Little Magazines and the Grolier Club

March 16th, 2013

The Libraries’ own Susan Barribeau was one of the speakers at the Grolier Club symposium about little magazines on March 13, in conjunction with the Grolier’s exhibition entitled “American Little Magazines of the 1890s: A Revolution in Print.” Susan’s witty presentation highlighted the history (long), extent (big), and strengths (many) of the Little Magazine Collection in Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her examples ranged from early little magazines acquired by Marvin Sukov

to recent publications like Esopus and Forklift, Ohio: A journal of poetry, cooking, & light industrial safety

Susan also generously noted the collection development work of her predecessors, including Yvonne Schofer and Felix Pollak; called attention to related collections and programs at UW-Madison, including the

and pointed to the distinguished (and diverse) history of print culture in Wisconsin, as demonstrated by such institutions as the

Compliments to Susan!

For more information, see the new blog Little Magazine Collection at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (collection manager Susan Barribeau, web editor Oliver Wendorf).