Finding & Evaluating Information

Make sure you’re not missing the most current, relevant research in your field. The Libraries’ provide free access to books and articles, and our subject librarians can help you find and use the best resources more effectively.

Discovering Information Sources

  • Data Services: Help with data sets, including the Clarivate Web of Science data set, Digital Scholar Lab, and more
  • Finding, Reusing, and Citing Data: Locate datasets and reuse them properly.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Need something we do not own within UW-System? We can get it for you in print or have articles and chapters scanned.
  • Research Subject Guides: These librarian-created guides bring resources together around specific topics for quick access. We have guides by discipline (Art History, Engineering, etc) and by resource type (statistics, images, etc).
  • Subject Pages: These pages bring together library resources (like databases, reference materials, research guides, and library staff) available for different disciplines.

Improve Your Critical Searching Skills

  • Evidence Synthesis & Systematic Reviews: Resources and services for conducting a systematic review or other evidence synthesis, focusing on disciplines outside of the health sciences.
  • Library Research Tutorials: Learn how to efficiently search the library catalog, find scholarly articles, evaluate information, and properly cite other works in your own.
  • Research Micro-courses: Micro-courses are short non-graded courses focused on a particular topic that you complete at your own pace. There are courses on graduate research, data management, and more.
  • Subject Librarians: Librarians with disciplinary expertise can help you navigate information resources in your field.