Saved Catalog Items Privacy Policy

What data we store

When you add items to your list, a reference to each item is stored on our servers. These references are associated with your UW-Madison Libraries account.  When you remove an item from your list, the reference to it is deleted from our servers.  However, backup copies of server data may contain older versions of your list.

How we use the data

We may use aggregate, anonymized list data to improve our understanding of which Library resources are of interest to our patrons and to improve our services.  This means that our analysis will not include facts that could be used to specifically identify you as having on your lists particular items or items of a particular type or belonging to a particular subject area.

With whom the data are shared

We do not share your data with third parties.  However, we may be compelled through a subpoena to disclose the contents of your list to law enforcement officials.

Whether we contact patrons who use this service

We may contact patrons of this service to notify them about changes in it.