• Combined AMP Library Project Update

    Posted on Oct 4th

    The Libraries began work on the on the Astronomy, Mathematics, and Physics Libraries’ consolidation project in May 2019. This work will continue […]

  • Changes Coming to Physics Library Beginning May 18, 2019

    Posted on May 2nd

    The Libraries will begin work on the on the Astronomy, Mathematics, and Physics Libraries’ consolidation project  this month (May 2019) and through […]

  • The Most Influential Books of the Past 20 Years?

    Posted on Nov 26th

    The Chronicle of Higher Education has just published an article entitled, “The New Canon:  What’s the Most Influential Book of the Past […]

  • Fun in the sun! Summer 2018 reading lists!

    Posted on Jun 6th

    Whether you read in the sun, under a shady tree on the Union Terrace or inside in the air conditioning there are […]

  • Physics Today’s “Books that stood out in 2017”

    Posted on Dec 27th

    Physics Today has released their best books of 2017.  See http://physicstoday.scitation.org/do/10.1063/PT.6.3.20171212a/full/ Here are the books and links to our catalog: Storm in a […]

  • Symmetry Magazine’s Best Physics Books of 2017

    Posted on Dec 13th

    Symmetry Magazine has named its Best Physics Books of 2017.  Here are the books and links to our catalog. Ripples in Spacetime […]

  • Lisa Randall — Bringing it all together

    Posted on Nov 16th

    Lisa Randall looks at the world a little differently.  She’s a big picture kind of physicist, literally.   Her latest book, Dark Matter […]

  • Stuart Rojstaczer and The Mathematician’s Shiva : a novel

    Posted on Nov 12th

    UW-Madison alumnus Stuart Jorstaczer is looking to improve the image of scientists and mathematicians in popular media.  He gave the Friday Colloquium, […]

  • Frank Wilczek and A Beautiful Question

    Posted on Oct 19th

    Nobel prize winning author Frank Wilczek appears in Physics Today’s Questions and Answers with Frank Wilczek.  We have several of Wilczek’s books […]

  • Physicist or spy?

    Posted on Jul 29th

    Looking for a good summer read? The Physics Library recently acquired a new biography by Frank Close, Half-life : the divided life […]

  • Mario Livio — Mysteries of an Expanding Universe

    Posted on Jun 22nd

    Mario Livio, an astrophysicist at the Hubble Space Telescope Institute, was interviewed by Krista Tippett on her blog, On Being.  He talks […]

  • The Benefits of Reading

    Posted on Jun 15th

    The New Yorker website has an interesting article,  “Can Reading Make You Happier?”   It talks about the benefits of bibliotheraphy, which I […]