New Books On Women, Gender & Feminism

NEW BOOKS ON WOMEN, GENDER & FEMINISM (ISSN 1941-7241) (formerly New Books on Women & Feminism (ISSN 0742-7123) comes every six months and includes thorough bibliographic coverage of the most recent books in women’s studies, LGBTQ+ issues, and gender topics published in English anywhere in the world.

Organized into more than 30 subject sections, NEW BOOKS also provides detailed author and topic indexes. With the name change, we are expanding our coverage of Masculinity/Men’s Studies and Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Studies. This unique record of publishing cites not only authors, titles, and publishers, but precise information needed for ordering books through libraries or bookstores — price, ISBN, references to book reviews and announcements, and addresses for small presses not found in standard sources.  NEW BOOKS is known as the most complete record of English-language feminist publishing available today.

NEW BOOKS is NOT a record of the holdings of University of Wisconsin Libraries. We cannot guarantee that books listed here are held by the University of Wisconsin Libraries.

NEW BOOKS is part of a joint subscription with FEMINIST COLLECTIONS and notification of new online issues of FEMINIST PERIODICALS.

Citations from NEW BOOKS are also available (1987-onward) in the database Women’s Studies International (link will work for University of Wisconsin-Madison users; elsewhere, check your library).

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*Note to subscribers: we can only fulfill claims made within 6 months of publication. Otherwise, back issues can be ordered for $10 (individual) and $20 (institution)*