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Counseling Videos

Affirmative psychotherapy with gay clients (2012)
RC451.4 G39 A44 2012

Anger coping: a small group intervention to address anger and aggression in the school setting (1996)
BF723 A4 L27 1996

The art of integrative counseling (2001) Supp. Manual to accompany video
BF637 C6 A78 2001

Basic attending skills (1997)
BF637 C6 I85 1997

Basic counseling responses: a multimedia learning system for the helping professions (1999)
BF637 C6 H32 1999

The basics of psychotherapy (1984)
(Methadone training series)
RC568 M4 B37 1984

Breast cancer (2003)
RC280 B8 B67 2003

Brief therapy with adolescents (2007)
RJ503 B75 2007

But names can hurt forever : a study of emotional abuse, or “psychological maltreatment” (1997)
RC569.5 P75 B87 1997

Can you see my pain? (2000)
RC569.5 S48 C36 2000

Circle of recovery: healing the wounds of drugs and alcohol (1997)
RC564 C56 1997 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2006]

CNN today: counseling and social work (series)

  • Vol. 2. Direct practice, skills, generalist practice — Groups — Substance abuse (2001-03)
    BF637 C6 C42

Cognitive-behavior therapy (1998)
RC489 C63 C632 1998

Cognitive-behavior therapy (2006) DVD
RC489.C63 C64 2006

Conspiracy of silence : helping the patient and family live with terminal illness (1993)
BF789 D4 C66 1993

Contracting for permanency planning. Parts 1 & 2. Produced by Prof. Ron Rooney (1981)
HV873 C66 1981

Counseling in challenging contexts (2011)
BF636.6 U542 2011

Counseling Latina/o children and adolescents : cross-cultural issues (2004)
LB1027.5 C669 2004

Counseling the multiracial population: couples, individuals, families (2002)
HV3176 C683 2002

Cultural competency in the treatment of African-American couples (2005)
RC451.5 N4 C85 2005

Culturally responsive cognitive-behavioral therapy in practice (2012)
RC489 C63 C858 2012

The culture of emotions : a cultural competence and diversity training program (2005)
RC455.4 E8 C84 2005 [DVD]  [Docuseek2/streaming 2014]

Depression & suicidal behavior in adolescents (1995) [assessment of adolescents]
HV6546 D46 1995

Direct practice, skills, generalist practice — Groups — Substance abuse (2001-03) (V.2 of CNN today: counseling and social work)
BF637 C6 C42

Facing diversity: responding to violence against women from diverse cultures (2000)
HV6250.4 W65 F33 2000

Family systems therapy (2000)
RC488.5 F3339 2000 VHS]  RC488.5 .F33386 2009 {DVD]

Family therapy training: a look at an extended family
RC488.5 F366 1983

Functional family therapy (2004)
RC488.5 F85 2004

The Gifts of grief (2005)
BF575 G7 G54 2005

Group procedures with older people (1990)
HV1451 G76 1990

Healing the spirit : treatment of depression among the Asian elderly (2005)
RC537.5 H43 2005 [VHS & DVD]

Helping children grieve (2009)
BF723 G75 H3449 2009

Helping relationships: a supplement to the curriculum modules and resources guide (1988)
HV1461 H456 1988

Helping skills in practice :a three-stage model (2009)
BF636.65 .H457 2009

Interviewing in action: relationships, process, and change (2003)
RC480.7 M872 2003

LBGT counseling: skill-building vignettes (2001)
HQ75.53 L12 2001

Living well with bipolar disorder: a new look (2002)
RC516 L58 2002

Lost childhood : growing up in an alcoholic family (2004)
HV5132 L68 2004

Managing oppositional youth (1997)
RJ507 B44 M36 1997

Many voices one journey (2001)
HV5137 M36 2001

Meeting at the crossroads: cross-training between mental health/AODA and sexual assault/domestic violence service providers
RC480.6 M43 1990

Men and emotions: a psychoeducational approach (1977)
RC540 M46 1997

Mixed-race identities (2006)
HV3176 M59 2006

Motivational interviewing (2007)
RC480.55 M67 2007 [DVD]

Motivational interviewing : helping people change (2013)
RC480.7 M55 2013

Motivational interviewing in medical settings (1998)
R727.3 M68 1998

Motivational strategies for promoting self-change (1995)
RC564.7 M67 1995

The next generation (1998)[Bill Moyers / school counselors] *Title IV-E
RC564 N49 1998 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2005]

Partners in recovery : creating successful practitioner-consumer alliances (2000) [client/clinician interaction]
RC480.5 P37 2000

Permanency planning : use of the task-centered model with an adolescent toward independent living (1981)
HV881 P476 1981

Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients (2005)
RC558 P7923 2005 [VHS]

  • Program 2: Individual assessment and psychotherapy
  • Program 3: Relationships, families and couples counseling
  • Program 5: The bisexual experience
  • Program 7: Sexual minority adolescents

Psychotherapy with the experts (series)

Raising Cain: exploring the inner lives of America’s boys (2006)
HQ775 R357 2006 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2009]

Role of the social worker in terminal care (1996)
HV3000 R65 1996

Satir therapy (1999) VHS
BF637 C6 S28 1999

Satir family therapy with Jean McLendon, LCSW (2010)
RC488.5 .S248 2010 [DVD]

She’s leaving me: a four-stage treatment model for men… w/ relationship loss (1996)
BF575 D35 S53 1996 [VHS]

Skills and techniques for group counseling with youth (1996 & 2010)
LB1027.5 S55 1996 [VHS]  LB1027.5 .S55 2010z [DVD]

Social work interviewing (1978)
HV43 S63 1978

Solution focused therapy for addictions (1998) [Insoo Kim Berg]
RC489 S65 S65 1998

Starting over: the long road back (1994) [runaways]
HQ799.5 S7 1994 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2013]

Structural therapy (1998)
RC488.5 S778 1998

Task-centered counseling with a couple (1980)
HV43 T367 1980

Teenage suicide : the silent threat
HV6546 T445 2002

Therapeutic techniques for Hispanic, Black and American Indian clients (1981)
RC451.5 A2 T547 1981

Three counseling approaches : one adolescent client (2009)
BF724 T475 2009

Treating adult children of alcoholics (1995)
HV132 T74 1995

Understanding the six forms of emotional child abuse (1999)
RC569.5 P75 U53 1999

Who am I in this crowd? (1992)
BF721 W56 1992

Women beat the street (2000) [PTSD / substance abuse]
HV5824 W6 W66 2000

Working with African American clients (2005)
RC451.5 N4 W57 2005

Working with African American men (2011)
RC451.5 N4 W67 2011

Working with Arab Americans (2008)
RC451.5 A73 W67 2008

Working with hostile teens (1993)
HV1431 W665 1993

Working with resistant teens (1993)
HV1431 W666 1993

Working with women survivors of trauma and abuse (2004) [counseling session with Latina client]
HV6626 W67 2004 [VHS]  RC451.4.W6 W67 2005 [DVD]