Sample Book Reviews

Can a Book About Mentoring Be a Mentor?, by Jean Waltman from v.24, no.3-4 (Spring-Summer 2003)

Celebrating, Deconstructing, Historicizing, and Theorizing Transgenderism and the Transgendered, by Eleanor M. Miller from v.19, no.2 (Winter 1998)

Collecting, Preserving, and Sharing Women’s History, by Phyllis Holman Weisbard from v.30, no.3 (Summer 2009)

Changing Voices and Struggles of Feminist Activism, by Nancy Worcester from v.27, no.2-3 (Winter-Spring 2006)

Coverage, Content, Concepts: Textbooks for Introductory Courses in Women’s and Gender Studies, by Christie Launius and Holly Hassel v.34, nos.1-2 (Winter-Spring 2013)

Domestic Violence Texts: A Review of Teaching Resources, by Karen E. Muench from v.23, no.2 (Winter 2002)

Evangelical Feminism, by Nadean Bishop from v.27, no.4 (Summer 2006)

Feminist Ethics: From Local to Global by Andrea C. Westlund, a review of three books from v. 30, no.4 (Fall 2009)

Gender and Online Gaming (Dorothea Salo reviews Gender and Sexuality in Online Game Cultures: Passionate Play, and Linda Shimon reviews Women and Gaming: The Sims and 21st Century Learning) from v.33, no. 3 (Summer 2012)

Gender and Political Violence, by Janice Bogstad, a review of 3 books and 1 DVD from v. 31, no. 1-2 (Winter-Spring 2010)

Global Islamic Feminisms, by Mahruq Khan, a review of 3 books from v.32, no. 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 2011)

Ladies in Hats and Other Jewish Gender Surprises, by Ruth Abrams from v. 33, no. 1 (Winter 2012)

Narratives from Women of Color in the Halls of Academe, by Pat Washington from v. 28, no. 1 (Fall 2006)

New Millenium Trannies: Gender-Bending, Identities, and Cultural Politics, by Joelle Ruby Ryan from v.26, no.1 (Fall 2004)

New Reference Works in Women’s Studies column, by several reviewers from v.33, no. 4, Fall 2012

North American Muslim Women Voice Their Concerns, by Sherine Hamdy from v.22, no.3-4 (Spring-Summer 2001)

Our Bodies, Ourselves for Ourselves and Our Classrooms, by Nancy Worcester from v. 33, no. 2 (Spring 2012)

The Pedagogical Mystique: Feminist Academic Discourse, by Carmen Faymonville from v.24, no.2 (Winter 2003)

The Personal is Political and Academic: Memoirs of Women’s Studies Pioneers, by Helen M. Bannon from v.32, no.1 (Winter 2011)

Reworking Pasts and Envisioning Futures: Thinking “Otherwise” About Women’s Studies, by Catherine M. Orr from v.26, no.4 (Summer 2005)

Theorists Telling Stories: Feminist Memoirs, by Emily Bowles from v.33, no. 4 (Fall 2012)

Undead, Gothic, and Queer: The Allure of Buffy, by Pamela O’Donnell from v.29, no.3-4 (Summer-Fall 2008)

Vernacular Third Wave Discourse’: New Works on Riot Grrrl, Girl Zines, and Girl Rock, by Virginia Corvid

What’s a Bright Feminist Like You Doing in a Genre Like This? Readings Women’s Science Fiction, by Helen Merrick, from v. 30, no.1 (Winter 2009)

Writing and Reading Memoir as Consciousness-Raising: If the Personal is Political, is the Memoir Feminist? by Helen Bannon, from v.26, no.2-3 (Winter-Spring 2005)