Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW

Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW is a tutorial to support the required blended information literacy module for campus Communication-A Requirement courses.

About Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW

The tutorial consists of six lessons which cover:

  • Librarian assisting a student with the Sift & Winnow multimedia online tutorialStarting your research
  • Information Landscape
  • Scholarly Communication
  • Information-Seeking Strategies
  • Evaluating Sources
  • Help from librarians

Instructor Directions

If you would like to view the tutorial lessons you can self-enroll. Any course instructor on campus can add all or parts of Sift & Winnow to their Canvas course. Student completion of the tutorial will be automatically noted in the course grade book.

Canvas Directions for Instructors (PDF)

Gradebook items are automatically created for the lessons. By default, the modules are set as “Complete/Incomplete” and are worth “0” points. Students and instructors will receive a 0 in their gradebook indicating completion. Instructors can change the point value, availability, and due date similar to any other Canvas assignment. Keep in mind that each lesson will only accept no points or full points as a valid grade.

Student Directions

If your course instructor assigned Sift & Winnow: login to your Canvas course to access the lessons.

If you want to access Sift & Winnow independent of a course: self-enroll in Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW

Contact for further information or troubleshooting about Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW

Alex Stark, Interim Head of Teaching & Learning Programs and E-Learning Coordinator

Sift & Winnow was funded by a UW-Madison Educational Innovation grant and developed in partnership with UW-Madison DoIT Academic Technology.