Publishing & Sharing Your Research

Publishing Your Research

  • Author Copyright: The Libraries want you to be aware of your rights as an author and can help you navigate and manage your copyrights.
  • Fair Use & Reuse: Discover how to use copyrighted materials properly in your own work.
  • Citation Managers: Citation managers are software packages used to create personalized databases of papers, citation information, and notes. Using one can help you quickly add proper references to your own work. Campus libraries provide support for several citation manager tools.
  • ORCID Author Profile: Set up an ORCID profile to help link your identity to you research outputs, grants, and more. Many journals and funding organizations also require researchers to provide their ORCID account.
  • Support for Open Access Publishing: The Libraries currently have agreements with some publishers and publications in order to reduce or eliminate author publishing charges (APCs) for UW-Madison-affiliated authors.
  • UW DesignLab: DesignLab provides digital media design tutoring for all students as well as digital design consulting for researchers in all fields.

Sharing & Maximizing Access to Your Work

  • Community Engagement: Librarians can assist you with speaking to the requirements of your funding agency for a demonstration of the broader impacts of your work.
  • Funder Public Access Policy Compliance: Some funding agencies require that published research results enabled by their grants be made available to the general public, usually on the internet. Campus libraries can help researchers meet those requirements.
  • Data Sharing: Learn when and how to securely share your data to maximize impact and access.
  • MINDS@UW: The UW institutional repository is designed to gather, distribute, and preserve digital materials related to the University of Wisconsin’s research and instructional mission

Consult an Expert

  • Digital Scholarship & Publishing: Contact Carrie Nelson or Cameron Cook to ask a question or schedule an appointment.
  • Subject Librarians: Librarians with disciplinary expertise can help you find appropriate publication options in your field.