Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW

Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW is a new tutorial to support the required blended information literacy module for campus Communication-A Requirement courses.

About Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW

The tutorial consists of six modules which covers:


  • Librarian assisting a student with the Sift & Winnow multimedia online tutorialEcosystem of information
  • Scholarly communication
  • Information-seeking strategies
  • Evaluating search results
  • Refining search strategies
  • Getting help from librarians

Instructor Directions

If you would like to view the tutorial modules you can self-enroll.

Any course instructor on campus can add all or parts of Sift & Winnow to their Canvas course page.  Student completion will be automatically noted in the course grade book.

Student Directions

If your course instructor assigned Sift & Winnow: log into your course management system to access the modules

Access the modules independent of a course: self-enroll.

Contact for further information or troubleshooting about Sift & Winnow

Alex Stark, E-Learning Librarian

Sheila Stoeckel, Director, Teaching & Learning Programs


Sift & Winnow was funded by a UW-Madison Educational Innovation grant and developed in partnership with UW-Madison DoIT Academic Technology.