Computers & Technology

Policy: Library workstations serve the teaching and research mission of the University and have been provided for the purpose of making available to library users a wide variety of bibliographic, reference and other databases and web sites. Uses inconsistent with this mission are disallowed. The appropriation of library workstations by individuals for recreational or personal use is not permitted.

Students, Faculty, and Staff Use

Spaces - Service Desks - InfoLab

InfoLab is available to UW-Madison students and staff

Infolab (DoIT):  Desktops, laptops, and other hardware (available only to those with UW ID).  Infolab computers are equipped with a variety of software.

In additional to Infolab technology, students, faculty, and staff may use any of the Public Use computers and equipment.

Public Use

Services - Computer Workstations

Public use computers are available to everyone

Computers for public use are available on all floors of the library. These workstations have access to the Internet, and most have Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

For short term use:

Lobby  1st Floor West Corridor
Elevator Lobbies (every floor)

For long term use:

Reference Department (Rm. 262)—multiple workstations
2nd Floor West Corridor—multiple workstations