Memorial Library has a limited number of carrels available for use by faculty members.

To request a carrel, please fill out the Faculty Carrel Application.


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Faculty carrels are available to faculty members whose research requires Memorial Library resources

These spaces are reserved for UW-Madison Professors, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors on campus who use the Memorial Library collection heavily.  Due to the limited number of carrels, they are shared by at least two faculty members.


The carrels are located on the 5th floor

Other information

Any books kept in the carrels must have CURRENT due date slips in them or they will be removed by library staff.


Renewal forms are sent out once a year and need to be filled out and returned to the Circulation Office, Room 170, Memorial Library.

Vacating Carrel / Returning Key

To vacate a carrel, please return the key in person to Room 170, Memorial Library (Circulation Office) during office business hours.  You will be required to fill out an exit form.  To view hours and contact information, visit the Circulation Office page.

Please note:  Faculty that have not renewed or cancelled their carrel by June 30 will have their library accounts blocked. Carrels not renewed by the beginning of Fall semester will have the locks changed and the faculty member will be fined $10 for key replacement.