Advanced Search

Enter search terms in more than one field, and specify limits for publication dates, formats, languages and libraries/library collections.

  • The example above will find all items with the Library of Congress subject heading terms athletes and either steroids or drugs, published between 2010 and 2015.
  • Note that Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT must be uppercase
  • Results in the Advanced Search will include all of your search terms (this differs from the default search, which uses relevance)


Set limits before you begin your search. If you select more than one format, the results will include only items that match all formats selected (for example, limiting to Videos, Slides, Films and Books will find videos that include a companion book).

Selecting another type of limit (Language, for example) will return results in the formats selected if they also match your selected language(s). If you retrieve too many items, you will able to refine your search when you view your results.

The following selections will return music scores that are electronic resources, and in German: