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Community Organizing Videos

Being gay: coming out in the 21st century (2003) [gay activism]
HQ76 B44 2003 [VHS] [Films on Demand/streaming 2005]

Brother outsider: the life of Bayard Rustin (2002)
E185.97 R93 B73 2002 [VHS]  [Black Studies/streaming 2002] [Films on Demand/streaming 2014]

Carved from the heart (1997) [Alaska]
BF575 G7 C37 1997 [VHS]

A contract for change : mobilizing the African American community to end domestic violence (2007)
HV6626.2 C645 2007

Critical resistance: beyond the prison industrial complex (1999)
HV9456 C75 1999

Cultural competence: a community-based approach (1994)
HV741 C85 1994

A day’s work, a day’s pay (2001)
HV99 N59 D37 2001 [VHS]

Excellence in nonproft leadership (1998)
HD57.7 E93 1998

Farmingville (2004)
F128.9 M4 F37 2004

From Flint : voices of a poisoned city (2017)
RA592.M5 F763 2017

Gaining ground : building community on Dudley Street (2013)
HT177 B6 G356 2013

Home of the brave [Civil rights] (2003)
E185.98 L58 H64 2003

Igniting the revolution: an introduction to the Earth Liberation Front ( 2001)
GE195 N67 2001

Jane Addams Hull-House : an experiment in democracy (2006)
HV4196 C4 J36 2007

Madres Unidas: parents researching for change (2003)
LB1048.5 M33 2003

Merritt College : home of the Black Panthers (2008)
E185.615 M47 2008

Myles Horton, Paulo Friere & friends gather at Highlander (1987)
LB885 H64 M9 1987

Native American teens : who we are (2006) [teen leaders]
E98 Y68 N37 2006

The new heroes: their bottom line is lives (2005)
HD60 N49 2005

No! Confronting sexual assault in our community(2006)
HV6250.4 W65 N6 2006

Out of the past : the struggle for gay and lesbian rights in America (1997)
HQ76.8 U5 O97 1997

Outlet (2006) [Bay Area youth organization, “Outlet”]
LC2574.5 O8 2006

Organizing for power : the Alinsky approach (series) (1999)

Poverty Outlaw (1997)
HV99 P5 P68 1997

Resistance conspiracy (1990)
HV9471 R45 1990

Shadows : the sex offender next door (1999)
HV6626.53 O7 S53 1999 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2006]

Taylor’s campaign (1997)
HV4506 S26 T39 1997

This is what democracy looks like (2000)
HF1385 T45 2000 [VHS]

Welfare Warriors (1997)
HV91 W45 1997