Anna, washing
Like an exhibit of intriguing daguerreotypes, Anna, washing captures moments in the lives of Anna and Abe, Finnish immigrants to the Klondike in 1897. The tight brevity of the sonnet […]

Border Crossings
Using both traditional and free-verse forms in her poems, Dubrow explores her experiences in some of life’s “border crossings” — divorce, medical crisis, the loss of parents, menopause, accident and […]

In this aptly named collection of poems, Cantrell explores the deep impress on him of his father’s alcoholism. His vibrant portrayals maintain a tension of aching contrasts. A lively boy […]

Eat and Remember
Lindner’s poems are immediately engaging in their clear images and witty fun. Lindner delights in word play and constructs several of his poems in a variety of lingoes: academic life, […]

How Dumb the Stars
Francine Conley’s poems are gifts of substance and truth wrapped in tantalizing metaphors. Conley is thoroughly at home in the quirky mysteries of experience where there are many meanings, often […]

The Only Everglades in the World
Chapman’s clear, direct poems chronicle a journey to and through the Florida Everglades. They depict both a remarkable adventure and a disquieting odyssey, an expectation of primeval wildness confronted with […]