Copying / Scanning

Memorial Library offers book scanners and traditional photocopiers/scanners.

Book Scanners

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Touch screen book scanners are available for public use

Scan books and documents easily in black/white or color.

Save and send scans for free to your email, USB drive, Google drive, or a smartphone. Printing option available (subject to regular print costs).


  • Basement: elevator lobby (1 book scanner)
  • Floor 1: elevator lobby (1 book scanner)
  • Floor 2: elevator lobby (2 book scanners)

Traditional Photocopiers/Scanners

Both print card and coin operated machines available
Both regular and copier-scanner machines available

There are 9 machines located throughout the library.

We have special copier-scanner machines that create free PDF files that you can email to any address (in addition to printing).  Regular print-only photocopiers also available.


  • Basement: elevator lobby (1 Photocopier and 1 Copier-Scanner )
  • Floor 1: under the stairs, behind the computers in the entrance (1 Photocopier (Coin-op) and 1 scan-only Copier-Scanner); West Corridor (1 Photocopier)
  • Floor 1M: elevator lobby (1 Photocopier)
  • Floor 2: Elevator Lobby and Reference Reading Room (Both Copier-Scanners)
  • Floor 4: South Stacks (1 Photocopier)
  • Floor 9: Special Collections (1 Edge Photocopier)

Other Copiers

Coin operated:  1st Floor Elevator Lobby
Edge Platen Glass:  Special Collections
Microform scanner / digitizer:  MMC Reading Room (262D/E)

Paying for Photocopies

  • Black and white copies cost 10¢ per page.
  • All of the machines accept print cards and Wiscards. There is one coin-operated machine in the 1st Floor Elevator Lobby.
  • Purchase / add money to print card from vending machine located in Reference, 2nd floor.