Women in Print

Essays on the Print Culture of American Women
From the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Edited by James P. Danky and Wayne A. Wiegand
Foreword by Elizabeth Long

Print version published by University of Wisconsin Press
Digital version published by Parallel Press and UWDC

“These essays communicate the passionate commitment to social justice of historical figures–like Belle Case La Follette and 1950s librarians in rural Wisconsin.”–Erin Smith, University of Texas at Dallas

Women readers, editors, librarians, authors, journalists, booksellers, and others are the subjects in this stimulating new collection on modern print culture. The essays feature women like Marie Mason Potts, editor of Smoke Signal, a mid-twentieth century periodical of the Federated Indians of California; Lois Waisbrooker, publisher of books and journals on female sexuality and women’s rights in the decades after the Civil War; and Elizabeth Jordan, author of two novels and editor of Harper’s Bazaar from 1900 to 1913. The volume presents a complex and engaging picture of print culture and of the forces that affected women’s lives in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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