About Teaching and Learning Programs Office


Teaching & Learning Programs collaborates with faculty, instructional staff, and campus administrators to help students develop the skills, attitudes, and knowledge base needed to become efficient, effective users and producers of information.

How We Can Assist You

Information literacy instruction is most effective when it is fully integrated into the goals of your class. We can assist with:

  • Designing an effective research assignment that introduces your students to the most useful library resources
  • Determining the most appropriate type of library instruction needed: class session, research guide, handout, tutorial, Canvas-embedded resources, etc.
  • Scheduling library instruction to align with the time when students are working on their research assignments and are most motivated to learn

Our Strategies

The following principles guide our instructional design:

  • Teach students to define their information needs, identify appropriate sources of information, and evaluate these sources in terms of relevance, credibility, and value
  • Teach students strategies, as well as technical skills, for finding information
  • Teach students information-seeking as a process that involves critical thinking and decision-making
  • Integrate hands-on learning techniques, including in-class activities and database searching

Logistical Info

  • We usually provide instruction in library classrooms, but we can and will come to your classroom
  • We know the information resources, but you know your students
  • We need your presence and involvement in the planning and teaching of a library session to ensure that your students will be actively engaged
  • With your help, we can provide follow-up assistance for your students after the library session through email and individual consultations

Contact Us

Effective library instruction takes time to prepare and is in great demand. To ensure that your students will get the instruction they need when they need it, please contact us as far in advance as possible.

Teaching and Learning Council

The Teaching and Learning Council assists the campus Teaching & Learning Programs Director with planning and developing the campus Teaching & Learning Program:

  • Eliot Finkelstein
  • Mary Hitchcock
  • Jim Jonas
  • Rebecca Payne
  • Carly Sentieri
  • Barbara Sisolak
  • Alex Stark
  • Jenny Zook

For more information about the campus Teaching & Learning Programs or the instruction program in individual campus libraries, please contact the Head of Programs: Alex Stark Haffner, 608-262-4308