Help and Tutorials

This page is designed to provide help and assistance using a variety of funding databases and other information, including how to use this site, content overviews, and database assistance.

Website Overview

The Grants Information Collection website is generally organized by applicant type. In other words, are you a graduate student, international student, or nonprofit looking for funding? All of these categories link to appropriate research guides that include suitable print directories, websites, databases, and workshop materials. From the home page, the top half is for individual grantseekers, like students, faculty, and researchers. Many of these categories overlap and consist of similar, if not the same, databases. However, some of the additional information can vary slightly, so you may wish to view more than one category. This section also includes UW-Madison campus based funding opportunities, as well as information on funding for student organizations. The bottom half of the page is primarily for nonprofit organizations. Click on Foundation Grants & Grants Databases to access suitable databases for nonprofit grant seekers. Also in the nonprofit section is information on proposal writing, as well as potential funders for specific organizations, like animal shelter and libraries. Access to all of the pages listed above is also available in the Resources section.

Content Overviews

This section has information on topics and content, such as how to find grants and write proposals. Grantspace, the classroom page of the Foundation Center, has many recorded webinars and other training opportunities for grantseekers. As a network partner of the Foundation Center, we are trained by their staff to help you. Below is a selection of free webinars that include their versions of in-person workshops taught through the Grants Information Collection, as well as a few others that may be of interest. Each link will take you to a brief description of the content, access to slides (if one is taught here, there will be a link to our slides as well), and then click on Watch the Webinar to view.

Introduction to Finding Grants
You will learn the 10 most important things you need to know about finding grants. Access the local version of the workshop materials.

View Candid’s video and/or online version, with interactive components.

Introduction to Proposal Writing
This recording will provide you with an overview of how to write a standard project proposal to a foundation. Access the local version of the workshop materials.

View Candid’s video and/or online version, with interactive components.

Introduction to Project Budgets
This recording will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to generate a standard project budget for a foundation proposal.

Before you Seek a Grant
This course is geared towards representatives of community groups without nonprofit status or new nonprofits with very little experience in grantseeking in general. We focus specifically on foundation fundraising.

Grants for your Education Online Workshop
This workshop will address several key strategies in how to set yourself up to be successful in searching for funding for your education. If you have any technical difficulties, please view the backup video on this page

Database Overviews

Pivot is an excellent database for individual funding, but may also be useful for nonprofit organizations. There are a few funders in Pivot for small business as well.

Foundation Directory Online (FDO – Memorial Library only)
FDO is the flagship database from Candid (formerly the Foundation Center) and contains a wealth of information on foundation funders, as well as some information on governmental funders. This is an essential database for nonprofit organizations, which includes UW-Madison departments.