Copying / Scanning

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Memorial Library offers book scanners and traditional photocopiers/scanners.

Book Scanners

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Touch screen book scanners are available for public use

Scan books and documents easily in black/white or color.

Save and send scans for free to your email, USB drive, Google drive, or a smartphone. Printing option available (subject to regular print costs).


  • Basement: elevator lobby (1 book scanner)
  • Floor 1: elevator lobby (1 book scanner)
  • Floor 2: elevator lobby (2 book scanners)

Traditional Photocopiers/Scanners

Both print card and coin operated machines available
Both regular and copier-scanner machines available

There are 9 machines located throughout the library.

We have special copier-scanner machines that create free PDF files that you can email to any address (in addition to printing).  Regular print-only photocopiers also available.


  • Basement: elevator lobby (1 Photocopier and 1 Copier-Scanner )
  • Floor 1: under the stairs, behind the computers in the entrance (1 Photocopier (Coin-op) and 1 scan-only Copier-Scanner); West Corridor (1 Photocopier)
  • Floor 1M: elevator lobby (1 Photocopier)
  • Floor 2: Elevator Lobby and Reference Reading Room (Both Copier-Scanners)
  • Floor 4: South Stacks (1 Photocopier)
  • Floor 9: Special Collections (1 Edge Photocopier)

Other Copiers

Coin operated:  1st Floor Elevator Lobby
Edge Platen Glass:  Special Collections
Microform scanner / digitizer:  MMC Reading Room (262D/E)

Paying for Photocopies

  • Black and white copies cost 10¢ per page.
  • All of the machines accept print cards and Wiscards. There is one coin-operated machine in the 1st Floor Elevator Lobby.
  • Purchase / add money to print card from vending machine located in Reference, 2nd floor.

Use of transparencies

When using transparencies in Memorial Library photocopy machines, please ask at the Reference Desk for transparencies that do not melt in the machines.