Translation Options

Books in the East Asian Collection

Memorial Library has a number of language specialists that can assist with the translation of catalog records in multiple languages. Please contact our reference staff for assistance.

Examples of other translation needs might include:

  • Translation as part of an assignment. (Tutoring).
  • Translation of entire texts (e.g. articles, chapters, letters) from one language to another.
  • Someone to serve as translator/interpreter between two entities (at hospitals, clinics, schools, conferences, social events, in court, class, lectures, other aspects of personal life)

UW-Madison language departments (fees may apply):

Additional translation resources:

  • The campus provides translation services via the Office of Cultural Linguistic Services. They primarily provide services to the university for business/academic/outreach purposes. They have translation services for the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, Hmong, and Lao.
  • International Institute of Wisconsin 1110 N. Old World 3rd St, Suite 420, Milwaukee, WI 53203 P: 1-414-225-6220: This is an oral interpreter service that allows for a three-way conference call whether receiving or placing a call.
  • Language Line Solutions offers several services, including translation and interpretation services. This resource may require an account and a fee.