Instruction & Reference Services

NVivo Software Basics
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 1:30-3:00PM
Room 3218, Sewell Social Science Building

NVivo is data analysis software that can be used with qualitative data, such as interview transcripts and textual survey responses. It provides a suite of textual and metadata analysis tools such as word frequency analysis and cross-tabulation analysis. NVivo allows the user to store and organize documents and data, and it will save researcher time by automating text coding for analysis.

Managing Your Citations with EndNote Basic
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 2-3:00PM
Room 8410, Sewell Social Science Building

EndNote Basic (formerly EndNote Web) is an online, web-based citation management tool that can be used to format and print a bibliography for a class paper. It is free to use by UW-Madison faculty, students, and staff. In this workshop we will demonstrate how to set up a free account, import and add citations to your personal citation lists, and then print out a formatted bibliography for a paper.

Campus library workshops are usually found listed in the campus library events calendar.

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The librarian (Tom Durkin) is available for both in-class and drop-in library instruction sessions. These sessions can be on any library-related topic and can be scheduled at a time and for a duration that best fits with your classroom schedule. Please contact Tom Durkin for more information, or call (608) 262-7340.

In-Class Library Instruction

Tom can visit your class to present on a variety of helpful topics, such as explanations of how to use certain library databases, or how to use EndNote Basic (a citation management application). Past sessions have included short (15 minute) introductions to library databases or other library-related topics, and hour long in-depth training sessions on databases or specific computer applications.

Drop-In Library Instruction

Tom schedules drop-in library instruction sessions on a variety of topics every semester. These classes are generally held in the Social Science Reference Library (room 8410), the Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC) Lab (room 3218), the Social Science 8th floor conference Rooms (8417 or 8411), or at Memorial Library (generally room 231). Past topics have included an overview of library services, an overview of various social science literature databases, an overview of how to set up publication alerts, and an overview of the EndNote Basic citation management applications.

Research Reference Assistance

Tom Durkin is also available to help with any library research related issues or questions, including assisting with database searching and material requests. For more information, please contact Tom Durkin.

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