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OER Working Group


The OER Working Group fosters an environment at UW-Madison that encourages instructors to create, adapt, and adopt OER course materials that facilitate learning and improve access to high quality, innovative resources for learners at UW-Madison and beyond.

About Us

We began as an informal community of people with an interest in open education. As we discovered more opportunities to collaborate on projects in support of OER, we decided to formalize our activity as a working group. We select projects based on the priorities and capacity of our members. We are not affiliated with a formal campus center, but keep in communication with the Vice Provosts for Teaching and Learning, Libraries, and Information Technology, all of whom support our work as a grassroots effort.

We have over 30 people who’ve indicated an interest in staying informed of our efforts and supporting our work when they can and about ten who regularly attend meetings and actively participate. The group includes mainly academic staff from the libraries, DoIT Academic Technology, L&S Learning Support Services, UW Extension, and academic departments. 

Member Roles & Expectations

The OER Working Group is an action-oriented entity. We meet biweekly on Thursday mornings to discuss projects, advocacy, and outreach activities. By joining the working group, you make a good faith commitment to attend meetings and participate in our work.

OER Interest Group

If you are interested in OER work on-campus but don’t have the capacity to take on the additional work of the OER Working Group, we have developed an OER Interest Group to keep you informed on our work. As a member of the interest group, you would have access to the ongoing meeting minutes, and receive emails of upcoming OER related webinars, events, and professional development.

You can always increase or decrease your involvement as necessary. 

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Check back for more information on how students can get involved with OER UW-Madison and beyond.

Student Advocacy Guide – coming soon