While there are many options for additional tutoring, don’t forget that your instructor also has Office Hours set aside to help you.

Use the Math Department Directory to find your TA or instructor’s office hours.


Located in Van Vleck room B227, the MathLab offers free drop-in tutoring. Math Department TA’s and Tutors are available to assist students working together with other students in the same course.  MathLab hours typically begin around the third week of each semester.

MathLab Hours:
Monday – Thursday 3:30 – 8:30 PM
Sunday 3:30 – 6:50 PM

Courses covered include:  Math 101, 112, 113, 114, 141, 171, 211, 213, 221, 222, 234, and 240.

Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS)

GUTS offers free peer tutoring for all Math courses through Math 541. There is a drop in center on the 2nd floor of College Library (Helen C. White).

For more information see the GUTS Website.

Private Tutors

The Math Department maintains a list of qualified private tutors. Tutors determine their own hourly rates and the courses (including some High School) for which they are willing to tutor. Typical rates are $20 to $30 per hour.

Tutors seeking to be included on this list must fill out the Tutor Request Application and return it to Sharon Paulson Rm 213 Van Vleck Hall.

Math Tutorial Program

The Math Tutorial Program is a free service designed for students who would otherwise not be successful in their current class. The program involves mandatory attendance at two 50 minute sessions each week in addition to your regular class sessions. Space is limited, and prior approval from the Program Director is needed.

To apply return a completed Math Tutorial Program Application to the Program Director, David Camacho, Van Vleck 321.

After the third week of each semester a completed referral from your current instructor is also required before seeing the Program Director. Students can be accepted into the program as late as the 13th week of the semester. Courses covered include 095, 101, 112, 113, 114, 171, 211, 213, 217, 221, 222, & 234.