Feminist and LGBTQ+ Bookstores

The Office of the GWS Librarian maintains the following list of women’s, feminist, and LGBTQ+ focused bookstores. We center feminist, anti-oppression, trans-inclusionary stores. The list is updated as we learn about new or closed stores. If you have a suggestion for our list, please email kmfoster2@wisc.edu.

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Feminist Bookstores in North America:

  • All She Wrote Books – Somerville, Massachusetts – intersectional, inclusive feminist and queer bookstore
  • Big Blue Marble Books – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – literary fiction, poetry, LGBTQ+ books for kids, teens, and adults
  • Bloodroot – Bridgeport, Connecticut – vegan restaurant and bookstore
  • BookWoman – Austin, Texas – local feminist bookstore
  • Burdock Book Collective – Birmingham, Alabama – intersectional feminist bookstore and community space
  • Cafe con Libros – Brooklyn, New York – Intersectional Feminist community bookstore and coffee shop
  • Card Carrying Books & Gifts – Corning, New York – creating a feminist future
  • Charis Books – Decatur, Georgia – the South’s oldest independent feminist bookstore
  • Common Ground Books – Tallahassee, Florida – LGBT+, feminist, and banned books
  • Eleanor’s Norfolk – Norfolk, Virginia – bookstore and liquor store
  • Fulton Street Books & Coffee – Tulsa, Oklahoma – to increase intergenerational literacy and build better community
  • Harriett’s Bookshop – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – celebrates women authors, women artists, and women activists (sister shop to Ida’s Bookshop)
  • Harvest Moon Books – Albuquerque, New Mexico – features books by queer + trans authors and authors of color
  • Ida’s Bookshop – Collingswood, New Jersey – celebrates women authors, women artists, & women activists (sister shop to Harriett’s Bookshop)
  • L’Euguelionne – Montreal, Quebec – feminist bookstore and non-profit solidarity co-op
  • People Called Women – mobile feminist bookstore in Ohio
  • Pocket Books – Lancaster, Pennsylvania – an eclectic feminist bookstore
  • The Radical Cat – Reno, Nevada – feminist bookstore, cat adoption center, and community space
  • A Room of One’s Own – Madison, Wisconsin – local, independent, feminist bookstore
  • The Salt Eaters Bookshop – Inglewood, California – books, comics, zines by and about Black women, girls, femmes, and gender expansive people
  • Socialight Society – Lansing, Michigan – celebrates Black women, curates Black books, and creates Black spaces
  • Venus Envy – Ottawa, Ontario; and Halifax, Nova Scotia – Books and adult toys
  • Violet Valley Bookstore – Water Valley, Mississippi – a queer feminist bookstore
  • Women and Children First – Chicago, Illinois – one of the largest feminist bookstores in the country
  • Womencrafts – Provincetown, Massachusetts – promotes the work of female artisans, authors, and musicians
  • Yes, Please – Scottdale, Georgia – a manifestation of our reverence for black women and gender expansive writers and readers

LGBTQ+ Bookstores in North America (also see list above):

Outside North America:

Now closed: