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American Indians Videos

American Indian concepts of health and unwellness (1990)
E98 M4 L63 1990

Black Indians: an American story (2000)
E98 R28 B53 2000 [VHS]

Carved from the heart (1997) [Craig, Alaska]
BF575 G7 C37 1997 [VHS]  BF575.G7 C37 2007 [DVD 2007]

Children’s program kit : supportive education for children of addicted parents (2003)
HV5132 C455 2003

A cross cultural approach to working with Alaskan Indians (1980?)
E78 A3 C7 1980

Cultural diversity in death, dying and grief : customs and traditions : Latino/Hispanic, Asian, African American and Native American (2004)
R726.8 C85 2004

Embracing the rainbow : mental health and Native American elderly (2005)
RC451.5 I5 E64 2005

Grand avenue
PN1997 G7 1996

Heroin : what’s the real dope? (2001)[New Mexico]
HV5822 H4 H48 2001

In the mix (Native American teens : who we are) (2006)
E98 Y68 N37 2006

Koyaanisqatsi = Life out of balance (2002)
PN1995.9 E96 K68 2002

Mental health and Native American elderly (2005)
RC451.5 I5 E64 2005

Native American culture: a perspective from history and child welfare (1994)
E98 S7 N37 1994

Native American teens : who we are (2006)
E98 Y68 N37 2006

Navajo talking picture (1986)
E99 N3 N3592 1986

New look at our community: the Indian way (1982)
E77.6 N48 1982

OHOYO : American Indian women speak (1982)
E98.W8 O36 1982

Ojibwe treaty rights : connections to land & water (2011)
KF8228 C6 O35 2011

Oneida (1975)
E99 O45 O52 1975

Our youth, our future (2002)
HV4999 Y68 O87 2002

Pathways to health: American Indian women’s breast cancer risk and treatment (1996)
RC280 B8 P38 1996

Powaqqatsi = Life in transformation (2002)
PN1995.9 E96 P59 2002

Reclaiming our children : a story of the Indian Child Welfare Act (2007)
E98 C5 R43 2007

Restoring the sacred circle (2002) [elder abuse/ traditions]
E98 A27 R47 2002

Richard Cardinal: cry from a diary of a Métis child (1986)
HV745 A7 R53 1986 [VHS]  [Docuseek2/streaming 2015]

Since 1634: in the wake of Nicolet (1993)
E78 W8 S56 1993 [VHS]  [WHS Digital/streaming 1993]

Song journey (1994)
E98.P86 S66 1994

Therapeutic techniques for Hispanic, Black and American Indian clients (1981)
RC451.5 A2 T547 1981

Understanding the Indian Child Welfare Act (1995)
HV741 U43 1995

Unnatural causes : is inequality making us sick? (2008)
RA448.4 U53 2008 [DVD]  [Black Studies/streaming 2008]