Wind Chill Factor: Translations of the Cold

UW-Madison International Students

The Wind Chill Factor project began as an exhibit created for the UW-Madison Memorial Library. The overarching idea of the project was to have UW-Madison graduate students from around the world write in their own languages about their experiences with the winter and cold in Wisconsin. The librarians contributed to this dialogue and exhibit by including a selection of books from the Libraries’ collections. Works were included in a variety of languages and disciplines to illustrate the diversity of the library collections.

It appears not to matter whether we are natives of Wisconsin, or from another cold region, tropical, or temperate zone; the extreme winter in this corner of our planet will always amaze us and leave us without precise words to do it justice. That is, unless you are part of the lucky few who have the magic to capture them, freeze them, and come up with a way to keep them from slipping through your fingers.

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