Theses and Dissertations Holdings List

We hold M.S. and Ph.D. theses from all Center for Limnology graduates, as well as students from other departments/institutions who conducted research at the Hasler Lab or Trout Lake Station. Our theses are cataloged in the UW-Madison library catalog and can be found there. Additionally, below is a list of our thesis holdings with some linked PDFs. Theses are shelved alphabetically, by author last name. Additional theses are housed at Trout Lake Research Station. Send email to for PDF (if not available below) or for more information on Trout Lake theses.

Name Year Degree Title Institution
Abbey, D.H. 1993 Ph.D. Factors affecting first year growth of yellow perch in deep boreal lakes with contrasting productivity University of Alberta
Ackerman, Jeffrey A. 1992 M.S. Extending the isotope based (d 18O) mass budget technique for lakes and comparison with solute based lake budgets University of Wisconsin-Madison
Adinarayana, A. 1965 Ph.D. Nutrient utilization and phytoplankton growth in batch and continuous flow cultures University of California-Berkeley
Ahman, Ulrika 1994 M.S. Ecosystem health and fisheries-a case study of the salmon fisheries in the Puka Bay Region, Sweden Stockholm University
Aku, Peter Kofi Mawuena 1995 Ph.D. Ecological responses of cisco (Coregonus artedi) to hypolimnetic oxygenation in Amisk Lake, Alberta University of Alberta
Alam, Mohammad Khurshid 1988 M.S. Gill net selectivity along the trophic gradient in Green Bay (Lake Michigan)  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Albin, Howard Thomas 1972 B.S. A comparative study of the behavior and ecology of two sympatric darters [Etheostoma Zonale (cope) and Etheostoma Blennioides (rafinesque)] in Ohio with special reference to competition Ohio State University
Albright, Ellen A 2022 Ph.D. Mechanisms of internal phosphorus loading in lentic ecosystems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alexander, M.L. 2005 Ph.D. Lake ecosystem variation across landscape position and human development gradients in Vilsa County, Wisconsin, Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison
Althouse, Bryan James 2013 M.S. Benthic and Planktonic GPP: Shifts Along a Gradient of Nutrients in Green Bay, Lake Michigan University of Wisconsin-Madison
Anderson, D.H. 1987 Emergence success and phenology of a chironomus population in a Wisconsin bog North Dakota State University
Anderson, E.D. 1969 Ph.D. Factors affecting abundance of lake herring, Coregonus Artedii Lesueur, in western Lake Superior University of Minnesota
Andrews, Jay Donald 1946 Ph.D. The macroscopic invertebrate populations of the larger aquatic plants in Lake Mendota University of Wisconsin-Madison
Anglea, Steven M. 1990 B.S. Competitive interactions between two planktivores: yellow perch (Perca flavescens) and Cisco (Coregonus artedii) in Lake Mendota, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Arancibia-Avila, Patricia E. 1994 Ph.D. Physiological ecology of Mougeotia (zygnemataceae) from an experimentally acidified lake  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Armitage, Kenneth Barclay 1954 Ph.D. The comparative ecology of the riffle insect fauna of the Firehole River, Yellowstone National park, Wyoming University of Wisconsin-Madison
Arnott, Shelley Elizabeth 1998 Ph.D. Species turnover and richness of aquatic communities in north temperate lakes  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Arrhenius, Fredrik 1995 Ph.D. Feeding ecology of Baltic Sea herring (Clupea harengus L.) – field and model studies of a dominant zooplanktivor Stockholm University
Arrhenius, Fredrik 1994 Ph.D. Food consumption of Baltic Sea herring (Clupea harengus) based on a bioenergetics model and in situ studies Stockholm University
Asplund, Timothy R. 1993 M.S. Patterns and mechanisms of year-to-year variability in winter oxygen depletion rates in ice-covered lakes  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Attayde, Jose Luiz 2000 Ph.D. Direct and indirect effects of fish predation and excretion in aquatic food webs University of Lund
Attig, John W. Jr. 1984 Ph.D. The Pleistocene geology of Vilas County, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Backstrand, Mary Lee 1973 M.S. Importance of visual density on aggresion and growth among green sunfish, Lepomis Cyanellus, in the laboratory University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bade, Darren L. 2004 Ph.D. Ecosystem carbon cycles: whole-lake fluxes estimated with multiple isotopes  University of Wisconsin- Madison
Bade, Darren L. 2002 M.S. Predicting stable isotope signatures of dissolved inorganic carbon in lakes: models to aid in the understanding of carbon cycling across many lakes  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baker, Joan Patterson 1974 M.S. Response of Crystal Lake (Vilas County, Wisconsin) to intensive recreational use University of Wisconsin-Madison
Balcer, Mary Delores 1988 PhD Ecology of the crustacean zooplankton and young-of-the-year rainbow smelt populations of western Lake Superior University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bardach, John Eugene 1949 PhD Contribution to the ecology of the yellow perch (Perca Flavescens mitchill) in Lake Mendota Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bartell, Steven Michael 1978 Ph.D Size selective planktivory and phosphorus cycling in pelagic systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bassak, Sarah B. 2004 B.S. Input, loss, and spatial arrangement of coarse woody habitat in lakes in northern Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Batha, John Vincent 1965 M.S. Observations on movements of fresh water mussels University of Wisconsin-Madison
Batt, Ryan D. 2014 Ph.D. Understanding and anticipating change in aquatic ecosystems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baumann, Paul C. 1975 Ph.D. An evaluation of the use of antimycin A for stream r in the Rock River, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baumann, Paul C. 1972 M.S. Distribution, movement, and feeding interactions among Bluegill and three other panfish in Lake Wingra  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baz, Amr Mahmoud Sabry 1973 Ph.D. Synthesis and control of scuba divers activities underwater University of Wisconsin-Madison
Beard, Jr., Thomas Douglas 2002 Ph.D. The roles of recruitment, angler effort response, angler perception, and exploitation limits in structuring regional walleye fisheries in Northern Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Becker, Jonathan David 2017 M.S. Wright State University
Begley, Danielle Rae 2013 M.S. Wright State University
Beitinger, Thomas Lee 1974 Ph.D. Influence of abiotic and biotic factors on the stability of behavioral thermoregulation in fishes, particularly the bluegill University of Wisconsin-Madison
Belby, Colin S. 2009 Ph.D. Human impacts on sedimentation and nutrient sequestration in the upper Mississippi river floodplain University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bennett, Elena Michele 2001 Ph.D. Patterns of soil phosphorus: concentrations and variability across an urbanizing agricultural landscape University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bennett, Elena Michele 1999 M.S. Human impacts on erodable phosphorus and eutrophication University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bennet, John R. 1972 Ph.D. On the dynamics of wind driven lake currents University of Wisconsin-Madison
Berg, Martin Barry 1989 PhD The role of chironomidae (diptera) in stream insect secondary productions. University of Notre Dame
Berg, Ronald J. 1969 M.S. Low oxygen tolerance by Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) from winterkill and non-winterkill lakes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Berglund, Olof 1999 Ph.D. The influence of ecological processes on the accumulation of persistent organochlorines in aquatic ecosystems. Lund University
Best, Cody Dean 1981 M.S. Initiation of artificial feeding and the control of sex differentiation in yellow perch, Perca flavescens University of Wisconsin-Madison
Beulig Jr., Alfred 1966 M.S. An evaluation of four devices for collecting plankton in small ponds University of Wisconsin-Madison
Beversdorf, Lucas John 2013 Ph.D. Spatial and temporal variation in cyanobacterial population dynamics and microcystin production in eutrophic lakes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Biggs, Reinette 2008 Ph.D. Uncertainty, learning, and innovation in ecosystem management  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Binkowski, F.P. 1975 M.S. The effects of temperature on the oxygen consumption of the freshwater alewife alosa pseudoharengus University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Bjerke, J.S. 1962 M.S. The use of ribonucleic acid in zooplankton as an index of biological productivity in freshwater lakes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Blackburn, Samuel R. 2019 M.S. Floods Increase Carbon Dioxide and Methane Fluxes and Concentrations in Southern Wisconsin Streams University of Wisconsin-Madison
Blanco, L.T. 1993 Ph.D. Ecology and evolution of Yucatan peninsula Artemia University of Wisconsin-Madison
Blanke, Chelsey 2016 M.S. Compound-specific stable isotope analysis of amino acids in freshwater ecosystems from the laboratory to the Great Lakes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bocking, S. 1987 M.S. The origins of aquatic ecological research in the Great Lakes region University of Toronto
Boggs, Christofer H. 1984 Ph.D. Tuna bioenergetics and hydrodynamics University of Wisconsin-Madison
Boggs, Christofer H. 1980 M.S. Feeding habits of scup (Stenotomus spp.) in a thermal front off Cape Hatteras University of Wisconsin-Madison
Boorse, Dorothy F. 1999 Ph.D. Faunal community ecology in prairie pothole wetlands  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Boston III, Harry 1984 Ph.D. The contribution of crassulacean acid metabolism to the annual productivity of two aquatic vascular plants  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bott, T.L. 1968 Ph.D. Ecology of Clostridium Botulinum Type E University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bouchard, Krystle A. 2009 M.S. Finding the trophic trickle: using herbaceous indicator species to investigate plant recovery from intense browsing by white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) after the re-colonization of a top predator (Canis lupus) Wright State University
Boxrucker, J.C. 1977 M.S. The effects of a thermal effluent on the incidence and abundance of the gill and intestinal metazoan parasites of the Black Bullhead University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brandt, Stephen Bernard 1978 Ph.D. Thermal ecology and abundance of Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) in Lake Michigan University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brandt, Stephen Bernard 1975 M.S. Acoustic determination of fish distribution and abundance in lake Michigan with special reference to temperature University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bratina, B.J. 1992 Ph.D. Determination of methanotroph profiles for different environments using molecular biological techniques University of Minnesota
Brauer, G.A. 1972 M.S. The effect of a power plant on the distribution and abundance of zooplankton near the plant’s thermal outfall University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brazner, John C. 1994 Ph.D. Patterns in fish assemblages from coastal wetland and other littoral habitats in Green Bay, Lake Michigan University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bruesewitz, R.E. 1990 M.S. Population dynamics and movement of Burbot (Lota lota) in western Lake Michigan and Green Bay University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bryan, M.D. 1989 M.S. The importance of nearshore aquatic vegetation to the larval and juvenile fishes of Spirit Lake University of Iowa
Bryant, Richard T. 1979 M.S. The life history and comparative ecology of the sharphead darter, Etheostoma Acuticeps University of Tennessee
Brynildson, O.M. 1958 Ph.D. Lime-treatment of brown-stained lakes and their adaptability for trout and largemouth bass University of Wisconsin-Madison
Buchan, Lucy Ann Jane 1997 Ph.D. Predicting invasion patterns on nonindigenous aquatic species University of Wisconsin-Madison
Burrell, J.A. 1971 M.S. Distribution, ecology and taxonomy of recent freshwater ostracoda of Lake Mentoda, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Butitta, Vincent L. 2022 Ph.D. Natural History and Conservation of Freshwater Mussels (Order: Unionida) of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Butkas, Katrina J. 2008 M.S. Methods, effort, and uncertainty in scaling from population to whole-ecosystem estimates of benthic invertebrate production  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Callan, Ramana 2010 Ph.D. The University of Georgia
Campbell, Elizabeth Ann 1989 M.S. Laboratory examination of size-selective predation by small walleye (stizostedion vitreum) on yellow perch (perca flavescens) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Capelli, Gregory Martin 1975 Ph.D. Distribution, life history, and ecology of crayfish in northern Wisconsin, with emphasis on Orconectes propinquus (Girard) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Caplan, David Louis 1982 M.S. An experimental study of interactions between young of the year pike (Esox lucius) and muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carline, Robert F. 1975 Ph.D. Influence of recruitment rates on production by three populations of wild brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis Mitchell) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carlson, Van L. 1974 M.S. Preparation and evaluation of food products from fish species of the Great Lakes region University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carpenter, Stephen Russell 1979 Ph.D. Submersed aquatic vegetation and the process of eutrophication University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carpenter, Stephen Russell 1976 M.S. Some environmental impacts of mechanical harvesting of nuisance submersed vascular plants University of Wisconsin-Madison
Champion, Glen 1998 M.S. Transient and steady-state flow models of a ground-water and lake system: Trout Lake Basin, northern Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chandler, Jennifer L. 2017 M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cheng, Xiangxue 1994 Ph.D. Numerical analysis of groundwater and lake systems with application to the Trout River basin, Vilas County, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Childress, Evan S. 2014 Ph.D. Cross-ecosystem delivery of nutrients to streams: the role of fish migrations and landscape processes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Christel-Rose, Lynne Marie 1991 M.S. Monitoring the spatial distribution of aquatic macrophytes: A consideration of plant associations in Allequash Lake, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Christensen, David L. 1995 M.S. Implications of phytoplanktonic light limitation in stratified lakes with contrasting dissolved organic carbon content  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chulakasem, Weerawan 1987 Ph.D. Interactive effects of low Ph and low ion concentrations on reproduction and early life stages of Medaka, Oryzias Latipes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cochran, Philip Andrew 1984 Ph.D. The foraging behavior of parasitic lampreys University of Wisconsin-Madison
Colburn, Elizabeth Anne 1980 Ph.D. Factors influencing the distribution and abundance of the salt-tolerant Caddisfly, Limnephilus Assimilis, in Death Valley University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cottingham, Kathryn L. 1996 Ph.D. Phytoplankton responses to whole-lake manipulations of nutrients and food webs University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cottingham, Kathryn L. 1993 M.S. Effects of food web structure on the resilience and resistance of lake phosphorus cycles  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Crary, Benjamin 2013 M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Crawford, John T. 2014 Ph.D. Carbon gas emissions from headwater streams University of Wisconsin-Madison
Crawford, John T. 2012 M.S. Hydrologic and geomorphologic controls on carbon dioxide and methane emissions from a headwater stream network of interior Alaska University of Wisconsin-Madison
Crestin, David S. 1973 M.S. Some aspects of the biology of adults and early life stages of the rainbow smelt, Osmerus mordax (Mitchill), from the Weweantic River estuary, Wareham-Marion, Massachusetts, 1968 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cromwell, Kara J. 2018 Ph.D. Host-parasite ecology of Baetis bicaudatus mayflies and Gasteromermis sp. nematodes in high-altitude streams University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cruickshank, Michael James 1978 Ph.D. Technological and environmental considerations in the exploration and exploitation of marine minerals University of Wisconsin-Madison
Danovich, Teresa M. 1976 M.S. Selection criteria for Wisconsin power plants on Lake Michigan: implications of state laws on water utilization University of Wisconson-Madison
Dean, Kirk E. 1994 Ph.D. Phase partitioning and the fate of hydrophobic organic contaminants in Lake Michigan University of Wisconsin-Madison
Delany, Austin 2022 M.S. The Influence of Carbon Cycling on Metabolism and Oxygen Depletion in
North-Temperate Lakes
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dent, C. Lisa 1999 Ph.D. The effects of ecosystem configuration on nutrient dynamics in a Sonoran desert stream ecosystem Arizona State University
Devlin, Shawn P. 2011 Ph.D. Wright State University
Diebel, Matthew Whitney 2008 Ph. D. Prioritizing stream restoration in agricultural landscapes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dobosenski, Jamie Alyssa 2018 M.S. University of Minnesota
Doepke, Philip Arden 1969 Ph.D. An ecological study of the walleye, Stizostedion vitreum, and its early life history University of Wisconsin-Madison
Doepke, Philip Arden 1963 M.S. Arsenic distribution in a shallow lake treated with an herbicide of sodium arsenite University of Wisconsin- Madison
Dorr, John Adam III 1982 Ph.D. Substrate and other environmental factors in reproduction of the yellow perch (Perca flavescens) University of Michigan
Dripps, Weston R. 2003 Ph.D. The spatial and temporal variability of groundwater recharge within the Trout Lake basin of Northern Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Druschke, Caroline Gottschalk. 2021 M.S. Geomorphic and ecological effects of restoration and flood events on streams in the driftless area of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Eby, Lisa A. 1995 M.S. Dynamics of Lake Michigan forage fish populations: influence on food web interactions and PCB bioaccumulation University of Wisconsin-Madison
El-Shamy, Farouk M.H. 1973 Ph.D. A comparison of feeding and growth of bluegill (lepomis macrochirus) in Lake Wingra and Lake Mendota, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Embke, Holly 2022 Ph.D. Understanding Inland Recreational Fisheries in a Changing Climate University of Wisconsin-Madison
Engel, Sanford Schoenholz 1972 Ph.D. Utilization of food and space by cisco, yellow perch and introduced coho salmon, with notes on other species, in Pallette Lake, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Engqvist, Anders 1994 Ph.D. (?) Water exchange and nutrient balances in a Baltic estuary Goteborg University
Erickson, Russell John 1980 Ph.D. Horizontal distribution and flux of phosphorus in Fish Lake, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Essington, Timothy Edwin 1999 Ph.D Spatial dynamics, stage-structure, and the predator-prey interactions of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faber, Daniel James 1963 Ph.D. Larval fish from the pelagial region of two Wisconsin lakes University of Wisconsin- Madison
Fischer, J. 1994 M.S. State-structured dynamics of an invertebrate predator University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fischer, Janet Marie 1997 Ph.D. Zooplankton community responses to acidification: the role of rapid evolution and compensatory dynamics University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fisher, Dana R. 2001 Ph.D. Regulating the environment: the battle over the Kyoto Protocol for Global Climate Change in advanced industrialized nations University of Wisconsin-Madison
Flynn, Curtis M. 1976 M.S. A quantitative assessment of polymorphism in selected species of Micrasterias (Desmidiales, Chlorophyta). II. Studies on experimental clones University of Wisconsin-Madison
Foley, Andrea Lee-Duvall 1993 M.S. The factors influencing algal pigment degradation in lake sediments University of Wisconsin-Madison
Folke, Carl 1990 Ph.D. Evaluation of ecosystem life-support in relation to salmon and wetland exploitation Stockholm University
Foreman, William J. 1999 M.S. Carp-mediated phosphorus cycling in a shallow eutrophic lake: Lake Wingra, Wisconsin, U.S.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Forshay, Kenneth J. 2003 M. S. Nitrogen dynamics in floodplain water bodies following inundation on the Wisconsin River Floodplain University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fox, Justin M. 2007 M.S. Quantification of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) damage to fishes in Lake Superior University of Wisconsin-Madison
Freeman, Ross E. 2000 M.S. Ecological analysis of floodplain landscape change: the Wisconsin River and implications for small-scale river conservation University of Wisconsin-Madison
Friedman, Jonathan Michael 1987 M.S. Gardner Marsh: drainage, subsidence and restoration of a peat deposit University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fuller, Matthew R. 2009 Beaver pond morphology as a tool for predicting changes downstream. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fullerton, Michael Keith 1988 M.S. Particulate organic carbon in Lake Michigan: spatial, temporal, and size distribution University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gaeta, Jereme William 2009 M.S. Lakeshore residential development and growth of largemouth bass (micropterus salmoides): a cross-lakes comparison University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gaeta, Jereme William 2012 Ph.D. Identifying, quantifying, and mitigating direct and indirect anthropogenic effects on North Temperate game fishes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ganioglu, Muzaffer Binhan 1986 M.S. Development of a fermentation process for mass culturing live food organisms for feeding larval fishes, with an emphasis on yellow perch (Perca flavescens) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Garber, Kevein J. 1981 M.S. Gastric evacuation and protein energetics in yellow perch University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gardner, Lance 1990 M.S. Duckweed and Ceratophyllum harvesting on Mirror Lake, Sauk County, Wisconsin: implications for nutrient removal University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gasith, Avital 1974 Ph.D. Allochthonous organic matter and organic matter dynamics in Lake Wingra, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gergel, Sarah E. 1996 M.S. Scale-dependent landscape effects on north temperate lakes and rivers University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gille, Caitlin 2005 M.S. A mass-balanced and bioenergetics approach to modeling 13C uptake and tissue turnover rates in fish University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gille, Caitlin 2003 B.S. The effects of littoral zone habitat structure on the interactions of fishes University of Wisconsin- Madison
Gillen, Alan L. 1980 M.S. Predation by pellet-reared tiger-muskies on cyprinid and centrarchid prey in experimental systems Ohio State University
Gitter, Michael J. 1982 M.S. Thermal distribution and community structure of Lake Michigan zooplankton with emphasis on the interactions of young-of-year fishes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Golub, Malgorzata 2016 Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gonzalez L., Maria J. 1988 M.S. Rotifer population dynamics and food limitation in Little Rock Lake, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gonzalez, M. J 1992 Ph.D. Effects of experimental acidification on zooplankton populations: A multiple-scale approach University of Wisconsin-Madison
Goodden, J. Jason 1974 M.S. Sedimentological aspects of underwater copper exploration in Lake Superior University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gorski, Patrick R. 2004 Ph.D. An assessment of bioavailability and bioaccumulation of mercury species in freshwater food chains University of Wisconsin- Madison
Gorsky, Adrianna L. 2021 M.S. Annual dynamics and the role of light in controlling winter greenhouse gas concentrations in small lakes in northern Wisconsin University of Wisconsin- Madison
Greenfield, Ben K. 2000 M.S. Predicting mercury levels in fish: use of water chemistry, trophic ecology, and spatial traits University of Wisconsin-Madison
Guiden, Peter W. 2019 Ph.D. Seasonal dynamics in the anthropocene: novel autumn and winter predation refugia modify plant-consumer interactions in temperate forests University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hagar, Jeffery M. 1984 M.S. Diets of Lake Michigan salmonids: An assessment of the dynamics of predator-prey interaction University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hansen, Gretchen 2012 Ph.D. A multi-faceted approach to understanding dtrivers and consequences of aquatic invasive species impacts University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hansen, Michael Jay 1994 Ph.D. Dynamics of the recovery of Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) in U.S. waters of Lake Superior Michigan State University
Hanson, Paul Conrad 2003 Ph.D. Metabolism in the surface waters of north temperate lakes  University of Wisconsin- Madison
Hart, Julia 2017 M.S. Greenhouse gas formation and organic carbon dynamics in a eutrophic lake University of Wisconsin-Madison
Harvey, Chris J. 2001 Ph.D. A stable isotope analysis of food web structure in Lake Superior University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hasler, Arthur D. 1937 Ph.D. The physiology of digestion of plankton crustacea University of Wisconsin-Madison
He, Xi 1990 Ph.D. Effects of predation on a fish community: a whole lake experiment University of Wisconsin-Madison
He, Xi 1986 M.S. Population dynamics of northern redbelly dace (Phoximus Eos), finescale dace (Phoxinus Neogaeus), and central mudminnow (Umbra Limi), in two manipulated lakes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Heald, Emily 2015 M.S. University of Minnesota
Hein, Catherine L. 2004 M.S. Rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) population dynamics during three years of intensive removal in Sparkling Lake, Wisconsin  University of Wisconsin- Madison
Helmus, Matthew R. 2008 Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Herren, Cristina Marie 2016 Ph.D. Using ecological theory to investigate emergent properties of populations in aquatic ecosystems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hinke, Jefferson T. 2001 M.S. Trophic interactions of juvenile yellow perch (Perca flavescens) and young-of-year largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides): the influences of density, size and growth University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hjerne, Olle 2000 M.S. Fish and fisheries management in an ecological context, with emphasis to the Baltic Sea Stockholm University
Hoffman, Adam R. 2008 Ph.D Bioavailability of sediment phosphorus in geochemically contrasting aquatic systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Houser, Jeffrey N. 2001 Ph.D. Dissolved organic carbon in lakes: effects on thermal structure, primary production, and hypolimnetic metabolism  University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Huitric, Miriam 2004 Ph. D. Masking environmental feedback: misfits between institutions and ecosystems in Belize and Thailand Stockholm University
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John, Rahul 2005 M.S. Simulating respnse rates and historical transience of surface water and groundwater: Trout Lake Basin, Northern Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Johnson, Barry Leigh 1989 Ph.D. Evaluating management options under uncertainty: an application to the Green Bay yellow perch fishery University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Jorgensen, Jeffrey C. 2004 M.S. Growth potential, host mortality and size trends of the parasitic- phase of the sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus, in Lake Superior University of Wisconsin- Madison
Kamarainen, Amy Marie 2009 Ph.D. Long-term trends in aquatic pollutants: Chloride and phosphorus dynamics in lakes embedded in urban and agricultural watersheds University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kang, See Whan 1977 Ph.D. Nonlinear dynamics of long standing waves University of Wisconsin – Madison
Kaplan, Isaac C. 2004 Ph.D. Ecosystem modeling of marine populations University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kara (married name Read), Emily Louise 2012 Ph.D. Eutrophication processes and microbial ecology of Lake Mendota, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Karl, Gary William 1970 M.S. Toxic algae in Wisconsin lakes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Karner, Dawn A. 2005 M.S. Development and application of an algal probe for copper speciation in marine waters University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kershner, Mark W. 1992 M.S. The impact of landscape pattern on the invasion of Northern Wisconsin lakes by the crayfish, orconectes rusticus University of Notre Dame
Kim, Kangjoo 1996 Ph.D. A geochemical and flow modeling study on groundwater in a sandy, silicate aquifer, Northern Wisconsin, USA University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kitchell, James Frederick 1970 Ph.D. The daily ration for a population pf bluegill sunfish (Lepomis Macrochirus Raf.) University of Colorado
Klinger, Sharon Ann 1978 M.S. An investigation of survival mechanisms of three species of fish inhabiting a winterkill lake University of Wisconsin-Madison
Klug, Jennifer L. 2000 Ph.D. Complex effects of colored dissolved organic matter on algal growth and community composition University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kluesener, John W. 1972 Ph.D. Nutrient transport and transformations in Lake Wingra, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Knight, Susan E. 1988 Ph.D. The ecophysiological significance of carnivory in Utricularia vulgaris University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kohler, Martha Hansen 1973 Ph.D. Sediment dispersal in Lake Michigan between Two Rivers and Two Creeks, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Madison
Koning, Aaron A. 2018 Ph.D. Riverine reserves: the conservation benefits of spatial protection for rivers in the context of environmental change University of Wisconsin-Madison
Koonce, Joseph F. 1969 M.S. Estimations of phytoplankton production and biomass in a small acid bog lake University of Wisconsin-Madison
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