Library Instruction Options

The UW-Madison Libraries offer instruction for information literacy, which includes finding, evaluating, and using information effectively, as well as understanding ethical, legal, and economic issues around the use of information. We provide a range of instruction services and support for courses and programs across campus.

We help students:

  • Develop research questions appropriate for the scope of their assignment and course
  • Develop search strategies for finding resources, including identifying Library databases, using filter and limit tools, and accessing full-text sources
  • Understand how information is produced and shared within the larger scholarly conversation, and avoid plagiarism
  • Develop and apply source evaluation skills for both popular and scholarly sources
  • Save time and find excellent sources
  • Gain confidence in knowing how to seek help from librarians

For instructors, we can:

  • Help you design assignments that support research skills development, encourage the use of library resources, and help students avoid plagiarism
  • Develop customized instruction for your class, including content embedded in Canvas
  • Create customized Library Course Guides with links to the most relevant databases, resources, and tools
  • Schedule library instruction to align with research assignments (when students are most motivated to learn)

Frequent Collaborations

We collaborate with instructors to support student learning and research across campus, from graduate-level seminars to first-year courses. Here are a few of the groups we collaborate with often:

  • General Education Courses
    • Students in Comm-A courses complete an online module called Sift & Winnow: Libraries@UW followed by an in-person library session
    • Students in Comm-B courses learn about conducting library research within disciplines
  • Introductory Courses
    • Librarians develop customized instruction to introduce students to the wealth of resources the Libraries offer, teach search strategies and source evaluation skills, and reduce barriers to getting help
  • Research-intensive Undergraduate & Graduate Courses
    • Librarians design customized instruction to align with your course learning outcomes; we highlight databases, resources, and research methods that are most relevant to your discipline and help your students succeed in their research assignments
  • Special Collections & Archives Assignments
    • Librarians introduce your students to hands-on research with primary sources and get to know the depth and breadth of materials in our Special Collections and Archives

Instruction Mode Options

  • In-person: Bring your class to the library, or have a librarian visit your classroom; this can be a full or partial class period
  • Online: Students participate in a synchronous video instruction session, or complete an asynchronous online module, tutorial, or activity (e.g. in Canvas)
  • Hybrid: Students complete an asynchronous online module, tutorial, or activity before or after an in-person instruction session
  • Supplementary Materials: Librarians develop online resources for your course such as course reading lists, Research Guides, Canvas pages, etc.

Contact Us!

To learn more or request customized library instruction for your course, fill out our Instruction Request Form. We suggest aligning library instruction sessions with a research-related assignment your students will complete.