Planning Your Research Project

Planning a research project is a complex process that can range from developing a single line of inquiry to establishing a research personnel infrastructure with an eye to the future. Campus Librarians can work with you to facilitate your research planning or to point you to other appropriate resources.

Fund Your Research

Craft a Proposal

  • Broader Impacts: Librarians can assist you with speaking to the requirements of your funding agency for a demonstration of your engagement with a larger community of stakeholders (scholars, practitioners and general public).
  • Data Management Plans (DMPs): Writing a DMP will provide a framework for managing your research outputs over the course of your project. DMPs are also often required as part of grant applications.
  • Evidence Synthesis & Systematic Reviews: Resources and services for conducting a systematic review or other evidence synthesis, focusing on disciplines outside of the health sciences.
  • Research Proposal Guide: This guide provides a list of print and electronic resources to help you write a professional research proposal.
  • Writing Center: The Writing Center welcomes advanced students in all disciplines to take advantage of both individual instruction and workshops.

Innovation Support

  • Market Research Guide: Find information on consumer demographics and needs, industry profiles, and business sector trends.
  • Product Design: This guide provides a process overview for design and links to relevant resources.
  • Patent & Trademark Services: Learn how to efficiently search for patents and trademarks.

Personal Consultations

  • Subject Librarians: Librarians with disciplinary expertise can help you navigate information resources in your field.