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Mendeley is a web and desktop-based citation manager. With a free version of Mendeley, you receive 2GB of onmendeley_laptopline storage space for PDFs and document attachments and one private group with up to three members. See Mendeley’s Web site for pricing information on premium access.

With Mendeley you can:

  • Create and manage a personal database of citations. Import and organize PDFs
  • Insert in-text citations and instantly generate bibliographies
  • Share citations and full-text, annotated articles with other Mendeley users
  • Share citations and select articles by joining and/or creating groups
  • Sync resources between your desktop software and Web account to access your resources anytime from another computer, iPhone, or iPad

Create an Account

Visit the Mendeley Web site to sign up for a free Mendeley account. After creating the account, you can set up your personal profile, which will be public to others searching Mendeley. Next, download the Mendeley Desktop component to your hard drive. This allows for greater functionality and storage capabilities. The two versions of Mendeley will sync automatically or when you choose.

Customizing Mendeley for UW-Madison

At this time, Mendeley does not allow for the use of link resolvers on its web or desktop versions. To get full text of an article you find when searching Mendeley, you should search for it using resources from the UW-Madison Library (databases, catalog, etc).

Sync Attachments via UW-Madison Box

By default, Mendeley will sync PDFs and other file attachments using Mendeley’s online storage. However, it is also possible (though not officially supported by Mendeley*) to sync attached files using third party cloud-based file storage applications (e.g., UW-Madison’s Box cloud storage option.)

    1. From your Box account, download and intall Box Sync.
    2. Create a folder for your Mendeley attachments within Box Sync.
    3. Copy any existing Mendeley attachments to your new Box Sync folder.
    4. Within Mendeley Desktop, go to Tools then Options then File Organizer.
    5. Check the box reading “Organize my files” and enter in the directory location of your new Box Sync folder (e.g., C:\Users\[yourUserName]\Documents\My Box Files\Mendeley PDFs).
    6. Test this configuration by adding a new PDF to Mendeley Desktop, and verify that it appears in your Box Sync folder.

*It is recommended that you periodically back up your attachments, as the main danger with this configuration is over-writing files.

Additional Help