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Crime/Criminal Justice Videos

(see also Juvenile Justice)

Aging in America : the years ahead (2003)[segment on care of older inmates]
HQ1064 U5 A35 2003 [VHS]  HQ1064 U5 A45 2003 [DVD]

Allen & Dyanne : the intersection of fatherhood and domestic violence in the African American community (2007)
HV6626.2 A52 2007

America beyond the color line (2003)
E185.625 A443 2003

Borderline: the people vs. Eunice Baker (2004) [DVD]
HV6133 G78 2004 [DVD]

CCI: case study of a southern prison (1997)
HV9481 C552 C46 1997 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2005]

Childhood, interrupted (2007)
KF9812 C45 2007

Children of the night (1994)–from series: Running away, dropping out
HQ799.5 C484 1994 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2013]

Critical resistance: beyond the prison industrial complex (1999)
HV9456 C75 1999

Cruel & unusual (2006)
HV8836 .C78x 2006

Cyberstalker (2004)
HQ784 I58 C92 2004

Delivering justice. All the king’s men : picking up the pieces (2006)
HV6769 D449 2006

Drunk driving : the victim, the offender (2002)
HE5620 D7 D778 2002

F128.9 M4 F37 2004

Gray days (2005)
HV9469 G73 2005

Hidden victims: children of domestic violence (1999)
HV6626.2 H54 1999

History of American corrections (2001)
HV9304 H578 2001

Jail talk (2007)
HV9306 D37 J25 2007

Manhood & violence: fatal peril (2003)
HQ1090.3 M25 2003 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2005]

Massie affair: was murder justified to defend his wife’s honor? (2005)
KF224 M3 M37 2005

Multiple choice (1997)
HV9069 M858 1997

My friend Paul (1999)
RC465 M96 1999

No! Confronting sexual assault in our community(2006)
HV6250.4 W65 N6 2006

Omar and Pete (2005) [ex-offenders / reintegration]
HV9304 O52 2005

Out of state (2017)
HV9275 .O986 2017

Raising our voices: South Asian Americans address hate (2002) [hate crimes]
E184 S69 R35 2002

Reentry: life on the outside (2004)
HV9305 W5 R45 2004

Resistance conspiracy (1990)
HV9471 R45 1990

Restoring the sacred circle (2002) [elder abuse]
E98 A27 R47 2002

Rodney King incident: race and justice in America (1998)
HV8148 L552 R636 1998

Safe return initiative : a video symposium (2005)
HV6626.2 S24 2005

Safe return initiative : addressing domestic violence among men and their families from the penitentiary to the community (2005)
HV6626.2 S244 2005

Safe return initiative II : building bridges (2006)
HV6626.2 S25 2006

A sentence apart [2010]
HV8886.U5 S466 2010 [DVD]

Serving crime victims with disabilities : the time is now (2001)
HV6250.4 H35 S47 2001

Shadows : the sex offender next door (1999)
HV6626.53 O7 S53 1999 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2006]

Small justice: little justice in America’s family courts (2001)
HV6570.7 S635 2001

These are our kids: transforming juvenile detention in three American cities (2004)
HV6439 U5 T44 2004

30 days : an FX original series : the complete second season (2007)
HN59.2 A13 2007

Troop 1500: girl scouts beyond bars (2004)
HV9475 T4 T75 2004

Two towns of Jasper : education and outreach DVD (200?)
HV6565.T49 T86 2000z

Voices from inside (1996)
HV8738 V65 1996 [VHS]

What I want my words to do to you (2003)
PS508.P7 W43 2003 [VHS]

What we leave behind (2000)
HV9475 W38 W53 2000

When the bough breaks (2001)
HV8886 U5 W48 2001 [VHS]  [Filmmakers Library/streaming 2001]

Women in transition: the on-going challenge (2002)
HV8738 W667 2002