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Social Work Profession Videos

1989 field work symposium : keynote address / by Alfred Kadushin (1989)
HV11 N564 1989

Age and outrage (1977)
HV1451 A54 1977c

Al Pincus and Anne Minahan answer questions (1973)
HV43 A6 1973

Breaking the silence : lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer foster youth tell their stories : a tool for training care providers on working effectively with LGBTQ youth (2005)
HV1426 B54 2005

Careers in aging: old friends, new faces (1996)
HQ1061 C37 1996

Child protective services (2002)
HV6626.53 S38 C45 2002

Children’s program kit : supportive education for children of addicted parents (2003)
HV5132 C455 2003

CNN today: counseling and social work (series)

  • Vol. 2. Direct practice, skills, generalist practice — Groups — Substance abuse (2001-03)
    BF637 C6 C42

Consequences of child abuse allegations for foster families : five perspectives (1991)
HV8079 C46 C674 1991

Consider the conversation (2011)
R726.8 C36 2011

Contracting for permanency planning. Parts 1 & 2. Produced by Prof. Ron Rooney (1981)
HV873 C66 1981

Conversations with Helen I. Clarke : reflections on her career in social work (1979)
HV11 C668 1979

Creating a family (1992) [caseworkers]
HV875 C73 1992

A cross cultural approach to working with Alaskan Indians (1980?)
E78 A3 C7 1980

Cultural competence: a community-based approach (1994)
HV741 C85 1994

Cynthia Rose’s girls group (1975?)
BF637 B4 C968 1975

Cynthia Rose’s 2nd grade boys group (198?)
BF637 B4 C969 1980z

Depression & suicidal behavior in adolescents (1995) [assessment]
HV6546 D46 1995

Direct practice, skills, generalist practice — Groups — Substance abuse (2001-03) (V.2 of CNN today: counseling and social work)
BF637 C6 C42

Elder abuse interventions: the social worker’s role (2000)
HV6626.3 E436 2000

End broken promises, mend broken hearts (2003) [children of addicted parents / Claudia Black, MSW, psychologist ]
HV5132 C455 2003

Excellence in nonproft leadership (1998)
HD57.7 E93 1998

Facing diversity: responding to violence against women from diverse cultures (2000) [training tool]
HV6250.4 W65 F33 2000

Family systems therapy (2000) [Kenneth V. Hardy, psychologist]
RC488.5 F3339 2000 VHS]  RC488.5 .F33386 2009 {DVD]

Family therapy training: a look at an extended family
RC488.5 F366 1983

Family treatment : workshop by Carla Fasting 8/10/93 (1993)
HV697 F365 1993

50 years of social work : Al Kadushin (1997)
HV37 F54 1997

Foster care (1998) *Title IV-E Grant
HV875 F668 1998

The Foster Care System Simulation (1981)
HV875 F674 1981

Foster parents and foster parent organizations. Part I (1978)
HQ759.7 F678 1978

The future is now : community mental hospitals in Wisconsin (produced as film in 1964)
RC445 W55 F8 2000

Gambling with our lives (1994)
HV1441 C3 G35 1994

Gen silent (2011)
HQ76.27 O44 G46 2011 [DVD]

Gender sensitive social work with the mentally ill : keynote / Mary Anne Test (1988)
HV689 G463 1988

Great speeches from social work’s past (1990)
HV37 G74 1990

History of the UW School of Social Work (1987)
HV11.7 K33 1987

Homeless in paradise (2006)
HV4506 S36 H664 2006 [clinical social worker]

Implosive therapy (1971)
RC489 B4 I47 1971

Insight : subject : rural social work (1977)
HV67 I67 1977

Interview of Al Kadushin with Mel Morgenbesser (2009)
HV28 K25 I58 2009

Jane Addams Hull-House : an experiment in democracy (2006)
HV4196 C4 J36 2007

Legacies of social change: 100 years of professional social work in the US (2001)
HM831 L44 2001 [VHS]
  HV40.8.U6 L44 2001 [DVD]

Letting go: a hospice journey (2003)
R726.8 L45 2003

Love & Diane (2003) [child neglect]
HV5833 N45 L688 2003

Mandated reporting (2006) [Title IV-E Grant]
HV8079 C46 M35 2006

Many voices one journey (2001)
HV5137 M36 2001

Meeting at the crossroads: cross-training between mental health/AODA and sexual assault/domestic violence service providers
RC480.6 M43 1990

Mihi’s Whanau : a Maori care and protection story (2000)
HV802.5 M54 2000

The new heroes: their bottom line is lives (2005)
HD60 N49 2005

Not me, not mine : adult survivors of the foster care system (2003) [child welfare]
HV885 N5 N68 2003

One journey—many voices: conversations about serious illness & dying (2003) [cultural competence]
RA418.3 U6 O54 2003

Outlet (2006) [group support for gay youth]
LC2574.5 O8 2006

Palliative care : care for terminally ill patients (2003)
R726.8 P35 2003

Partners in recovery : creating successful practitioner-consumer alliances (2000) [mental health clinicians]
RC480.5 P37 2000

Permanency planning : use of the task-centered model with an adolescent toward independent living (1981)
HV881 P476 1981

Policy treatment of the mentally ill throughout history / lecture by: MaryAnne Test (1979)
RC439 P65 1979

Portraits of the children : culturally competent assessment (2003)
LC3981 P67 2003

The powerbroker : Whitney Young’s fight for civil rights (2013)
E185.97 Y635 P69 2013 [DVD]

Problem solving in groups (1980)
HD30.29 P76 1980

Professional choices: ethics at work (1995)
HV91 P75 1995

A question of power : mental health consumers and professionals (2005)
RA790.5 Q84 2005

Rational emotive therapy / lecture by Will Ortiz ; Suffolk Co. Drug Abuse Services (1984)
RC489 R3 R38 1984

Restoring the sacred circle (2002)[elder abuse]
E98 A27 R47 2002

Rewarding challenges : social work with older adults (2008)
HV1461 R48 2008

Role of the social worker in terminal care (1996)
HV3000 R65 1996

Sixteen forty-nine (2010)
LC5144.22 W6 S59 2010

Small justice: little justice in America’s family courts (2001)
HV6570.7 S635 2001

Social work centennial commemorative celebration (1998)
HV10.5 S6 1998

Social work in Madison : a personal perspective [by Evie Owens] (1982)
HV98 W6 O94 1982

Social work interviewing (1978)
HV43 S63 1978

Solution focused therapy for addictions (1998) [session with Insoo Kim Berg, MSW]
RC489 S65 S65 1998

Somewhere between (2013)
HV875.58 C6 S66 2013

Spirituality in palliative care (2003)
R726.8 S65 2003

Stepping into Latino realities (2004?)
E184 S75 S7 2004

Structural therapy (1998) [Aponte, ACSW]
RC488.5 S778 1998

Taken in: the lives of America’s foster children (1997) *Title IV-E Grant
HV875.55 T33 1997 [VHS]  [Filmmakers Library/streaming 1999]

Task-centered casework : Group “A” (1978)
HV43 T375 1978

Testifying in court : a guide for child protective service workers (2006)
KF3735 T47 2006

There is a bridge (2007)
RC523 T574 2007

Trauma treatment for adults (2000)
RC552 T7 T74 2000

Troop 1500: girl scouts beyond bars (2004) [project initiated by social worker]
HV9475 T4 T75 2004

Welfare made a difference (2003)
HV1445 O53 2003

What do social workers do? (1991)
HV10.5 W4 1991

When all is said and done: an introduction to the family meeting (1994)
R726.8 W44 1994

When I came home (2006) [services for homeless vets]
UB357 W46 2006 [DVD]

Who am I in this crowd? (1992) [caseworkers]
BF721 W56 1992

Winifred Wise-Anderson on Jane Addams and Hull House (1982)
HV28 A35 W57 1982

Winning attitude: burnout prevention techniques for human services managers (2000)
HV40.54 W56 2000

Women of Hull House (1992)
HV4196 C4 W6 1992

Working for social justice : the ethics & core values of social work (2008)
HV10.5 W67 2008

Working with birth parents. I, Visitation  *Title IV-E Grant
HQ759.7 W67 2009

Working with the child in permanency planning (1981)
HV875 W66 1981

Workshop with Erv Polster, PhD (1978)
RC489 G4 P657 1978

You are not alone (1992) [caseworkers]
HV875.55 Y68 1992