Category: collection highlights

  • Thirteen for the Thirteenth

    Posted on Nov 13th

    We honor Friday the 13th with thirteen works from Special Collections, replete with examples of horror, mystery, spirits, and luck (bad or […]

  • The Long S, Now Largely Extinct

    Posted on Oct 4th

    We had the opportunity last week to page through two volumes of our copy of Audubon’s double-elephant folio Birds of America with […]

  • Lunar Eclipses as Viewed from Special Collections

    Posted on Sep 27th

    Tonight’s lunar eclipse, which coincides with what is known as a harvest moon, prompts us to offer several examples of depictions of lunar eclipses […]

  • Digitizing the Second Folio

    Posted on Sep 23rd

    The process of digitizing our copy of Shakespeare’s Second Folio is underway, in anticipation of all the events, on campus and further […]

  • Holding History Kickoff Event

    Posted on Aug 12th

    We were delighted to welcome the July 21 kickoff Holding History event, which brought together campus and community partners and library donors with […]

  • Celebrating Shakespeare’s Birthday

    Posted on Apr 23rd

    On this, Shakespeare’s birthday, we celebrate as well the depth of the Peter Pauper Press Collection in the Department of Special Collections, […]

  • Aldo Leopold’s “Sand County Almanac”

    Posted on Mar 8th

    This weekend’s community reading of Aldo Leopold’s Sand county almanac at the UW-Madison Arboretum prompts us to highlight the rich resources related to […]

  • Volta and Inflammable Airs

    Posted on Feb 18th

    Today’s Google doodle honoring the 270th birthday of Alessandro Volta prompted us to explore works by Volta in two of our outstanding […]

  • Honoring the Sukov Collection

    Posted on Oct 24th

    The history of the Little Magazines Collection in Special Collections began in the late 1950s, when Memorial Library acquired by purchase and donation […]

  • In Honor of “Our Funny University”

    Posted on Sep 19th

    In honor of today’s event, “Our Funny University,” we have installed a modest exhibit on the first floor of Memorial Library entitled […]

  • 1914-2014: Commemorating an Event in Sarajevo

    Posted on Jul 2nd

    This past weekend, news outlets noted an important anniversary: the centenary of the assassination in Sarajevo of archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, […]

  • Event Celebrating Acquisition of Woodland Pattern Book Center Archive

    Posted on Feb 6th

    Woodland Pattern Book Center Poetry for 30 Years and Beyond Please join us for a discussion with Woodland Pattern Book Center founders […]