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Cultural Competence Videos

(see also Race Relations)

203 days (2006) [Jewish traditions]
R726.8 T96 2006

Affirmative psychotherapy with gay clients (2012)
RC451.4 G39 A44 2012

Alzheimer’s disease: a multi-cultural perspective (1992)
RC523 .A37 1992 [DVD 2013]   RC523 A59 1992 [VHS]

Being gay: coming out in the 21st century (2003)
HQ76 B44 2003 [VHS] [Films on Demand/streaming 2005]

Can you hear me? (1998)

Carved from the heart (1997) [American Indians]
BF575 G7 C37 1997 [VHS]

Counseling in challenging contexts (2011)
BF636.6 U542 2011

Counseling Latina/o children and adolescents : cross-cultural issues (2004)
LB1027.5 C669 2004

Counseling the multiracial population: couples, individuals, families (2002)
HV3176 C683 2002

A cross cultural approach to working with Alaskan Indians (1980?)
E78 A3 C7 1980

Cultural competence: a community-based approach (1994)
HV741 C85 1994

Cultural competency in the treatment of African-American couples (2005)
RC451.5 N4 C85 2005

Culturally responsive cognitive-behavioral therapy in practice (2012)
RC489 C63 C858 2012

The culture of emotions : a cultural competence and diversity training program (2005)
RC455.4 E8 C84 2005 [DVD]  [Docuseek2/streaming 2014]

Developing cultural competency (2002)
RT61 D47 2002

Doubles : Japan and America’s intercultural children (1995)
HQ777.9 D68 1995

Dying with dignity : experiences in the Netherlands (2001)
R726 D436 2001

Embracing the rainbow : mental health and Native American elderly (2005)
RC451.5 I5 E64 2005

Embracing the rainbow : mental health and the Hispanic elderly (2005)
RC451.5 H57 E64 2005.

Facing diversity: responding to violence against women from diverse cultures (2000)
HV6250.4 W65 F33 2000

Functional family therapy (2004) [African American family]
RC488.5 F85 2004

Gen silent (2011)
HQ76.27 O44 G46 2011 [DVD]

The Gifts of grief (2005) [African American, Asian / Asian American, Latino]
BF575 G7 G54 2005

Grief in America (1997) [ethnic traditions]
BF575 G7 A85 1997 [VHS]  [Docuseek2/streaming 2017]

Healing the spirit : treatment of depression among the Asian elderly (2005)
RC537.5 H43 2005

Hip-hop : beyond beats and rhymes (2006) [culture / masculinity]
ML3531 H569 2006 [DVD]  [Kanopy/streaming 2016]

I am a promise : the children of Stanton Elementary School (2005)[African Americans]
LC5133 P5 I36 2005

In the mix : Native American teens : who we are (2006)
E98 Y68 N37 2006

Letting go: a hospice journey (2003)[African American]
R726.8 L45 2003

Making whiteness visible (Mirrors of privilege) (2006)
E184 A1 M58 2006

Mental health and Native American elderly (2005)
RC451.5 I5 E64 2005

Mental health and the Hispanic elderly (2005)
RC451.5 H57 E64 2005

Mihi’s Whanau : a Maori care and protection story (2000)
HV802.5 M54 2000

Mirrors of privilege : making whiteness visible (2006)
E184 A1 M58 2006

Muslims (2003)
DS35.62 M87 2003

Native American teens : who we are (2006)
E98 Y68 N37 2006

One journey—many voices: conversations about serious illness & dying (2003)
RA418.3 U6 O54 2003

Outlet (2006) [gay youth]
LC2574.5 O8 2006

Partners in recovery : creating successful practitioner-consumer alliances (2000) [communication/mental health]
RC480.5 P37 2000

Pathways to health: American Indian women’s breast cancer risk and treatment (1996)
RC280 B8 P38 1996

Portraits of the children : culturally competent assessment (2003)
LC3981 P67 2003

Race in the classroom: the multiplicity of experience(1992)
LC3727 R335 1992 [VHS]  [Education in Video/streaming 2007]

Race: the power of an illusion (2003)
GN269 R334 2003 [VHS]  [Kanopy/streaming 2014]

  • v. 1. The difference between us
  • v. 2. The story we tell
  • v. 3. The house we live in

Recruitment and retention of African-American families (1995)
HV741 R447 1995

Recruitment and retention of Hispanic/Latino families (1995)
HV741 R458 1995

Reentry: life on the outside (2004)

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HV9305 W5 R45 2004

Resistance conspiracy (1990)
HV9471 R45 1990

Restoring the sacred circle (2002) [elder abuse]
E98 A27 R47 2002

Solution focused therapy for addictions (1998) [African American female client]
RC489 S65 S65 1998

Stepping into Latino realities (2004?)
E184 S75 S7 2004

Ten more good years (2008)
HQ76.27 O44 T46 2008

Trading beliefs: four Hmong families consider relinquishing their traditional health beliefs (1997)
E184 H55 T73 1997

Treatment issues for women (1992) [substance abuse]
RC546 T74 1992

Understanding me : the younger resident’s perspective (2006) [African Americans with disabilities]
RC454.5 M3 U54 2006

Way home (1998)
HQ1154 B87 1998

What’s race got to do with it?(2006)
LC1099.3 W46 2006 [DVD] [Black Studies/streaming 2006]

When Billy broke his head : –and other tales of wonder (1994) [mental disabilities]
RC387.5 W44 1994

Working with African American clients (2005)
RC451.5 N4 W57 2005

Working with African American men (2011)
RC451.5 N4 W67 2011

Working with Arab Americans (2008)
RC451.5 A73 W67 2008

World of differences: understanding cross-cultural communication (1997)
GN345.6 W67 1997

World of diversity (1994)
HM258 W67 1994