Policy governing filming in Memorial Library is intended to help maintain an appropriate environment for study and research in the library. Memorial Library therefore reserves the right to prohibit filming if it is believed that a filming project would be disruptive to patrons and staff.

Anyone interested in filming in the library must complete a Filming Request Form and obtain the signature of the Facilities Manager. The form asks for basic information about the filming project. Upon receipt and approval of the Filming Request Form, the Facilities Manager will inform Access Services staff of the details of the film project. If the Facilities Manager is unavailable, the Head of Memorial Public Services may give permission to film.

On the day of filming, those filming must present their signed copy of the Filming Request Form to the Circulation Supervisor. As a courtesy to patrons and staff, permission should be sought if people in the library are to be filmed. If deemed appropriate, Memorial Library Security may accompany the filming project.

Questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the Head of Memorial Public Services: Steven Baumgart.