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Child Abuse Videos

(see also Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse)

Breaking silence (1993 & 2011)
RC569.5 A28 B8 1993 [VHS]  HQ72.U6 B74 2011 [DVD]

Breaking silence (2011) DVD
HQ72.U6 B74 2011

Broken child (2001)
HV6626.5 B76 2001

But names can hurt forever: a study of emotional abuse (1997)
RC569.5 P75 B87 1997

Can you see my pain? (2000)
RC569.5 S48 C36 2000

Child of rage : a story of abuse (1990)
RC569.5.C55 C55 1990

Child protective services (2002)
HV6626.53 S38 C45 2002

Consequences of child abuse allegations for foster families : five perspectives (1991)
HV8079 C46 C674 1991

Essentials of play therapy with abused children (1998)
RJ507 A29 E87 1998

Families first (1992)
HQ536 F347 1992 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2012]

For families: bridging domestic violence and child abuse (1999)
HV6626.2 F692 1999

Foster care (1998) [Title IV-E Grant]
HV875 F668 1998

Healing years (1999)
RC560 I53 H43 1999 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2013]

Hidden victims: children of domestic violence (1999)
HV6626.2 H54 1999

Interviewing for child sexual abuse : a forensic guide (1998) *Title IV-E Grant
HV8079 C48 I58 1998

Mandated reporting (2006) [Title IV-E Grant]
HV8079 C46 M35 2006

Meeting at the crossroads: cross-training between mental health/AODA and sexual assault/domestic violence service providers
RC480.6 M43 1990

Methamphetamine & drug endangered children (2005)
HV5824 C45 M48 2005

Mihi’s Whanau : a Maori care and protection story (2000)
HV802.5 M54 2000

Play therapy for severe psychological trauma (1998) DVD
RJ505.P6 P63 1998b

Psychological maltreatment of children: assault on the psyche (1985)
BF723 P25 P89 1985

Richard Cardinal: cry from a diary of a Métis child (1986)
HV745 A7 R53 1986 [VHS]  [Docuseek2/streaming 2015]

Secret of the wild child (2006)
RJ506.D47 S43 2006

Shadows : the sex offender next door (1999)
HV6626.53 O7 S53 1999 [VHS]  [Films on Demand/streaming 2006]

Small justice: little justice in America’s family courts (2001)
HV6570.7 S635 2001

Testifying about child sexual abuse : a courtroom guide (1998) *Title IV-E Grant
KF9672 T47 1998

Understanding childhood trauma: strategies and solutions — Domestic violence and childhood trauma (2002)
RJ506 P66 U65 2002

Understanding the six forms of emotional child abuse (1999)
RC569.5 P75 U53 1999

Visual assessment of physical child abuse and neglect for non-medical professionals (1993)
HV6626.5 V58 1996

Women beat the street (2000) [trauma / childhood abuse]
HV5824 W6 W66 2000

Why, God–why me? (1988)
RC560 C46 W42 1988