KAL 50 Poster Exhibition

January 24, 2020

Last fall students from Henrique Nardi’s Basic Graphic Design class were challenged to create a 50th-anniversary poster for the Kohler Art Library. Selecting one of the following areas for design inspiration, African art, artists’ books, Islamic art, pop-up books, or sketchbook facsimiles, ART 346 students created a bold range of posters celebrating 50 years of art library research. Eight of these posters will be released as commemorative keepsakes available throughout 2020 at the Kohler Art Library.  A range of the class’s designs are on display in the Curatorial Lab until February 26–come check them out!

KAL 50 Poster Exhibition, Curatorial Lab (232 Conrad A. Elvehjem Building / 800 University Avenue)
January 22–February 26 2020