Refusing the Colonial State

Developed by Karla J. Strand, DPhil, MLIS
Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian
University of Wisconsin
February 2022

This bibliography is number 98c in the series “Bibliographies in Gender and Women’s Studies,” published by the University of Wisconsin System Office of the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian.


The failure to contend with the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal colonial norms on which capitalist states have been built has caused a rise in alt-right movements across the globe. From attacks on critical race theory and the exercise of civil rights to the increase of police militarization and violence against women and trans people, the neoliberal state is on the move. In this bibliography, we include critical examinations of the violent, extractive, oppressive tactics of the capitalist carceral state and highlight the feminist, anti-racist, decolonial and anti-colonial projects aimed at their destruction. We center grassroots efforts at community-driven, sustainable, gender-diverse, restorative, care-focused systemic change led by the global majority, as well as resources hat highlight alliances across complex differences and power geometries.

In progress!

Core works

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