African Collection

Collectively, the libraries on the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin constitute one of the premier collections of Africana materials in this country. The core of the collection was acquired during the 1960s and 1970s, but even before this, numerous Africa-related materials were purchased, giving the collection a time depth unusual among U.S. Africana libraries, most of which are not strong in pre-1960 African materials or imperial history.

Curriculum Support

The African Studies Program on the UW—Madison campus is an umbrella organization designed to stimulate and coordinate campus activities—including outreach to K12 schools—relating to Africa. In this guise it offers weekly seminars during the academic year, as well as other presentations, contributes a sum for the libraries’ collections, applies for federal funding, disburses grants and fellowships, publishes three journals and specialized monographs, Membership in the African Studies Program is open to all faculty and staff interested in Africa, especially those teaching Africa-related courses.

Purchase Recommendations

Users are encouraged to suggest suitable items for acquiring, although in today’s budgetary environment, it should be understood that it might not be possible to honor all such requests. Users may submit individual purchase requests by filling out the Purchase Recommendation Form.