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Emotions Videos

Anger coping: a small group intervention to address anger and aggression in the school setting (1996)
BF723 A4 L27 1996

Angry young man: a drug tragedy (1999)
HV5824 Y68 A53 1999

Be good, smile pretty (2004) [grief]
DS559.8 P7 B42 2004

Big mama (2000)
HQ759.9 B54 2000 [VHS] [Black Studies/streaming 2000] [Films on Demand/streaming 2012]

But names can hurt forever: a study of emotional abuse (1997)
RC569.5 P75 B87 1997

The color of fear 3 : four little beds (2005)
HQ76.45 U5 C6 2005

Counseling Latina/o children and adolescents : cross-cultural issues (2004) [educational counseling ]
LB1027.5 C669 2004

End broken promises, mend broken hearts (2003) [children of addicted parents / fear ]
HV5132 C455 2003

Family systems therapy (2000) [husband in therapy / male emotions]
RC488.5 F3339 2000 VHS]  RC488.5 .F33386 2009 {DVD]

Functional family therapy (2004) [male emotions]
RC488.5 F85 2004

The Gifts of grief (2005)
BF575 G7 G54 2005

Grief in America (1997)
BF575 G7 A85 1997 [VHS]  [Docuseek2/streaming 2017]

Hidden victims: children of domestic violence (1999)[anger/sadness]
HV6626.2 H54 1999

Hip-hop : beyond beats and rhymes (2006)
ML3531 H569 2006 [DVD]

How to handle stress / with Dr. Carl Whitaker (1972)
BF575 S75 H72 1972

How to manage anger and handle conflict (1992)
BF683 H847 1992

I am a promise : the children of Stanton Elementary School (2005)
LC5133 P5 I36 2005

Illness in the family : children confronting uncertainty (2011)
RA777.7 .I45 2011

Inner views of grief (1995)
BF724.3 G73 I56 1994

It’s in every one of us (1987) [collage of images]
B105 H8 I87 1987

Jail talk (2007)
HV9306 D37 J25 2007

Lost childhood : growing up in an alcoholic family (2004) [fear, sadness]
HV5132 L68 2004

Love & Diane (2003)
HV5833 N45 L688 2003

Michael’s journey (2003) [children of addicted parents]
HV5132 C455 2003

Men and emotions: a psychoeducational approach (1977)
RC540 M46 1997

Pepper, and You’re not alone (2003) [children of addicted parents]
HV5132 C455 2003

Raising Cain: exploring the inner lives of America’s boys (2006)
HQ775 R357 2006 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2009]

She’s leaving me: a four-stage treatment model for men… w/ relationship loss (1996)
BF575 D35 S53 1996 [VHS]

Teen’s view of grief: an educational videotape for bereavement caregivers (1994)
BF724.3 G73 T44 1994

Understanding the six forms of emotional child abuse (1999)
RC569.5 P75 U53 1999

When the mind causes pain (2004)[Aaron Beck]
RB127 W54 2004

Working with hostile teens (1993)
HV1431 W665 1993

Working with resistant teens (1993)
HV1431 W666 1993