Mental Health

(see also Mental Health – Children & Adolescents)

ACT for depression : a clinician’s guide to using acceptance & commitment therapy in treating depression / Robert D. Zettle.
Main Book Collection RC537 Z48 2007

ADHD in adulthood : a guide to current theory, diagnosis, and treatment / Margaret Weiss, Lily Trokenberg-Hechtman, Gabrielle Weiss.
Main Book Collection RC394 A85 W45 2001

Aging and mental disorder in San Francisco; a social psychiatric study [by] Marjorie Fiske Lowenthal [and] Paul L. Berkman and associates Gerard G. Brissette [and others]
Main Book Collection RC451.4 A5 L63

Anger-free : ten basic steps to managing your anger / W. Doyle Gentry.
Main Book Collection BF575 A5 G46 1999

Anger management : the complete treatment guidebook for practitioners / Howard Kassinove, Raymond Chip Tafrate
Main Book Collection BF575 A5 K37 2002

Anger treatment for people with developmental disabilities : a theory, evidence and manual based approach / John L. Taylor, Raymond W. Novaco
Main Book Collection HV1570 T39 2005

Animal assisted therapy in counseling / Cynthia K. Chandler.
Main Book Collection RC489 P47 C48 2005

The anxiety & phobia workbook / Edmund J. Bourne.
Main Book Collection RC530 B687 1990

Anxiety disorders in adults : an evidence-based approach to psychological treatment / Peter D. McLean and Sheila R. Woody.
Main Book collection RC531 M365 2001

Asian-American mental health : assessment theories and methods edited by Karen S. Kurasaki, Sumie Okazaki, Stanley Sue
Main Book Collection RC451.5 A75 A83 2002

Assessing adults with intellectual disabilities : a service providers’ guide edited by James Hogg and Arturo Langa
Main Book Collection RC570.2 A85 2005

Assessing and treating trauma and PTSD / Linda J. Schupp.
Main Book Collection RC552 P67 S38 2004

Assessing mental health treatment outcome measurement techniques / James A. Ciarlo … [et al.].
Main Book Collection RA790 C53 1986

Assessment of individuals with mental retardation / Ronald L. Taylor
Main Book Collection RC570 T33 1997

Assessment of social functioning : a client instrument for practitioners / Ray H. MacNair.
Main Book Collection BF637 C6 M26 1981

Behavior analysis forms for clinical intervention / Joseph R. Cautela.
Main Book Collection BF176 C38

Best practices manual for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) : compensation and pension examinations prepared by Patricia Watson, Miles McFall…[].
Main Book Collection RC552 P67 B47 2001

Chemical dependency counseling :  a practical guide / Robert R. Perkinson.
Main Book Collection 
RC564 .P47 2012

Chemical dependency counseling : a practical guide / Robert R. Perkinson
Main Book Collection RC564 P47 1997

Clinical assessment and diagnosis in social work practice / Jacqueline Corcoran, Joseph Walsh.
Main Book Collection RC455.2 C4 C72 2006

Clinical assessment and diagnosis in social work practice /Jacqueline Corcoran, Joseph Walsh.
Main Book Collection RC455.2 C4 C72 2010

Clinical assessment for social workers : quantitative and qualitative methods by Catheleen Jordan, Cynthia Franklin
Main Book Collection HV40.35 J67 1995

A clinical handbook/practical therapist manual : for assessing and treating adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) / Donald Meichenbaum.
Main Book Collection RC552 P67 M44 1994

Clinical manual for assessment and treatment of suicidal patients / John A. Chiles, Kirk D. Strosahl
Main Book Collection RC569 C478 2005

The clinical measurement package : a field manual / Walter W. Hudson
Main Book Collection RC469 H83 1982

Clinical practice with caregivers of dementia patients / Mary Kaplan
Main Book Collection RC521 K27 1996

Co-dependence : healing the human condition : the new paradigm for helping professionals and people in recovery / Charles L. Whitfield
Main Book Collection RC569.5 C63 W469 1991

Cognition & occupation across the life span : models for intervention in occupational therapy / edited by Noomi Katz
Main Book Collection RM735 C6 C63 2005

A cognitive-behavioral approach : treating cocaine addiction[therapist’s checklist] / Kathleen M. Carroll
Main Book Collection RC568 C6 C37 1998

Cognitive therapy of schizophrenia / David G. Kingdon, Douglas Turkington
Main Book Collection RC514 K5653 2005

Combining medication and psychosocial treatments for addictions : the BRENDA approach / Joseph R. Volpicelli … [et al.] ; foreword by William R. Miller.
Main Book Collection RC564 C645 2001

A compendium of psychosocial measures : assessment of people with serious mental illnesses in the community / Dale L. Johnson.
Reference Collection RC473 P79 J64 2010

Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) : core version 1.1
Main Book Collection RC480.7 C65 1993

The Coping with depression course : a psychoeducational intervention for unipolar depression by Peter M. Lewinsohn, et al.
Main Book Collection RC537 C685 1984

Correctional assessment, casework, and counseling / Anthony Walsh.
Main Book Collection HV7428 W35 2001

Counseling latinos and La Familia : a practical guide / Azara L. Santiago-Rivera, Patricia Arrendondo, Ma ritza Gallardo-Cooper.
Main Book Collection RC451.5 H57 S28 2002

Crisis intervention : a handbook for practice and research / Karl A. Slaikeu.
Main Book Collection RC480.6 S54 1990

Depression in Latinos : assessment, treatment, and prevention / Sergio A. Aguilar-Gaxiola, Thomas P. Gullotta, editors
Main Book Collection RC451.5 H57 D47 2008

Depression in the elderly : a behavioral treatment manual / Dolores Gallagher and Larry W. Thompson ; with Gary Baffa, et al.
Main Book Collection RC537 G34 1981

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-IV
Main Book Collection RC455.2 C4 D54 1994

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-IV-TR.
Main Book Collection RC455.2 C4 D536 2000

Evidence-based practices for social workers : an interdisciplinary approach / Thomas O’Hare.
Main Book Collection HV689 O43 2005

Forbidden grief : the unspoken pain of abortion /Theresa Burke with David C. Reardon.
Main Book Collection HQ767.4 B86 2002

Foundations of mental health care / Michelle Morrison-Valfre.
Main Book Collection RC440 .V354 2017

Foundations of social work practice in the field of aging : a competency-based approach / Roberta R. Greene … [et al.].
Main Book Collection HV1451 F68 2007

Fundamentals of clinical supervision / Janine M. Bernard, Rodney K. Goodyear
Main Book Collection RC480.5 B455 1998

Fundamentals of substance abuse practice / Jerry L. Johnson
Main Book Collection HV4998 J65 2004

Handbook of assessment and treatment of eating disorders / edited by B. Timothy Walsh, Evelyn Attia, Deborah R. Glasofer, Robyn Sysko.
Main Book Collection RC552.E18 H36 2016

Handbook of assessment and treatment planning for psychological disorders / Martin M. Antony, David H. Barlow, editors.
Main Book Collection RC469 H356 2004

Handbook of geriatric assessment / edited by Joseph J. Gallo … [et al.] 4th ed.
Main Book Collection RC953 G34 2006

Handbook of psychiatric rating scales [staff of Research and Education Association].
Main Book Collection RC469 H37 1981

Healing the trauma of domestic violence : a workbook for women / Edward S. Kubany, Mari A. McCaig, Janet R. Laconsay.
Main Book Collection HV6626.2 K92 2003

Health and psychosocial instruments (HAPI) (Electronic Database)

Helping traumatized families / Charles R. Figley
Main Book Collection RC488.5 F54 1989

Integrated treatment for dual disorders : a guide to effective practice by Kim T. Mueser, et al. ; foreword by Kenneth Minkoff
Main Book Collection RC564.68 I684 2003

Making choices : a personal look at alcohol & drug use / Marjorie E. Scaffa, Sandra C. Quinn, Robert A. Swift
Main Book Collection HV5808 S355 1992

A manual for ACT start-up : based on the PACT model of community treatment for persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses / by Deborah J. Allness and William H. Knoedler.
Main Book Collection RA790.6 A44 2003

Marriage and family assessment : a sourcebook for family therapy / edited by Erik E. Filsinger
Main Book Collection HV697 M37 1983

Mastering your adult ADHD : a cognitive-behavioral treatment program : client workbook / Steven A. Safren … [et al.].
Main Book Collection RC394 A85 M355 2005

Mastering your adult ADHD : a cognitive-behavioral treatment program : therapist guide / Steven A. Safren … [et al.].
Main Book Collection RC552 P67 M364 2005

Measures for clinical practice : a sourcebook / Kevin Corcoran, Joel Fischer
Main Book Collection BF176 C66 1987

Measures for clinical practice : a sourcebook by Kevin Corcoran, Joel Fischer.
° v. 1: Couples, families, and children
° v. 2: Adults.
Main Book Collection BF176 C66 2000

Measures for clinical practice and research : a sourcebook / Joel Fischer, Kevin Corcoran.
° v. 1: Couples, families, and children
° v. 2: Adults
Main Book Collection BF176 C66 2007

Measures for clinical practice and research : a sourcebook / Kevin Corcoran, Joel Fischer.
Main Book Collection BF176 .C66 2013

Measuring mental illness : psychometric assessment for clinicians edited by Scott Wetzler
Main Book Collection RC473 P79 M43 1989

Measuring patient changes in mood, anxiety, and personality disorders : toward a core battery / edited by Hans H. Strupp, Leonard M. Horowitz, Michael J. Lambert.
Main Book Collection RC480.5 M354 1997

Measuring stress : a guide for health and social scientists edited by Sheldon Cohen, Ronald C. Kessler, Lynn Underwood Gordon
Main Book Collection RC49 M39 1995

Mental disorders in older adults : fundamentals of assessment and treatment / Steven H. Zarit, Judy M. Zarit.
Main Book Collection RC451.4 A5 Z374 2007

Mental disorders, medications, and clinical social work / Sonia G. Austrian
Main Book Collection HV689 A88 2005

Mental health assessment and therapeutic intervention with older adults / editors, Alan D. Whanger, Alice C. Myers
Main Book Collection RC451.4 A5 M444 1984

The mental status examination in neurology / Richard L. Strub, F. William Black ; foreword by Norman Geschwind.
Main Book Collection RC386.2 S77 1977

Multidimensional functional assessment, the OARS methodology : a manual / contributing authors: Dan Blazer, et al
Main Book Collection HV1451 M84 1978

Munchausen by proxy : identification, intervention, and case management / Louisa J. Lasher, Mary S. Sheridan.
Main Book Collection RC569.5 M83 L37 2004

The nature and treatment of anxiety disorders / C. Barr Taylor, Bruce Arnow
Main Book Collection RC531 T39 1988

Neuropsychological assessment of dementia and depression in older adults : a clinician’s guide / edited by Martha Storandt and Gary R. VandenBos
Main Book Collection RC524 N49 1994

Obsessive compulsive disorder : a guide / [written by John H. Greist].
Main Book Collection RC533 G74 1992

Obsessive-compulsive disorders : theory and management / [edited by] Michael A. Jenike, Lee Baer, William E. Minichiello.
Main Book Collection RC533 O28 1990

Outcomes assessment in clinical practice / edited by Lloyd I. Sederer, Barbara Dickey.
Main Book Collection RC454.4 O855 1996

Post-traumatic stress disorder : assessment, differential diagnosis, and forensic evaluation / edited by Carroll L. Meek.
Main Book Collection RC552 P67 P66784 1990

Practical psychiatric practice : forms and protocols for clinical use / Richard Jed Waytt.
Main Book Collection RC465.5 W94 1994

A primer on single-subject design for clinical social workers / by Tony Tripodi
Main Book Collection HV43 T75 1994

Principles and practice of psychiatric rehabilitation : an empirical approach / Patrick W. Corrigan … [et al.].
Main Book Collection RC439.5 P74 2008

Principles of trauma therapy : a guide to symptoms, evaluation, and treatment / John Briere & Catherine Scott.
Main Book Collection RC552 P67 B7495 2006

Prison suicide: an overview and guide to prevention / by Lindsay M. Hayes
Main Book Collection HV6545.6 H39 1995

Psychological abuse in violent domestic relations / K. Daniel O’Leary and Roland D. Maiuro, editors.
Main Book Collection RC569.5 F3 P787 2001

Psychological testing and assessment : an introduction to tests and measurement / Ronald Jay Cohen, Mark E. Swerdlik.
Main Book Collection BF176 C63 2010

Public health and aging : an introduction to maximizing function and well-being / Steven M. Albert.
Main Book Collection RA564.8 A438 2004

Quality of life : from nursing and patient perspectives : theory, research, practice by Cynthia R. King & Pamela S. Hinds, editors.
Main Book Collection RC266 Q35 2003

Relapse prevention therapy workbook : managing core personality and lifestyle issues / by Terence T. Gorski
Main Book Collection RC564.15 G675 1995

Research instruments in social gerontology edited by David J. Mangen, Warren A. Peterson
° v. 1: Clinical and social psychology
Main Book Collection HQ1061 R44

Rx for stress : a nurse’s guide / Jenny Steinmetz … [et al.]
Main Book Collection RT86 R93 1984

Self-neglect and hoarding : a guide to safeguarding and support / Deborah Barnett.
Main Book Collection RA790.7.G7 B37 2018

Social work with groups : a process model / Joseph Anderson
Main Book Collection HV45 A727 1997

Stress management : a comprehensive handbook of techniques and strategies / Jonathan C. Smith
Main Book Collection RA785 S655 2002

Substance abuse treatment for persons with co-occurring disorders / Stanley Sacks, Richard K. Ries
Main Book Collection RC564.68 S73 2005

Successful families : assessment and intervention / W. Robert Beavers, Robert B. Hampson
Main Book Collection RC488.5 B3798 1990

Theory and assessment of stressful life events edited by Thomas W. Miller
Main Book Collection RC455.4 L53 T48 1996

Therapist guide for maintaining change : relapse prevention for adult male perpetrators of child sexual abuse / Hilary Eldridge.
Main Book Collection RC560 C46 E39 1998

Therapist’s guide to clinical intervention : the 1-2-3’s of treatment planning / Sharon L. Johnson.
Main Book Collection RC480.5 J64 1997

The therapist’s notebook for lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients : homework, handouts, and activities for use in psychotherapy / Joy S. Whitman, et al, eds.
Main Book Collection RC451.4 G39 T478 2003

Training manual : resident assessment instrument and resource guide / written by John N. Morris … [et al.]
Main Book Collection RA999 A35 M67 1991

Violent offenders : appraising and managing risk / Vernon L. Quinsey … [et al.].
Main Book Collection HV9304 V56 2006

Wellness at work : building resilience to job stress / Valerie O’Hara.
Main Book Collection HF5548.85 O34 1995

Winter blues : seasonal affective disorder : what it is and how to overcome it / Norman E. Rosenthal
Main Book Collection RC545 R67 1993