1986 Locked) (ND1838 M3 1986)

Catalogue of an exhibition of members of the Madison Watercolor Society.  For each artist, there is a black and white image and a small paragraph of biography.  Artists are: Tamlyn Akins, Wilmer Anderson, Sarah Aslakson, Paula Behm-Windle, Helen Blaesser, Jens T. Carstensen, Patty Kaeser, Maude Kozlowski, Edward J. Mayland, Kathleen Parr McKenna, Connie Miller, Carol Morrison, Vincent C. Rideout, Janette Smart, Randall Smith, Sister M. Stephanie Stauder, O.P., Olive Roisum Wile, and Peggy Flora Zalucha.

Women Artists
Women’s Work: Early Wisconsin Women Artists. West Bend, Wis.: The Museum, 2001. (N8354 W67 2001)

Published by the West Bend Art Museum in conjunction with an exhibit of the same name.  Catalogue contains an introduction which summarizes the experiences and careers of the artists exhibited.  Artists in the exhibit are: Lydia Ely, Mathilde Schley, Susan Cressy, Helen Farnsworth Mears, Emily Groom, Jessie Kalmbach Chase, Elsa Ulbricht, and Ruth Grotenrath.  Also included are essays on each of the eight artists: “Lydia Ely”, “A cosmopolitan Life in Wisconsin: Mathilde Schley’s Hunger for the Beautiful and Useful”, “Susan Cressy: Milwaukee Artist”, “Helen Farnsworth Mears”, “Emily Groom”, “Jessie Kalmbach Chase”, “Elsa Ulbricht: An Unquenchable Spirit”, and “Ruth Grotenrath”.

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