Archival Resources


By their very nature, archival resources are unique, and finding them presents unique problems.

The principal tool for locating cataloged archival collections in the United States is the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC), published in print by the Library of Congress through 1993, whose records are available online through Worldcat (use the advanced search and limit to archival material) or through the NUCMC Internet site. Some research libraries also have The National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States (NIDS US), a compilation of thousands of guides from hundreds of repositories (microfiche set published by Chadwyck-Healey), and ArchivesUSA, a database from Chadwyck-Healey that combines NUCMC, the NIDS US Index, and other material.

Unfortunately, many collections languish uncatalogued and unreported to NUCMC. Compounding the problem, material relevant to Jewish women, and women in general, has long been obscured within the very repositories themselves, subsumed within family collections, those named for male relatives, and institutional or communal records combining various committees and organizations.

The Social Welfare History Archives at the University of Minnesota spearheaded a project from 1975-79 that surveyed repositories in the United States for sources on women. This effort resulted in Women’s History Sources: A Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States, edited by Andrea Hinding (2 v., New York: Bowker, 1979), which described over 18,000 collections in 1,586 repositories. Several collections of Jewish women’s organizations are included, and the index term “Jews” as well as the names of various Jewish organizations point to the papers of individual women with Jewish activities. However, since there was no systematic attempt to index as Jewish all Jewish women in the guide, there are actually more collections of Jewish women’s papers present than appear at first glance.

Since 1979, the interest in recovering the role of women in the Jewish community has intensified, leading to the acquisition and description of much relevant print material within archives under Jewish auspices and elsewhere. In addition, many women whose accomplishments might have been lost to history because they kept no written records have been interviewed by oral history projects, and the tapes and transcripts from the projects are available in archives. Besides those listed below, there are numerous ongoing projects taping the testimony of women and men who survived the Holocaust and settled in America. For a description of the projects, including a breakdown by gender, see A Catalogue of Audio and Video Collections of Holocaust Testimony, by Joan Ringelheim, 2nd ed., Westport, Ct: Greenwood Press, 1992. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives is a source for written and oral testimonies by women and men (search the Museum’s Library and Archives Catalog).

Thus, it is apparent that information about archival resources on Jewish women remains scattered and incomplete. The Jewish Women’s Archive stepped into the breach with a much-needed project of identifying material on Jewish women in archives across the country and created a “virtual archive” database to unify access to much of that information.

See also published guides to repositories, available in many research libraries, and guides to individual collections, available at the repositories, through NIDS US, and in many cases now online. Many archival institutions are mounting their guides — and some of the actual documents from their collections — on their websites. This development can raise awareness of the priceless holdings throughout America documenting the contributions of Jewish women to all endeavors. I have linked to many of these guides below, but the most up-to-date information will always be on the repository’s website and at the repository itself. (Archives generally refer to their guides as “inventories” or “finding aids.” Some call them “guides.” For simplicity, I have uniformly called them “guides” in the listings below.)

Several websites are helpful in finding historical societies, university collections, and other repositories.

  • The Myer & Rosalie Feinstein Center for American Jewish History at Temple University maintains a database of American Jewish Historical Repositories.
  • Terry Abraham of the University of Idaho Library maintains Repositories of Primary Sources, a massive directory of links to close to 5,000 repositories with “manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.”
  • The American Jewish Historical Society serves as a portal for researchers of all ages and levels of expertise interested in American Jewish history, with links to hundreds of research resources around the country.
  • Archival Sites for Women’s Studies, a section of WSSLinks, a project of the Women and Gender Studies Section, Association of College and Research Libraries links to useful repositories for studying women’s history.
  • Author Harriet Rochlin offers an annotated directory of Western Jewish Historical Societies, Museums, and Archives.

What follows is a preliminary list of significant repositories for researching Jewish women’s history, with information on published guides, the location of records of national and regional offices of Jewish women’s organizations, and selected examples of collections of personal papers and oral histories. The absence of an institution from the list should not be taken to mean there are no relevant holdings in that repository.

Preserved records of local affiliates of Jewish women’s organizations as well as papers of individual women active in their communities are apt to be in state or local historical societies, synagogues, or nearby Jewish historical museums and archives where they exist. University archives are a potential resource for finding papers and oral histories of Jewish women associated with universities.

Information on additional archival holdings on American Jewish women welcomed!

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

Archival Repositories

American Jewish Archives

Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives
Hebrew Union College
3101 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Online Guide to Material on Women: Archival/Manuscript Collections: Women includes short descriptions and links to existing online inventories.

Printed Guide: Clasper, James W. and M. Carolyn Dellenbach. Guide to Holdings of the American Jewish Archives.Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives, 1979.


  • Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows and Orphans, 1854-1938
  • Biblio Press, 1978-2000. Guide
  • B’nai Brith Women national records, 1947-1985
  • Emma Lazarus Federation of Jewish Women’s Clubs. Guide
  • National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, District Nine, Ohio
  • Task Force on Women in the Rabbinate, 1976-1991. Guide
  • United Order True Sisters, 1864-1979. Guide
  • Women of Reform Judaism, 1913-2000. Guide
  • Major holdings of records for congregations, sisterhoods, and local women’s benevolent societies (“Hebrew Ladies Aid Society of…”)

Personal Papers:

  • Rose Bender, 1912-1950; Hadassah leader. Guide
  • Jeannette Bernstein, 1957 journal
  • Iphigene Bettman, 1900-1964; columnist, granddaughter of Isaac Mayer Wise. Guide
  • Sarah Meyerfeld Blach, 1895-96; microfilm copy of diary
  • Amy Blank, 1922-67; letters, autobiography, and poems
  • Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler, 1882-1925; concert pianist
  • Emma Brandon, letters, essays, etc., 1846-48; New York merchant’s daughter
  • Rebecca Brickman, 1905-1981; Jewish educator, volunteer (collection includes her husband, Rabbi Barnett Brickner’s papers as well). Guide
  • Alice B. Citron, 1933-79; educator, civil rights worker
  • A. Irma Cohon, 1918-1979; musician and poet. Guide
  • Carrie Davidson, 1904-55; author
  • Ruby Diamond, microfilm of papers, 1891-1965; Floridian philanthropist
  • Lillian Adlow Friedberg, 1913-1970; Executive Director Jewish Community Relations Council of Pittsburgh
  • Sophie G. Friedman, 1897-1953; lawyer in Memphis, TN
  • Jennie R. Gerstley, 1859-1934; founder Chicago Woman’s Aid; notes by Sarah Nunes Falter on Gerstley’s trip across the Atlantic in the 1850s.
  • Rose Bogen Gold, 1905-1941; nurse, autobiography
  • Fanny Goldstein, 1933-1961; librarian, West End Branch, Boston Public Library. Guide
  • Rebecca Gratz, philanthropist, misc. correspondence
  • Jeannette Grossman, 1816-1956; Cambridge, OH family history
  • Fanny Ellen Holtzmann, 1920-1980; lawyer. Guide
  • Hannah Isaacs, 1812-1945; scrapbook from Cincinnati
  • Mrs. Morris Koch, 1940-65 scrapbook from Louisville, KY
  • Anna M. Kross, 1910-74; judge. Guide
  • Setty S. Kuhn, 1903-48; Cincinnati philanthropist
  • Desiree Marks Lazard (and Harry Harris), 1897-1959 microfilm of scrapbook of her career as an actress and his as a boxer
  • Norma U. Levitt, 1915-1989; UNICEF activist, Reform organizations leader. Guide
  • Tehilla Lichtenstein, 1929-1970; sermons, correspondence, etc. from leader of the Jewish Science movement. Guide
  • Miriam S. Mann, 1941-1943; editor, volunteer. Guide
  • Edna B. Manner, 1921-29 manuscripts of plays, stories, and poems by her and others
  • Jane Manner (Jennie Mannheimer), 1887-1954; founder Cincinnati School of Expression
  • Merle Judith Marcus, 1948-65; stage material. Guide
  • Adah Isaacs Menken, 1832-1860; poet, actor
  • Annie Nathan Meyer, 1858-1950; founder, Barnard College, social activist, anti-suffragist, active in home economics movement. Guide
  • Annette Mishkin, 1952-62; Chicagoan
  • Penina Moise [1797-1880]; microfilm of her 1854 hymn book, a scrapbook, and poems
  • Martha Neumark Montor; rabbinical school applicant in 1920s (correspondence file)
  • Amy Netter, 1890-1906; Cincinnati scrapbook
  • Jennie Franklin Purvin, 1868-1958; executive of Mandel Brothers Department Store, Chicago
  • Newmark [Neumark] Family Papers includes two European travel diaries, 1887 and 1900, of Mrs. Harris Newmark
  • Julia Richman; school superintendent
  • Josephine H. Robi, 1881; diary of St. Louis to Salt Lake City trip
  • Rena M. Rohrheimer, 1935-1950; efforts to get Jews out of Nazi-occupied Europe; travels
  • Bella Weretinkow Rosenbaum, 1896-1961; diary 1896-1904; lawyer, writer. Guide
  • Jeanette W. Rosenbaum, 1951-54 papers concerning her biography of colonial goldsmith Myer Meyers
  • Frieda S. Rosett, 1924-84; activist, National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, New Rochelle, NY
  • Marjorie Rukeyser, 1965-67; president, National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods
  • Stella Jessica Schifrin [1917-1974], 1963 scrapbook of social welfare leader in Rochester, NY
  • Clara Lemlich Shavelson, labor activist
  • Marion Slonimsky, 1889-1915; Jewish Community House, Cincinnati, worker, writer. Guide
  • Hannah Greenebaum Solomon; founder, National Council of Jewish Women (biographies file)
  • Frances Stern, 1921-67; nutritionist
  • Amy Hart Stewart [1873-1954], 1873-1954 scrapbook from Norfolk, VA
  • Marie Syrkin, 1915-1989; journalist, editor of Jewish Frontier, professor Guide
  • Anna Abeles Taussig, 1830-86; St. Louis, memoir (photocopy)
  • Sophie Tucker, 1911-66; actress
  • Ida Uchill, 1859-1957; from Denver, CO
  • Ullman, Amelia, 1896 memoir St. Paul Forty Years Ago, A Personal Reminiscence
  • Weiss-Rosmarin, Trude, 1962-75; scholar, editor The Jewish Spectator Guide

Miscellaneous: Women authors of histories of local communities.

American Jewish Committee – American Jewish Historical Society

housed in the Dorot Jewish Division, New York Public Library
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
New York, NY 10018

Guide: American Jewish Committee Oral History Library. Catalogue of Memoirs v. 1-3. New York: The Committee, 1978-1993.

Oral Histories

American Jewish Women of Achievement series, 1970s-
Ongoing collection of interviews in which women from all walks of life discuss their backgrounds, careers, voluntary activities, and families. Included are: Bella Abzug, politician; Celia Adler, Yiddish actress; Beatrice Alexander, doll manufacturer; Dorothy Arnof, editor; Vera Bacal, fashion publicist; Hildegard Bachert, art gallery director; Jean Fensterham Baer, author; Georgette Bennett, banker, criminologist, journalist; Minna Bern, Yiddish actress; Hannah Shwayder Berry, family historian; Irma Bloomingdate, community leader; Elizabeth Blume-Silverstein, attorney; Rose Blumkin, businesswoman; Ann Bogart, fashion designer; Margaret Brenman-Gibson, psychoanalyst, author; Jane E. Brody, journalist, author; Andrée A. Brooks, journalist, author; Ethel Cohen, social worker; Iva Cohen, librarian; Rachel B. Cowan, rabbi, foundation director; Midge Decter, author; Ariel Durant, author; Hedda Edelbaum, public relations executive; Sara R. Ehrmann, community activist; Betty Weinberg Ellerin, judge; Estelle Ellis, marketing executive; Miriam R. Ephraim, community leader; Judith Epstein, community leader; Edythe First, community leader; Pauline Fischer, master needleworker; Ruth Fischer, writer; Susan Fisher, banker; Muriel Fox, public relations executive; Elizabeth Pope Frank, editor, writer; Marjorie Frankel, social worker; Estelle S. Frankfurter, labor relations specialist; Ruth Kaufman Friedlich, communications professional; Ellen Futter, college president, lawyer; Hortense W. Gabel, judge; Helen Galland, retailer; Karen N. Gerard, city government official; Manya Gerson, dentist; Temima Gezari, artist, teacher; Katya Gilden, author; Adele Ginzberg, community leader; Frances Gershwin Godowsky, singer, dancer; Elizabeth Bass Golding, judge; Barbara Goldsmith, author; Ellen Goodman, journalist; Arlene Rodbell Gordon, social service administrator; Jane S. Gould, researcher, writer, consultant; Virginia Graham, radio and television personality; Frances D. Green, civic leader; Joanne Greenberg, author; Martha Greenhouse, actress, union leader; Ilise Greenstein, actress, artist; Carol Greitzer, New York City official; Elinor Guggenheimer, civic planner and leader; Mildred Finger Haines; Jona F. Hamburg, broadcast journalist; Estelle Hamburger, fashion marketing consultant; Kitty Carlisle Hart, actress; Rita Hauser, attorney; Lenore Hershey, editor, writer; Elizabeth Holtzman, Congresswoman; Fanny Holtzmann, attorney, artist; Carole Hyatt, muarket/social researcher, author; Nina Hyde, fashion editor; Charlotte Jacobson, community leader; Joan L. Jacobson, community leader; Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, author; Tziporah Jochberger, music professor; Luba Kadison, actress; Melanie Kahane, interior and industrial designer; Grace LeBoy Kahn, composer; Jane Kallir, art gallery director; Fay Kanin, writer, producer; Lillian Vernon Katz, entrepreneur; Bel Kaufman, teacher, author; Dena Kaye, journalist; Sylvia Fine Kaye, producer; Francine Klagsbrun, author; Ida Klaus, attorney, labor mediator; Mirra Komarovsky, sociologist; Sarah Kovner, bank executive; Doris Milman Kreeger, physician; Brooke (Goren) Kroeger, Madeleine Kunin, Vermont governor; Esther R. Landa, civic leader; journalist; Natalie Lang, businesswoman; Pearl Lang; dancer, choreographer; Fran Lebowitz, writer; Dorothy (Weinstock) Leeds, author; Mildred Robbins Leet, civic leader; Frances Levenson, attorney, bank executive; Naomi Levine, university official, organization executive; Shirley I. Leviton, civic leader; Norma U. Levitt, civic leader; Judy Loeb, designer, entrepreneur; Hannah R. London, author, art historian; Katie Scofield Louchheim, author; Edith Davis Lyons, Planned Parenthood leader; Aline MacMahon, actress; Jennie C. MacMahon, mother of Aline; Beatrice Untermeyer Magnes, widow of Judah L. Magnes; Vivian Mann, art historian, Judaica curator; Minnie Marcus, widow of Herbert Marcus, co-founder, Neiman-Marcus; Ellen Stettner Math, cantor; Herta Mayer, Jewish communal worker; Pearl Bernstein Max, city administrator; Vladka Meed, community leader; Ruth W. Messinger, city government official; G.G. Michelson, labor relations executive; Elizabeth Model, sculptor; Bernadine Morris, journalist; Harriet Mouchley-Weiss, public relations executive; Bess Myerson, columnist, city official; Adele Gutman Nathan, theatrical producer, writer; Roberta Peters, opera singer; Molly Picon, Yiddish actress; Harriet F. Pilpel, attorney; Belva Plain, author; Letty Cottin Pogrebin, author; Justine Wise Polier, judge; Shirley Polykoff, advertising executive; Anna Maximilian Potok, furrier; Rose Radin, realtor; Raquel Ramati, architect; Rose Riskind, wife of general store proprietor in Southwest; Lilly Rivlin, writer, filmmaker, communicator; Eva Robins, lawyer, arbitrator; Dorothy Rodgers, columnist, Anne Roiphe, author; Sandra Priest Rose, educator; Helen Rosen, audiologist; Marcella Rosen, advertising executive; Lulla Adler Rosenfeld, actress, writer; Annette Rosenstiel, anthopologist, linguist; Blance Ross, business executive; inventor; Ruth Rubin, folklorist, archivist of Yiddish songs; Marcia Rudin; Janet Sainer, community services professional; Bernice Resnick Sandler, researcher, editor, women’s advocate; Dorothy Sarnoff, opera singer, author, speech teacher; Felice N. Schwartz, public sector executive; Martha Selig, wsocial agency and foundation executive; Bernice Shainswit, judge; Rose Shapiro, civic leader; Carole Shelley, actress; Claire Shulman, elected official; Shirley Adelson Siegel, attorney, state government official; Beverly Sills, opera singer; Caroline K. Simon, judge, government official; Kate Simon, author; travel writer; Adele Simpson and Joan Raines, mother/daughter fashion designers; Maida Herman Solon, psychiatric social worker; Joan Specter, elected official, entrepreneur, journalist; Johanna Spector, ethnomusicologist; Ruth Heller Stein, community leader; Marcia L. Stroch, physician, writer; Ellen Sulzberger Straus, radio station executive; Barbra Streisand, singer, actress, director; Sarah Swenson, artist; Betty Kaye Taylor, public official; Barbara W. Tuchman, historian; Helen Valentine, editor; Gertrude Viet, artist/designer; Judith P. Vladeck, lawyer; Claire Vogelman, designer, community and charity volunteer; Barbara Walters, producer, broadcast journalist; Anne Wilson Waugh, dancer, choreographer; Ruth B. Waxman; Claudia Weill, filmmaker; Margo Wolff, journalist; Lois Wyse, advertising executive; Gisela W. Wyzanski, community leader; Rosalyn S. Yalow, medical physicist.

American Jews of Sephardic Origin at AJC
Women include Alice A. Aboody, social worker, gestalt psychotherapist; Estrea Aelion; Naumi Alcalay, psychotherapist; Renée Arazie, administrator; Gloria Ascher, professor; Sarah Behar; Alegria Bendelac, professor; Ruth El-Hassid Blumberg, Fortuna Calvo-Roth, journalist; Irma M. Lopes Cardozo, rebbetzin; Aida Chitayat, apparel store owner; Rachel Dalven, author, translator, teacher; Diane O. Esses, rabbinical student; Leonie Lea Haboucha; Reginetta Haboucha, professor; Alice Sardell Harary, attorney, political activist; Lisa Holzkenner, psychoanalyst; Pauline Israel; Ninette Lugassy Kartchner; Levana Levy Kirschenbaum; Emilie de Vidas Levy, author; Tillie Molho; Viviane Aicha Ryan, legal professional; Stella Sardell Sanua, school psychologist, educator; Ruth Hendricks Schulson; Ruth H. Serels, teacher; Hannah Shahmoon, homemaker; Liliane Shalom, community leader; Linda Shamah, archivist, educational consultant; Rebecca Shamoon Shanok, social worker, psychologist; Esther Shear, caterer; Sélima, née Cohen-Zilkha, Stovola, fashion designer; Stella Varon Tarica; Bianca Levy Tolentino; Michele Uzari, social worker; Nina Avidar Weiner, foundation executive; Clara Zacharia, volunteer.

Soviet Jewry Movement in America at AJC
Dorothy Fosdick, advisor to Senator Henry M. Jackson; Susan Green, community relations professional; Charlotte Jacobson, community relations executive; Jacqueline Levine, community relations leader; Myra Shinbaum, community relations professional; Lynn Singer, community activist; Deborah Hart Strober, public relations professional; Ann Tourk, community relations professional.

Women of Achievement, Atlanta (Tapes are also in the Jewish Heritage Center of Atlanta)
Hermie Alexander, remembered by others; Barbara Asher, Spring Asher, Barbara Balser, Virginia Rich Barnett, Miriam Belger, Rose L. Benamy, Rose Berkowitz, Rebecca Kresses Birnbrey, Ida Sloan Borochoff, Sylvia Breman, Lucinda Bunnen, Frances Bunzl, Helen Cavalier, Jean Cohen, Roz Pensa Cohen, remembered by others; Ethel Aaronson Copelan, Marilyn Romm Ehrlich, Edith Elsas, Hannah Weinstein Entell, Vivian Frankel, Miriam Freedman, Regina Gabler, Vida Goldgar, Rubye Eplan Goldstein, Irma Goldwasser, Helen Gortatowsky, Be Haas, Betty Geismer Haas, Katherine and Ruth Hertzka, Josephine Heyman, Carolyn Holland, Betty Ann Jacobson, Fanny Elizabeth Cahn Jacobson, Leah Janus, Carolyn Haas Kahn, Helen Schulman Kahn, Rose Abron Lahman, Miriam Strickman Levitas, Ada Miller, Mollie Orloff, Herta Sanders, Irene Schwartz, Caroline Massell Selig, remembered by others; Beverlee Soloff Shere, Betty Forman Smulian, Esther Taylor, Alene Fox Uhry, Nanette Wenger, Ethel Wise, Anne Spielberger Yudelson, and Ruth Zuckerman.

Women of Achievement, Cleveland (Tapes are also in the Western Reserve Historical Society)
Rena Blumberg, Libbie Braverman, Rebecca Ena Aronson Brickner, Isabelle Brown, Hilda Faigin, Joy Jacobs, Aileen Kassen, Joanne Kaufman, Maxine Goodman Levin, Anne Mushkin Miller, Eunice Podis, Elaine Rocker, Sylvia Shapiro, Dorothy Silver, Sophia S. Tharman, Rae C. Weil, Eleanor Weisberger, Frances R. Wolpaw, and Isabel Wolpaw.

Other oral history series with interviews of women:
General Biography
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish Family Across Three Generations
American Jews in Sports
Eldridge Street and Hebrew Orphan Home
Irving M. Engel Collection on Civil Rights
Jewish Repertory Theatre
Jewish Veterans of the Gulf War
Jews of New York
Jews of Shanghai
Lautenberg Collection of East European Jewish Communities
South African Jews in America
Soviet Jewry Movement in America
Soviet Jewish Emigrés in America

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.


15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011


  • American Jewish Congress, Women’s Division.
  • Columbia Religious and Industrial School for Jewish Girls, 1905-44; records of New York school founded in 1888
  • Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations (NY), 1912-82 (formerly Federation of Sisterhoods)
  • Hadassah Archives. Digitized photographs; More photographs, from the Rivka Volkenstein Ezer Collection
  • Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation, Women’s Organization
  • National Council of Jewish Women, New York Section 1895-2004.
  • National Conference on Soviet Jewry, Women’s Plea, 1971-78
  • Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Women’s Branch, 1923- 68

Personal Papers:

  • Ruth Abrams,1934-1986, artist
  • Sadie American
  • Cecilia Razovsky Davidson, 1922-68; social worker, National Refugee Service leader
  • Lucy Dawidowicz, 1936-1990, historian
  • Bilhah Abigail Levy Franks, 1733-1968; colonial correspondent
  • Harriet B.L. Goldstein, 1918-19; comptroller of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  • Rebecca Gratz [1781-1869], 1794-1869; Philadelphia educator
  • Winifred Kohler
  • Nettie Friede Kosminsky, b. 1880; travel diarist
  • Sarah Kussy, 1898-1951; diary of Newark, NJ leader
  • Rachel Diane (Rae) Landy, 1913-2000, U.S. Army nurse and nursing pioneer in Palestine
  • Emma Lazarus, 1869-87; poet, essayist
  • Ray Frank Litman, 1878-1957; lecturer, journalist, preacher
  • Hannah Ruth London, 1919-1990, worked on early American Jewish portraits, etc.
  • Alice Davis Menken, 1882-1935; social worker
  • Mordecai Family, 1771-1907; includes correspondence of several women members of the family
  • Sarah Ann Hays Mordecai [1805-94], 1823-33; poems and illustrations
  • Grace Seixas Nathan, 1805-1830; poet, author
  • Rosalie Solomons Phillips [in Phillips Family Papers]; interests in Jewish institutions
  • Molly Picon, 1876-1967; actor. Exhibit: “Pages from a Performing Life: The Scrapbooks of Molly Picon”, digitized photographs, and posters.
  • Cecelia Razovsky, 1886-1968; social worker
  • Elvira Nathan Solis, 1902-2; genealogist
  • Emily Solis-Cohen, 1923-36; author, educator, active in the National Jewish Welfare Board
  • Gertrude Wolf, 1910-42; secretary to Rabbi Stephen S. Wise


4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1462

Personal Papers: Kahn, Carrie Plato, 1887-1953; Californian


1510 E. University Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85721–0055

Personal Papers: David A. and Leona G. Bloom, Floyd S. Fierman, George Miller

Oral Histories: Ida Adashkis, MIla Vasser Anderson, Julia Genina, Maya Barkan, and others.

Doll Collection: Ten Jewish women pioneers: Clara Ferrin-Bloom, Dora Loon-Capin, Jennie Migel-Drachman, Rosa Katzenstein-Drachman, Josephine Sarah Marcus-Earp, Terese Marx-Ferrin, Anna Freudenthal-Solomon, Bettina Donau-Steinfeld, Julia Kaufman- Strauss, and Julia Frank-Zeckendorf.


100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125

Personal Papers: Miriam Kallen, 1915-1979; progressive educator and sister of Judaic scholar Horace M. Kallen


771 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Personal Papers:

  • Margaret Gene Arnstein, 1929-72; professor and dean of public health nursing
  • Barbara Barondess, 1907-2000; actor, interior designer, businesswoman
  • Anita Brookner, 1928- ; author
  • Helen Deutsch, 1890s-1960s; theatrical press agent, film writer
  • Bella Fromm (Steuerman), 1917-71; journalist, social columnist
  • Emma Goldman, 1907-39; anarchist, writer
  • Joanne Goldenberg Greenberg, 1950s- ; writer
  • Libby Holman, 1860s-1970; singer, actor
  • Maxine Kumin, 1940s, poet
  • Lenore Guinzburg Marshall, 1935-71; poet, novelist
  • Zelda Popkin, 1898-1993; author
  • Sylvia Rothchild (Sylvia Rossman), 1945- ; author
  • Luise Rainer, 1910- ; actor
  • Ruth Seid (Jo Sinclair), 1922-60s; writer
  • Irene Mayer Selznick, 1910- ; theatrical producer
  • Jennie Tourel, 1900-1973; opera singer
  • Dorothy Uhnak, 1930-2006; author
  • Theresa Wolfson, 1953-70; economist
  • Anzia Yezierska, 1922-70; writer


FKA Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives
1590 Docteur Penfield
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1C5

Guide: Inventory of Collections, A-Z


National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, 1916-75.
Jewish Women International Canada.
Pioneer Women’s Organization (Na’amat).
Also records from local chapters of Jewish women’s organizations.

Personal Papers:

  • Saidye Bronfman
  • Ruth Brotman
  • Pauline Donalda
  • Gemma Gagnon
  • Frances Meltzer Geltman
  • Regina Seiden Goldberg
  • Frances Goltman
  • Tilya Helfield
  • Clara Hoffer
  • Yetti Kallus
  • Esther Goldstein Muhlstock
  • Rivka Szure (Szuda) Kornfeld
  • Ethel Kleinstein Ostry
  • Mania Brodsky Stein
  • Esther Stermer
  • Annette Wolfe
  • Sara Yablon


1 Shazar Blvd.
Jerusalem, Israel

Organizations: Hadassah

Personal Papers:

  • Rose G. Jacobs, 1910-60; Hadassah leader (collection microfilmed)
  • Jessie Sampter; writer
  • Alice Seligsman, 1917-42; Hadassah leader (collection microfilmed)
  • Henrietta Szold; Hadassah founder, writer, editor


1601 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614

Online catalog: Use “advanced” and limit to “Archives/Manuscripts”

Oral Histories: Fertelsmeyster, Tatyana (transcript)

Organizations: National Council of Jewish Women, Chicago Section, 1898-1968 (includes material on founder Hannah Greenebaum Solomon)

Personal Papers:

  • Emily Frankenstein, 1915-1920
  • Julia and Alice Gerstenberg, social leaders
  • Lillian Herstein, 1920-58; teacher, union leader
  • Greenebaum sisters’ travel journals, 1899-1927


Spertus College
610 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605


  • American Women’s ORT. Chicago Region, 1966-1983.
  • Chicago Woman’s Aid, 1964-1988.
  • Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, Women’s Division, 1933-64
  • United Order of True Sisters. Johanna Lodge No. 9, 1874-1967

Personal Papers: Alschuler, Rose Haas, 1903-1967, nursery school founder; Spiegel Family, 1945-1956 (includes Lizzie Barbe, first president of the Jewish Manual Training School of Chicago)

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.


535 West 114th Street
New York, NY 10027

Online Catalog (limit to “Archival collections”)

Oral Histories (from the Oral History Archives), examples: Betty Comden, musical comedy writer; Theresa Goell, 1965; archaeologist; Dorothy Gordon, radio pioneer; Rita E. Hauser,1978, lawyer; Dorothy Wolff Levitt , 1983, educator; Barbara Margolis, 2000, protocol commissioner; Audrey J. Marcus, 2001 and 2003 (part of: September 11, 2001 oral history narrative and memory project); Sarah Marcus, 1976, physician; Barbara Margolis, 1994, municipal official; Pauline Newman, 1965, Helen Harris Perlman, 1980, social worker; labor activist; Naama S. Potok , 2001 and 2003 (part of: September 11, 2001 oral history narrative and memory project)); Sheba Skirball, 1976, librarian; Abby Spilka, 2001 and 2003 (part of: September 11, 2001 oral history narrative and memory project); Andi Rosenthal, 2001 and 2003 (part of: September 11, 2001, oral history narrative and memory project); Harriet M. Zimmerman, 1977, lobbyist.

Personal Papers:

  • Bella Savitsky Abzug, 1970-76; Congressperson. Guide.
  • Rose Franken, 1925-66; novelist, playwright
  • Emma Lazarus, 1868-87, correspondence; poet, essayist
  • Edith Altschul Lehman, 1963-1976; politician’s wife, philanthropist
  • Annie Nathan Meyer, 1890-1950,
  • Bella (and Sam) Spewack, 1920-1980, writer


2B Carl A. Kroch Library
Ithaca, NY 14853

Personal Papers:

  • Stonehill/Schwartzkopf Family, 1904-1909; includes Elsie B. Schwartzkopf, teacher, and Theresa Stonehill,1904, memoir,
  • Joan Jacobs Brumberg, 1980-2005, historian of adolescence Guide.
  • Dorothy Sarnoff, 1920-1998, singer and speech consultant. Guide.


227 Ives Hall Tower Road
Ithaca, NY 14853


  • National Consumers League, 1904-1955; includes material from Josephine Goldmark. Guide.
  • Teachers Union of the City of New York, 1916-64; includes material about Jewish women active in the union and defendants in cases. Guide.

Personal Papers:

  • Emma Goldman, anarchist activist (selected labor-related tape recordings)
  • Rose Pesotta, 1919-1961, labor organizer. Guide.
  • Theresa Wolfson, 1919-1970; labor arbitrator Guide.


Statue of Liberty National Monument & Ellis Island Liberty Island
New York, NY 10004-1467

Oral Histories: Ellis Island Oral History Project. Among the Jewish women immigrants interviewed are Celia Adler, Bessie Cohen Akawie, Ida Ellis, Ida Feldman, Fannie Friedman, Mina K. Friedman, Evelyn Golbe, Sally Gurian, Gilda Hochman, Lillian Kaiz, Rose Krawetz, Sophie Kreitzberg, Minnie Laken, Rose Levine, Ruth Metzger, Fanny Shoock, and Gertrude Yellin.

Oral history transcripts are available in the microfilm set Voices from Ellis Island: An Oral History of American Immigration(University Publications of America/Lexis-Nexis Academic & Library Solutions), 1989. For information about the set, see A Guide to the Microform Edition of Voices from Ellis Island : an Oral History of American Immigration : a Project of the National Park Service and Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, compiled by Nanette Dobrosky, 1988.


989 Market Street, Lower Level
San Francisco, CA 94103

Personal Papers:

  • Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, 1924-2000; lesbian activists. Guide.
  • Jackie Winnow (nee Weinstein), 1947-1994, activist on rape and gay and lesbian issues. Guide.

Archives housed in the American Jewish Historical Society.

Guide: Geller, L.D. The Henrietta Szold Papers in the Hadassah Archives, 1875- 1965. N.P.: Hadassah: 1982.

Organizations: Numerous series of records for Hadassah and its divisions, 1912-

Personal Papers: Denise Tourover Ezekiel, 1935-81; attorney, national Hadassah Board member
Rose G. Jacobs, 1910-40; Hadassah president
Henrietta Szold, 1875-1982; Zionist leader, editor, translator, founder of Hadassah


Miller Library
2901 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518

Personal Papers: Arlene Lewis, 1925-66; dietician, civic leader

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.


1300 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

The material from the Balch Institute, including the Philadelphia Jewish Archives, merged with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in 2002.

Guide: Ashton, Dianne. The Philadelphia Group and Philadelphia Jewish History: A Guide to Archival and Bibliographic Collections. Philadelphia: Center for American Jewish History, Temple University, 1993. (Covers archives in Philadelphia and elsewhere.)


  • Association for Jewish Children and its predecessors, including the Jewish Foster Home and Orphan Asylum, founded by Rebecca Gratz
  • Hebrew Sunday School Society, 1838-1976; founded by Rebecca Gratz with an all-female board of directors
  • Na’amat USA

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    , Philadelphia Council, 1949-90
  • Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, Philadelphia, 1964- 78

Oral Histories: Claire Mogell, 1976, Holocaust survivor

Personal Papers:

  • Rose I. Bender, 1929-46, Hadassah leader
  • Mary Fels, 1907-52, writer, community leader;
  • Rita Gerstley, 1950-69, civic activist
  • Jean Gornish (Shaindele di Chazante), 1941-63, liturgical singer
  • Gratz Family, 1825-91: Includes material from Louisa, Caroline, and Elizabeth Gratz
  • Arline Lotman, 1971-74; Jewish Exponent columnist
  • Sybil Richman Margolis, 1922-57; active in the American Jewish Congress, Philadelphia
  • Sarah Newhoff, 1915-58; philanthropist
  • Henrietta Ulman Newmayer, 1905 wedding album
  • Lena Schleindlinger, 1937; customhouse broker
  • Lily Garber Schwartz, 1967-76; secretary
  • Anne Smilowitz, 1926-46; secretary
  • Estelle Marie Soffin, 1906-12; childhood parody
  • Emily Solis-Cohen, 1930-48; educator


5743 Wilkie Drive
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Organizations: Records of Indiana sisterhoods, ladies aid societies, and branches of national women’s organizations

Personal Papers: Minnette Baum, social worker, Zionist leader


6505 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Organizations: Various community records, including the Jewish Mothers Alliance

Oral Histories: Jewish Oral History interviews include five women descendents of prominent Jewish families in the area

901 Route 10 East
Whippany, New Jersey 07981-1156

Catalog: Linked from the homepage; provides access to numerous communal organizations in which women played an active role.

Organizations: National Council of Jewish Women, 1944-69, and other local women’s organizations and affiliates

Oral Histories: Etta Fleishman, Alice Perkins Gould, Jacqueline Levine, Pauline Lewis, Bertha Rudd, Sue Stern Spierman, and others.


Malcolm Love Library, Irving and Sylvia Snyder Reading Room, #363
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-8148

Personal Papers: Includes material from/about Eileen S. Wingard, Lillian Altman, Audrey Karsh, Mollie Harris, Laverne Fefferman, Edith Kotler, Alice H. Paisin, Barbara Hurwitz, Natalie Witt Morrison, and several married couples. Also includes records of organizations and synagogues in San Diego.

Center for Jewish History
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

Catalog (combined with other constituents of the Center for Jewish History; use the advanced search to limit the scope to Leo Baeck Institute, if you want to.)

Personal Papers:

Hannah Arendt, 1958-65; author
Renee Barth, social worker, memoir
Alice Salomon, 1746-61; social worker
Selma Stern (Taubler), 19–, German-Jewish historian
and numerous memoirs of life in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, some by women who later emigrated to the United States

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

P.O. Box 1258
New York, NY 10116

Guide: “Special Collections,” Lesbian Herstory Archives News 6 (July 1980): 3-4, and “Recent Acquisitions” in subsequent issues. The Archives holds memoirs, interviews, musical recordings, unpublished manuscripts, and photographs of Jewish lesbians.

Personal Papers:

Liza Cowan,1970-1989; broadcaster, publisher, founder of White Mare Archives
Deborah Edel, 1971- ; child psychologist, co-founder of Lesbian Herstory Archives
Maxine Feldman, 1970-89; composer, singer, music producer
Joan Nestle, 1968– ; writer, teacher, co-founder of Lesbian Herstory Archives
Adrienne Rich, 1950-78; poet, writer
Sarah Schulman, 1980- ; writer, co-founder of Lesbian Avengers
Sonny Wainwright, 1972-1985; writer, breast cancer activist, co-founder of Feminist Writers Guild
Maxine Wolfe, 1974- ; teacher, activist, co-founder of Lesbian Avengers

395 Wellington
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3

Archives Search

Guide: Tapper, Lawrence. Archival Sources for the Study of Canadian Jewry, 2nd ed. Ottawa: The Archives, 1987.

Organizations: Hadassah-WIZO Organization of Canada, 1912-85

Personal Papers:

Clara Balinsky, 1959-83; Jewish community leader
Nina Fried Cohen, 1925-81; Jewish community leader
Sharon Abron Drache, 1965-94; journalist
Sarah Fischer, 1874-1975; opera singer
Phyllis Gotlieb, 1949-74; poet
Sarah Gotlieb, 1914-83; Jewish community leader
Tilya Helfield, 1973-74; artist (Jewish headstone rubbings)
Clara (and Israel) Hoffer, 1887, 1905-74; author, farm pioneer
Suzann Cohen Hutner, 1921-81; co-publisher of Canadian Jewish Review
Fanny David Joseph, 1871-1886, Montreal life (diary)
Ethel Ostry, 1945-47; welfare officer with UN relief organization
Mirial Small, 1976-83; Jewish community leader
Miriam Waddington, 1927-92; poet
Blanche Wisenthal, 1955-71; Jewish community leader

Washington, DC 20540

Search the Guides

Guide: Kohn, Gary. The Jewish Experience: A Guide to Manuscript Sources in the Library of Congress. Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives, 1986.

Organizations: National Council of Jewish Women, national office, 1929-81. Guide.

Personal Papers:

  • Hannah Arendt, historian. Guide.
  • Berta Bornstein, psychoanalyst
  • Jo Davidson, sculptor
  • Lillian Evarts, poet
  • Anna Freud, psychoanalyst
  • Pauline Goldmark, social worker
  • Rebecca Gratz, educator
  • Bernece Berkman-Hunter, painter and graphic artists. Guide.
  • Pola Nirenska , dancer, choreographer. Guide.
  • Hannah G. Solomon, 1892-1942, founder National Council of Jewish Women. Guide.
  • Rose Pastor Stokes, unionist

Correspondence and other material found in other collections: Fanny Brice, Emma Goldman, Lillian Hellman, Fannie Hurst, Emma Lazarus, Golda Meir, Dorothy Parker, Ernestine Rose, Muriel Rukeyser, Rosida Schwimmer, Gertrude Stein, Henrietta Szold, Barbara Tuchman, Lillian Wald, Mizrachi Women of New York, National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, National Ladies Auxiliary of Jewish War Veterans of the USA.

Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life (formerly the Western Jewish History Center)
The archival material is accessed through the Bancroft Library, University of California Berkeley.

Printed Guide: Rafael, Ruth Kelson. Western Jewish History Center Guide to Archival and Oral History Collections. Berkeley: WJHC, Judah L. Magnes Memorial Museum, 1987.

For an up-to-date list of holdings, see the Collections page for Western Jewish Americana

California Alliance of Jewish Women (college students), 1922-58
Emanu-El Sisterhood for Personal Service (San Francisco organization that sponsored a residence home for young Jewish working women for over forty years), 1894-1969
Ladies United Hebrew Benevolent Society (San Francisco), 1868 resolution.
National Council of Jewish Women, San Francisco Section.
Records of various congregational sisterhoods and local chapters of other national women’s organizations

Personal Papers:

Bella Hurst Aaron, 1910-1996; Director of the Criminal Justice Planning Agency. Guide.
Flora Jacobi Arnstein, 1884-1974; poet, author, teacher.
Ruth Frey Axe, 1883-1973; teacher, secretary
Bassya Maltzer Bibel (and Philip Bibel), 1813-1969; poet, secretary, actor
Gertrude Block, 1912-70; teacher
Sara Glasgow Cogan — Bibliography Research Collection, 1969-1980; bibliographer. Guide (catalog record) .
Lily Edelman (and Nathan Edelman), 1927-44; educational administrator, author, editor
Florence Freehof, 1900-1990; dance and music teacher and choreographer.
Regina Gans, 1880-1908; singer, scrapbooks
Vera Greenfeld, 1963-77; gynecologist/obstetrician, founder California Alliance of Jewish Women, plaque and citations
Jennie Harris, 1902-72; businessperson, songwriter
Elise Stern Haas, 1914-57; sculptor, art collector. Guide (catalog record)
Lila B. Hassid, 1959-71; translator of Yiddish works, Jewish folklore radio program host, Jewish community center director
Rosa Heynemann (and Herman Heynemann), silver anniversary book 1873; charities interests
Adele Solomons Jaffa (and Meyer E. Jaffa), 1880-1968; physician, lecturer in dietetics, child psychiatrist
Florence Prag Kahn (and Julius Kahn), 1852-1948; teacher, Congressperson
Sonia Levitin, 1968-71; author, columnist, educator
Estelle Goodman Levy, 1850-1973; active in organizations in the Southwest
Miriam Fligelman Levy,1943- ;human rightsand peaceactivist, youth advocate
Sophie Gerstle Lilienthal, photograph album, n.d. (b. 1859); homemaker
Hattie Mooser and Minnie Mooser, 1877-1967; hostesses for gatherings of people in the arts, proprietors of San Francisco’s first supper club
Helen Motto, 1930-72; active volunteer in Santa Barbara
Celia Ragooland, scrapbook 1928-32; active in Young Judea and Junior Hadassah in Denver
Alice Greenbaum Rosenberg (and Abraham Rosenberg), 1860-1977; homemaker
Bashe Rubenchik Rosenbloom, 1909-80; active in music and reading groups in Petaluma
Ida Poriss Rude, 1921-68; vocalist
Marilyn Sachs, manuscript for A Pocket Full of Seeds, 1973; children’s books author, librarian Margaret Victoria Samuels, 1932 diary depicts social life in San Francisco
Fanny Jaffe Sharlip, 1880-1960s; factory worker, shopkeeper
Carol Ruth Silver, 1959-1984; lawyer and San Francisco Supervisor.
Sarah Spiegelman, 1914 high school graduation album
Rosalie Meyer Stern, 1842-1977; San Francisco civic and social leader. Guide (catalog record)
Henriette Moscowitz Voorsanger (and Elkan Voorsanger), 1872-1985; secretary
Rebecca Voorsanger, 1897-1901 scrapbook on Judaism in San Francisco area
Alma Lavenson Wahrhaftig, 1855-1985; photographer, papers and photographs
Wiel, Isabel, 1875-1998;
Anzia Yezierska, 1954-71; writer (most of her papers are at Boston University)

Oral Histories: Jewish Lives in Perspective
Interviews by Vista College, University of California, Berkeley students, sponsored by WJHC. Women interviewed: Naomi Kain, embroiderer, welder, bus driver; Margaret Lion, language teacher; Carol Walter Sinton, weaver; and Vera Stein, pharmacist.

Northern California Jews From Harbin, Manchuria
Women interviewed: Eve Naftaly, counselor; Geda Traig; Polina Zikman.

San Francisco Jews of Eastern European Origin, 1880-1940
Project conducted 1976-1978, sponsored by the WJHC and the American Jewish Congress, San Francisco. Women interviewed: Celia Alpert, socialist; Bassya Maltzer Bibel, poet, actress, Yiddish concerns; Lilan Cherney, homemaker; Zena Druckman, dressmaker, union activist; Rose Hartman Ets-Hokin, social worker; Fannie Heppner, community leader; Jean Braverman La Pove, homemaker; Thelma Rosenberg, secretary, clerk; Ida Block Smith, resident of San Bruno District; and Vivian Dudune Solomon, resident of San Bruno District.

Miscellaneous Additional Oral Histories:
Flori Jacobi Arnstein, poet, teacher; Ann Cohn, teacher; Elizabeth Elkus, teacher; Grace Lubin Finesinger, chemist; Betty Hamburger, political activist; Dorothy Lubin Heller, physician; Dora Iventosch, resident of Berkeley; Alphine Jacobs, social worker, volunteer; Anne L. Kay, resident of Berkeley, founder of California Alliance of Jewish Women; Lilli Jerusalem Klein, secretary to Judah L. Magnes; Esther Reutlinger, businessperson, benefactor; Ethel Silverstein, union representative; Irene Stein, artist; Belle Lesser Ginsberg Tilin, resident of Oakland; Henriette Moscowitz Voorsanger, secretary, fundraiser; and Alma Lavenson Wahrhaftig, photographer.

201 West Monument St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-4674

Oral Histories: Reba Silver, secretary

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

Archives and Manuscripts
345 Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102

American Hungarian Ladies Benevolent Society (Minneapolis), 1931-66; St. Paul, 1935-41
Hadassah, Upper Midwest Region, 1948-1996
National Council of Jewish Women, Minneapolis Section, 1917-70

Personal Papers:

Fanny Fligelman Brin, 1896-1958; civic leader, pacifist
Ida Blehert Davis, 1930-1970; Duluth communal leader
Viola Hoffman Hymes, 1911-1991; NCJW national president, governmental service
Doris Schechter Kirschner 1935-1995; diaries
Irene Paull, 1964-1977, 1981; civil rights activist
Florence Shuman Sher, reminiscences

Lown Building
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02254

Numerous films in English and Yiddish portraying Jewish women.

Jewish Museum
1109 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10128

Guide: Subject Guide to the Collection of the Jewish Museum’s National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting. New York: Jewish Museum, 1988.

Audio and video tapes of programs such as “The Goldbergs,” interviews with Golda Meir and others, Saturday Night Live routines on Jewish women, and more.

1395 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10128

Clara de Hirsch Home for Working Girls, founded 1897

31 Chambers Street, Room 103
New York, NY 10007

Personal Papers: Elizabeth Holtzman, 1968-69; papers relating to her work as assistant to New York City mayor John Lindsay

130 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022

Guide: Oral History Collection of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York. New York: The Federation, 1985.

Oral Histories: Many women are among the civic leaders and social service executives active in the New York Federation interviewed in the 1980s, including Frances L. Beatman, Elinor K. Bernheim, Adele G. Block, Irma Bloomingdale, Eleanore Louria Blum, Helen L. Buttenwieser, Rebecca Cauman, Cynthia Colin, Susan Cullman, Marjorie S. Dammann, Mary Froelich, Elinor Guggenheimer, Jane R. Heimerdinger, Hortense M. Hirsch, Anna Hollander, Margaret Loeb Kempner, Sadie Klau, Florence Kreech, Amy L. Kubie, May Linder, Frances L. Loeb, Eva Levy Marshall, Lucy G. Moses, Tanya Nash, Minnie Nathanson, Elizabeth K. Radinsky, Doris Roberts, Dorothy F. Rodgers, Doris L. Rosenberg, Carola W. Rothschild, Sarah Sussman Trommer, Jennie L. Whitehill, Susan Wimpfheimer, and Marjorie G. Wyler

170 Central Park West
New York, NY 10024
Contact: Manuscript Department
Phone: (212) 873-3400 ex. 265
Fax: (212) 875-1591

Personal Papers: Sarah Hoexter Blumenthal, 1907-1971. Diaires, etc.

40 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023

Personal Papers: Helen Tamaris, 1939-66; dancer, choreographer
Betty Comden (and Adolph Green), 1936-2003, musical comedy writer.

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

Room 328, The Brooke Russell Aster Reading Room
Stephen A. Schwarzman Building
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
New York, NY 10018

Jewish Foundation for Education of Women, 1880-1988. Guide

Personal Papers: Fannia Mary Cohn, 1919-62; union official, educator. Guide
Babette Deutsch, 1923-41; poet, critic, author. Guide
Emma Goldman, 1906-40; anarchist, editor
Bel Kaufman, n.d.; author, teacher
Rose Pesotta, 1922-65; unionist, official of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union
Lillian D. Wald, 1918-40; Henry Street Settlement House founder

Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012

Personal Papers: Lillian Herlands Hornstein, Professor of English.

70 Washington Square South, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10012

Guide: Guide to the Manuscript Collection of the Tamiment Library, compiled by the staff of the Tamiment Collection, Dorothy Swanson, Librarian. New York: Garland, 1997.

Personal Papers: Emma Goldman, 1924-40; anarchist, editor, activist.
Connie Kopelow,1963-2001, Coalition of Labor Union Women.
Rose Schneiderman, 1904-75; president, National Women’s Trade Union League.
Fagel Stern, 1922-1983; communist activist.
Rose Pastor Stokes, 1905-33; socialist and communist activist, writer.

Oral Histories: New York City Immigrant Labor History Project includes Anna Kuthan

Oral History of the American Left Collection includes Fanny Cantor, 1974; Rose Chernin, 1983; Rose Cohen, 1976; Esther Dolgoff, 1982; Sophie Melvin Gerson, 1976; Lillian Gold, 1982; Mollie Goldstein, 1981; Nina Goldstein, 1980; Rose Raynes, 1979; Minnie Rivkin, 1980; and others


Organizations: North Carolina Association of Jewish Women

Personal Papers: Charlotte Litwack, 1976; manuscript and interviews for her Recollections: Conversations About the House of Jacob

310 NW Davis Street
Portland OR 97209

Oral Histories: Interviews documenting the history of Jews in Oregon. About half the 70 interviews were with women, including Gertrude Sweet, labor organizer; Laddie Trachtenberg and Gertrude Feves; Neighborhood House workers; Molly Blumenthal, shipyard worker; Joanna Menashe (had arranged marriage on Rhodes); and Holocaust survivors Rochella Meekcom, Diana Golden, and Lydia Lax Brown

Paley Library (017-00), 1210 Polett Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Online Exhibits

570 7th Avenue, 11th floor
New York, NY 10018

Guide: Lessing, Joan C. Jewish Immigrants of the Nazi Period in the U.S.A. vol. 3/1, Guide to the Oral History Collection of the Research Foundation for Jewish Immigration. New York: K.G. Saur, 1981.

Oral History Collection: Women interviewed in the 1970s included: Melitta Apt, housekeeper; Ella Levi Auerbach, social worker; Dorothy W. Becker, social worker; Martha Bergmann, Selfhelp Community Services worker; Edith Bick, social worker; Marie Bloch, volunteer social worker; Margaret Caim, housewife; Erna Einstein, clerk; Ruth Levy Eis, curator Judah Magnes Museum, Berkeley, CA; Charlotte Elsas, district leader, Democratic Party in New Rochelle, NY; Gertrud Falck Feuerring, businesswoman; Harriette Friedlander, social worker; Margaret Muller Goldschmidt, window designer; Regina Goldstine, social worker; Thea Prinz Heimann, housewife, candy store manager; Brigitte Hirschfeld, secretary; Helen Kober, social worker; Carrie Kroff, social service aide; Rosa Lustig Kubin, research chemist; Maria Bratz Leschnitzer, school administrator; Regina Ullmann Martin, co-owner resort hotel; Irma Mayer, Selfhelp Community Services case worker; Ruth Meyer, housewife; Thekla Meyerbach, social worker; Margaret Meseritz Muehsam-Edelheim, journalist, archivist; Freda Muhr, social worker; Alice Nauen, pediatrician; Alice Oppenheimer, editor of congregational newsletter; Charlotte Pick, dental nurse; Lillian Ringler-Young, translator, librarian; Margaret Rosskamm, photographic assistant; Ilse Wirth Rossman, salesperson; Anneliese Cohen Schein, bank manager; Gabriele Schiff, officer of Selfhelp; Susan Strauss, American-born student; Ellen Taxer, teacher, German professor; Margaret Dzialoszynski Tietz; Irma Tyson, social worker; Kaethe Wurtenberg, housewife, volunteer social worker; and Orah Zimmer, Palestine-born.

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

Malcolm A. Love Library, 5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, California 92182-8050

Personal Papers: Bonnie Zimmerman, 1966-2003; women’s studies professor.

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

Online Catalog: All Schlesinger holdings are catalogued in the Harvard University Online Library System Catalog (HOLLIS). Collections of papers and oral histories of American Jewish women receive the subject heading “Jewish women–United States.”The Schlesinger is actively adding and cataloging collections, and in many cases donors make additional donations, which will change the span of years of their collections. It is always best to consult the catalog rather than relying on the list below.

Print Catalog: The Manuscript Inventories and the Catalogs of Manuscripts, Books and Periodicals, 2nd. rev. ed. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1984

Oral Histories:

Jewish Experience at Harvard and Radcliffe Oral History Collection, 1986-1993 (inclusive), includes interviews with Eva Friedman Bitsberger, Hadassah Blocker, Pearl Andelman Brown, Rose Stolow Fein, and Anna Appel Zonderman. Also includes reminiscences by Selma Levine Crevoshay, Shirley Cline Norman-Regal, and Nitza Rosofsky.

Personal Papers: Celia Adler, fictionalized autobiography 1980-89 (born 1902); seamstress
Dorothy Adlow, 1923-1969; art critic. Guide.
Mildred Levine Albert, 1910-1991; fashion consultant, educator, columnist. Guide.
Esther Myers Andrews, 1886-1939; activist for rights of women and prisoners.
Jennie Loitman Barron, 1911-69; judge. Guide.
Jane Barton, 1935-1993; WAVE. Guide.
Lilllian Rifkin Blumenfeld autobiography, 1974; teacher, fascination with Jungian psychology
Susan Brownmiller, 1935-2000; journalist and author. Guide.
Beatrice Sobel Burstein, 1955-2001; judge, advocate for rights of children and prisoners
Helen Lehman Buttenwieser,1909-90, lawyer, civil libertarian. Guide
Hanna Hochman Carp, diary, 1915
Nancy Lee Caroline, 1905-2005; physician, first director of Magen David Adom, Israel’s Red Cross Society. Guide.
Kim Chernin, 1935-2000; writer, publisher, psychotherapist
Judy Chicago, 1947-2004; artist/ Guide.
Irena Urdang de Tour, 1948-1994; wirter, editor, gallery owner.
Ida Fisher Davidoff, memoir, 2002; counselor, advocate for older women
Mary Cohen Davidson, 1940-2001; businesswoman in Des Moines, IA
Alix Dobkin, 1973-2004, lesbian singer, songwriter, and activist. Guide.
Helene Deutsch, 1900-84; psychoanalyst. Guide.
Andrea Dworkin, 1973-2000; writer. Guide to Papers and Guide to audiotapes.
Sara Rosenfled Ehrmann, 1910-69; civic worker, Brookline, MA. Guide.
Elżbieta Ettinger, professor, novelist, and biographer. Guide.
Trudy Eyges, 1970-2005; Tai Chi instructor
Amelia Molly Fendler, biographical sketch, 1976. 19th/early 20th century pediatrician
Dora B. Ferran, 1947-1995; businesswoman
Betty Friedan, 1941-2006; author, feminist leader. Guide.
Lillian Adlow Friedberg, 1914-1969; executive director of Jewish Communal Relations Council in Pittsburgh
Madeleine Wiener Galland, memoir, 1999; teacher
Kinereth Dushkin Gensler, 1896-2003; poet, editor, and teacher
Theresa Goell, 1906-2005; archaeologist. Guide.
Doris B. Gold, 1962-83; publicist, writer, editor, founder Biblio Press. Guide.
Patricia Gold, 1964-90; nurse, women’s liberation activities in Boston
Emma Goldman, 1899-1940 (bulk). Guide.
Bertha Sanford Gruenberg, 1898-1985; lecturer, journalist, director of camp using John Dewey’s progressive principles. Guide.
Elinor Coleman Guggenheimer, 1959-80; day care and planning advocate. Guide.
Frances Fineman Gunther, 1915-63; journalist, moved to Israel. Guide.
Ruth Handler, 1931-2002, businesswoman, creator of Barbie doll. Guide.
Pearl Alice Hydler, 1919-2008; psychotherapist. Guide.
Roberta Kalechofsky, 1939-2005; writer and animal rights advocate
Frances Arick Kolb, 1955-1990; educational consultant and historian. Guide.
Susan Koppelman, letters, 1981-1985, writer, editor, women’s studies
Lilli Cohen Kretzmer, 1950-76; assisted refugees from Germany
Rose Kushner, 1953-1990, breast cancer activist. Guide
Mildren Robbins Leet, 1929-2005; social activist and volunteer. Guide
Gerda Lerner, 1941-2001; historian, author. Guide.
Robin Ruth Linden, 1978-1983; sociologist. Guide
Ruth S. Morgenthau, 1945-2000; professor of international relations
Theresa J. Morse, 1935-51; social service worker, National War Labor Board
Maud Nathan, 1890-1938; social reformer, Consumers’ League leader
Ruth E. Nemzoff, 1977-2005; state legislator in New Hampshire, professor, consultant
Pauline Newman, 1974; labor movement activist
Frances Pass, 1922 diary
Harriet Pilpel, 1967-1980; lawyer. Guide
Maimie Pinzer, 1910-1922; prostitute, established halfway house for young prostitutes. Guide.
Justine Wise Polier, 1892-1990; lawyer, judge, juvenile justice advocate, daughter of Rabbi Stephen and Louise Waterman Wise. Guide.
Bessie London Pouzzner, 1943-1973; editor and publisher.
Esther Mohr McGill Raushenbush,1945-1979, professor and college president. Guide.
Rebecca Hourwich Reyher, n.d. [lived 1897-1987]; writer, lecturer, suffragist
Adrienne Rich, 1933-99; poet, teacher. Guide
Cynthia Rich, 1893-2004; teacher, writer, lesbian and peace activist (papers are in joint collection with her partner Barbara MacDonald). Guide.
Dorothy F. Rodgers, 1922-87; businesswoman, inventor, volunteer, wife of composer Richard Rodgers. Guide.
Phyllis Rose, 1956-1995; biographer, essayist, professor
Bessie Herman Rosenberg, 1901-1905, diaries.
Berta Ratner Rosenbluth, 1899-1996; office manager, businesswoman, suffragist
Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, 1966-1980; teacher, women’s liberation activist. Guide
Beatrice Sadowsky, 1928-84; transportation executive. Guide.
Bernice Resnick Sandler, 1963-2008; Director of the Project on the Status and Education of Women (PSEW) of the Association of American Colleges, advocate for equal access to educational employment for women. Guide.
Barbara Seaman, 1920-83; author, journalist, health activist
Susan Schechter, 1961-2005; social worker, advocate for prevention of domestic violence and child abuse. Guide.
Frances Siegel, 1927-2008; labor activist. Guide.
Rachel Josefowitz Siegel, 1962-1999; clinical social worker
Barbara Miller Solomon, 1936-88; historian, university dean
Jolane Baumgarten Solomon, 1900-2001; biologist. Guide
Maida Herman Solomon, 1901-1988; psychiatric social worker. Guide.
Marianna Sommerfield, diaries 2001-2006; social worker and teacher
Judith Stein, 1979-1994; activist on lesbian and feminist fat liberation causes
Sarah M. Steinhardt, 1914-1938; teacher
Henrietta Szold, 1889-1960; editor, Zionist leader (copies or transcriptions of material from the Zionist Archives, Jerusalem) Guide.
Joanne Zimmerman, 1940-1944; short story writer

1212 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Guide: A Guide to Jewish Archival Resources in Pittsburgh, by Michael Pipoly (Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, 1988), revised and edited by Faye R. Leibowitz and Donald L. Haggerty (1989). Look for the Guide to the Collection of the Jewish Archival Survey, 1912-1991, MSS #196 within the Guides Collection.

Oral Histories: Tapes and transcripts from the “Women, Ethnicity, and Mental Health” study conducted by Corinne Azen Krause sponsored by the American Jewish Committee, 1975. Includes 75 interviews with three generations of women in Jewish families in the Pittsburgh area.

Personal Papers: Eunice R. Baradon, 1985-86
Annie Jacob Davis, 1856-1940
Idella Rome Rosenberg, 1880-89
Belle R. Shapiro, 1962
Dorothy Kaufman Stein, 1918-1960

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

Northampton, MA 01063

Guide: Murdock, Mary-Elizabeth. Catalog of the Sophia Smith Collections, Women’s History Archive, 2nd ed. Northampton, MA: Smith College, 1976, and Catalog Supplement of the Sophia Smith Collection, Women’s History Archive, 1984.

Catalog: Catalogs of the Sophia Smith Collection. Women’s History Archive. 7 v. Boston: G.K.Hall, 1975.
List of Personal and Family Papers

Oral Histories: Cheri Appel, M.D.; Regina Berger Lederer, soprano ( Guide )

Personal Papers: Batya Bauman, 1947-2005; animal welfare advocate, ecofeminist, lesbian activist, editor, writer. Guide.
Ruth Berman and Connie Kurtz, 1956-2006; lesbian partners and activists. Guide.
Katharine Asher Engel, 1916-57; NCJW President
Alene Stern Erlanger, 1942-1969; dog trainer and breeder. Guide.
Sophie Friedman, 1906-1954; lawyer. Guide.
Pessa Polasky Kandinoff, 1930-1994, social worker and professor. Guide.
Anna Moskowitz Kross, 1905-1974; New York City Commissioner of Corrections: Guide.
Florence Levin Lockshin, 1924-1995; composer. Guide.
Frances (Fanny) Sanger Mossiker, 1957-1970; biographer, writer of historical fiction. Guide.
Harriet F. Pilpel, 1913-1981; lawyer. Guide.
Frances Fox Piven, 1957-1999 (ongoing); professor, political science and political activist. Guide.
Lydia Rapoport, 1960-1968; social worker. Guide.
Judith Raskin, 1911-2000; opera singer. Guide.
Florence Rose, 1832-1970; public relations specialist and birth control activist Guide.
Florence Rena Sabin, 1871-1953; physician, medical researcher: Guide.
Hilda Schwartz, 1930-1994; lawyer. Guide.
Rosika Schwimmer, 1912-1950; suffragist; feminist; pacifist; organizer. Schwimmer-Lloyd Papers, Guide.
Gloria Steinem, 1940-2000 (ongoing); journalist; feminist; political activist; co-founder, Ms magazine Guide.
Geraldine Stern, 1949-1987; artist, author. Guide.
Eleanor Ernst Timberg, 1930-2002; editor, special education activist, secretary and volunteer. Guide.

6120 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044

Organizations: Emma Lazarus Jewish Women’s Clubs of Los Angeles Records, 1945-1980. Guide.

Stanford, CA

Personal Papers: Tillie Olsen, 1930-1990, writer. Guide.

Syracuse, NY 13244

Personal Papers: Gertrude Berg, 1930-1962; radio and television actor. Guide.
Jan Gelb (and Boris Margo), 1915-70; artist. Guide.

403 Seventh Ave., N
Nashville, TN 37243

Personal Papers: Fedora Small Frank, 1843-1964; author, historian

New Orleans, LA 70118

Guide: Southern Jewish history

National Council of Jewish Women, Greater New Orleans Section, bulk dates ca. 1950 – ca. 1970

Personal Papers: Doris Laurie Chesky, 1950-1975; music teacher
Fanny Leverich Eshleman Craig, 1765-1958 (family papers)
Mathilde Dreyfous, 1952-1971; civil rights activist
Ruth Dreyfous, 1948; scrapbook
Ida Weiss Friend, 1837-1963; social and civic activist.
Amelia Greenwald, 1908-1966; nurse
Ruby Hyman (in the Jews in the South Collection)
Sadie Irving, 1893-1970
Corinne A.M. Lehmann, 1948-1952; electoral candidate
Miriam Levy, 1920s-1950s; artist, jeweler
Clara Lowenburg Moses, 1870s-1920s, Natchez, MS memoir
Edith M. Stern, ca. 1943; article

Oral Histories: Lucy Ater, 1974, caterer; Renee Samuel Bear, 1974, nurse

2241 Channing Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

Project has collected tens of thousands of documents by and about anarchist, birth control advocate, lecturer, editor Goldman for libraries and other sources around the world. Much of this is published in the Project’s Emma Goldman Papers: A Microfilm Edition (Chadwyck-Healey, 1991).

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

Berkeley, CA 94720.

See also the listing above for the Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life.

Personal Papers:

Elise Stern Haas Family Papers (includes letters from Alice B. Toklas). Guide.
Clara Garfinkle Shirpser, 1948-73; Democratic National Committeewoman, California. Guide.

Oral Histories: California Jewish Community

Project conducted by the Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, from 1968 to the 1980s and underwritten by the Western Jewish History Center. Women interviewed included Janet Choynski, San Francisco civic leader; Elise Stern Haas, San Francisco art patron, civic leader; Lucile Heming Koshland, San Mateo County civic leader; Rose Rinder, San Francisco Hadassah founder; Helen Arnstein Salz, San Francisco artist, civil libertarian; and Sylvia Lehmann Stone, San Francisco community volunteer.

Other oral histories:
Flora Jacobi Arnstein, 1985; poet, teacher.
Amy Steinhart Braden, 1960-64; social worker
Elizabeth Ehrman, 1972; early resident of Atherton, CA
Ann Eliaser, 1983; fundraiser
Mrs. Alex L. Goldstein, 1966; migration from Odessa to Bismarck, ND, to Portland, OR
Lorraine Guggenheim, 1966; discusses grandparents and the Gold Rush
Ruth Arnstein Hart, 1978; civic volunteer, Berkeley
Elinor Raas Heller, 1984; volunteer career in politics
Ernestine Hara Kettler
Alice Gerstle Levison, 1966; social leader, San Francisco
Rebecca Hourwich Reyher, suffragist, National Woman’s Party activist (in the Suffragists Oral History Project, 1977). Guide
Clara Garfinkle Shirpser, 1975; community and political leader, Berkeley
Sylvia Stone, 1983; volunteer, San Francisco
Elsa R. Wiel, 1971; early resident of Atherton
Rosalie Walter Wolf, 1971; early resident of Atherton
Rosalind Weiner Wyman, Los Angeles City Council member and Democratic Party activist (in the Women in Politics series)

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575

Personal Papers: Eva Robin, 1916-1960; NCJW in Delaware. Guide.
Ethel Young, 1942-1992; early childhood education pioneer. Guide.

184 UCB, 1720 Pleasant Street
Boulder, CO 80309-0184

Personal Papers: Florence Becker Lennon, 1844 – 1984; poet. Guide.

2150 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80208

Collections: Ira M. Beck Memorial Archives material culture collection, 1872-1975.
Includes, among other things, women’s clothing belonging to Frances Wisebart Jacobs, Flora Anfenger Hornbein, Anna Rosenthal and Sara Isaacson Ettenson; accessories belonging to Irene Stein and Norma Peterman; and household linens from Anna Ginsburg Hayutin.

National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives records, 1899-1998
Frances Wisebart Jacobs was a co-founder; other Jewish women were also involved over the years.

Personal Papers: Dorothy “Dokes” Kobey Berry, 1899-2006.
Joyce Foster, 1993-2003, Denver City Councilwoman.

801 South Morgan Street
P.O. Box 8198
Chicago, IL 60608

Personal Papers: Helen Aaron, 1942-72; Chicago civic leader.
Rose Greenbaum Hass Alschuler, 1916-73; philanthropist, nursery school expert.
Joanne Alter, 1939-1952; politician, activist, organizer.
Sylvia Cotton, 1960-1971; day care advocate.
Esther Loeb Kohn, 1896-1965; social worker.
Sheli Lulkin, 1962-1978; teacher, union officer, and women’s rights activist.
Hilda Satt Polacheck, 1910-58; resident of Hull House neighborhood, writer.
Esther Saperstein, 1949-75; Chicago alderperson
Dorothy (Mittelman) Sigel, 1912-2002; actor and social activist.

7th Floor, Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Ml 48109-1205

Personal Papers: Marge Piercy, 1950-1987; writer. Guide. (There is also an interview with her in the New Left in Ann Arbor Contemporary History Project, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan.)

The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-1466

Personal Papers: Etta Blum, 1933-198; poet. Guide
Flora Langermann Spiegelberg, 1879-1943. Guide

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Oral Histories: Southern Oral History Program interviews include Rose Bernard Ackermann; Janice Barton; Shirley Bateman; Janice Rothschild Blumberg; Shirley Berkowitz Brickman; Lorraine Brown; Esther Rosenbaum Buchsbaum; Claudia Burkins; Aileen Titche Burson; Josephine Wainman Burson, Tennessee state cabinet member; Ellen Cleary; Hazel Blockman Cohen; Joanne Wener Cohen; Lisa Collis Cohen; Mildred Lubritz Covert; Madelyne Rafael Daneman; Marilyn Weiss Davis; Betty Gotthelf England; Danyse Greenwald England; Shelby Flowers Ferris; Bertha Plotkin Freedman; Ann Grundfest Gerache; Ellen Gerber, physical educator and lawyer, audio and transcript; Ava Gottlieb; Lucy Gottlieb; Barbara F. Harris, women’s history/women’s studies professor; Carol Lobman Hart; Mildred Lubritz  Hesdorffer; Ilma Marx Hirsch; Joye Schwartz Hirsch; Deborah Lamensdorf Jacobs; Ruth Bass Jacobs; Betty Ann Jacobson; Catherine Cahn Kahn; Suzanne Ginsberg Kantziper; Fannye Becker Kaplan; Dotty Goldberger Katz; Cheryl Gruber Gordon; Beatrice Dorothy Lehman Gotthelf; Carol M. Towbin Greenberg; Anne Zoller Kiefer; Kaye Kole; Klara Koock; Adele Jules Kronsberg; Betty Grundfest Lamensdorf; Lila Lash; Teri Bernstein Lash; Joan L. Levy; Nicole Samuel Lewis; Sandy L. Lewis; Sandra Goldberg Lipton; Evelyn Evans Makowsky; Bobbie Scharlack Malone; Lesley Marcus; Anita Meyer; Harriet Cranman Meyerhoff; Florette Geismar Margolis Neuwirth; Cynthia Kahn Nirenblatt; Lillian Teller Opotowsky; Beth Levine Orlansky; Naomi Popkin; Sharon Rose Powell; Ruby Pearlman; Peggy Kronsberg Pearlstein; Judy Peiser; Mabel Pollitzer, biology teacher, audio and transcript;  Donna Reisman; Karen Aronson Reitman; Marcelle S. (Marcie) Rosenberg; Ann Gundershimer  Schops; Sandra Salsbury Shull; Ruth Krueger Singer; Leslie Koock Silver; Leona (Lee) Geismar Stamler; Sherrie Evans-Stanton; Dana Berlin Strange; Alene Fox Uhry; Harriet Ullman; Kay Rossen Usdan; Carolyn Washer; Kathryn Loeb Weiner; Burnette (Bunny) Wilks. Many of the interviews were part of the “Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South, 1998-2001” project. Marcie Cohen Ferris conducted the interviews in 1998-2002.

Personal Papers: Yetta (and Marcus) Danneman Papers on the King Family, 1961-2006; grocery store owner. Guide.
Marcie Cohen Ferris Sound Recordings, 2003-2004; professor of American Studies and the associate director of the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies (CCJS) at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Guide.
Rachel Lyons Heustis, 1859-1964; resident of South Carolina, correspondence with authors and soldiers. Guide.
Mordecai Family, 1783-1947; correspondence of female seminary director Jacob Mordecai with his wives, sons, and daughters. Guide.
Miriam Gratz Moses, 1824-64; letters from her aunt Rebecca Gratz and others. Guide.
Phillips and Myers Family Collection includes material from Confederate Eugenia Levy Phillips and her daughter Caroline Phillips Myers. Guide.

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Guide: Ashton, Dianne. The Philadelphia Group and Philadelphia Jewish History: A Guide to Archival and Bibliographic Collections. Philadelphia: Center for American Jewish History, Temple University, 1993 (Covers archives in Philadelphia and elsewhere.).

Personal Papers: Mary M. Cohen (and Charles J.), 1846-1920; journalist, poet, civic leader Emily Solis-Cohen, 1857-1948; writer and activist. See also Solis-Cohen Family Papers (additional papers held privately, at Wolf, Block, Shorr and Solis- Cohen Law Firm, Philadelphia).

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

For information about Jewish archival resources in the Pittsburgh area, see A Guide to Jewish Archival Resources in Pittsburgh (1988, revised 1989), by Michael Pipoly, and the archival collection Jewish Archival Survey and its Guide Guide to the Collection of the Jewish Archival Survey, 1912-1991, MSS #196.

Records of Pittsburgh chapters of Hadassah (1917-68), the National Council of Jewish Women (1893-1967), and the Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women’s Organizations (1923-63).

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Personal Papers: Barbara G. Myerhoff, 1911-1985; anthropologist. Guide.

P.O. Drawer 7219
Austin, TX 78713

Personal Papers: Lillian Hellman, 1931-70; playwright
Fannie Hurst, 1927-60; novelist

Stockton, CA 95211

Personal Papers: Lotte Fairbrook, 1898-1938, memoirs of German immigrant.

Seattle, WA 98195

Personal Papers: Jeanette Schreiber, 1956-80; active in Jewish women’s organizations in Seattle
Bella Kracower Secord, 1898-1925; pharmacist

Oral Histories: Jewish Archives Project, 1849-1975
Includes some records of Jewish women’s organizations in Washington state; interviews covering the first half of the twentieth century with Sophie Altose, Libby Anches, Lydia Angel, Rose Arensberg, Laura Berch, Minnie Bernhard, Rosa Scharhon Berro, Helen Birkman Blumenthal, Ruth Kutoff Lukov Brenner, Sema Calvo, Jennie Caston, Betty Dreifus, Joanna Eckstein, Esther Friedman, Fannie Gens, Bernice Degginer Greengard, Esther Gross, Hannah Grunbaum, Rachel Cohen Israel, Rebecca Israel, Victoria Israel, Manya Lawson, Louisa F. Levy, Esther Lighter, Edith Rosenberg Lindenberger, Ada Loussac, Edith Lurie, Rebecca Morhaime Mosheatel, Emma Ginsberg Nelson, Rose Ringold, Esther Schreiber Rogoway, Stella Sameth, Jennie Schermer, Anita Snyder, Emelie Steinbrecher, Mary Sussman, Perla Bensal Uziel, Ruby Clein Webber, and Gertrude Pearl Wolfe; and interviews with several women members of Seattle’s Sephardic community.

Dept. 3924, 1000 E. University Avenue
Laramie, WY 82071

Personal Papers: Stella Hanau, 1904-1998; scholar, writer, and advocate for reproductive rights of women. Guide.

5401 Cass Avenue
Detroit MI 48202

Oral Histories: The Twentieth Century Trade Union Woman: Vehicle for Social Change Oral History Project, 1970-79, an oral history project of the Program on Women and Work, Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, The University of Michigan and Wayne State University, 1970s; includes interviews with Lilian Herstein, Mollie Levitas, Pauline Newman, and other Jewish labor leaders. The interviews are catalogued in the Michigan Oral History Database Project.

This is a joint collection of the University of Missouri and the State Historical Society of Missouri. Material is held in four locations of the University of Missouri (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, and St. Louis). As of 2011, the State Historical Society of Missouri assumed sole management of the four campus manuscript collection.

Online Guide: Jewish Community Archives of Greater Kansas City

Culture Club, 1899-1979 (founded by affluent Jewish housewives in 1896 to discuss literature, theatre, dance and public affairs)
Greater Kansas City and St. Louis Sections, National Council of Jewish Women

Personal Papers: Examples from the JCA of Kansas City collection (consult the online guide for more):
Lillian Kranitz, oral historian.
Serina B. Lorsch, 1977-1982; women’s rights activist, synagogue president.
Suzanne Statland, 1930-1990, psychotherapist.

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

10825 East Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Description of Cleveland Jewish Archives

Guides: Pike, Kermit J. A Guide to Jewish History Sources in the History Library of the Western Reserve Historical Society. Cleveland: The Society, 1983 and Berman, Sandra. Manuscript collections on Jewish women in the Western Reserve Historical Society. [Cleveland, 1977] 4p.

Organizations: Cleveland chapters of Hadassah, National Council of Jewish Women, Jewish Women International, and Women’s American ORT

Personal Papers:

  • Beatrice Yarus Abrams family papers, 1896-2002; businesswoman
  • Rena Blumberg family papers, 1880-2001; community relations director and radio interviewer
  • Libbie L. Braverman, 1925-1991; teacher, author, lecturer
  • Rebecca Aronson Brickner, 1915-1980 1970-1980; active in Jewish education and women’s organizations
  • Isabelle Brown (and Ronald), 1914-1993, volunteer
  • Ruth Wiener Einstein family papers, 1860-1977; volunteer in Jewish causes in Cleveland area
  • Hattie Hyman Dettelbach, 1921-1957; volunteer
  • Mary B. Grossman, 1921-1966; lawyer
  • Sara Allen Halperin, 1954-1979; communal leader
  • Dorothy Davis Kates, 1936-1994; Works Progress Administration employee
  • Rachel Diane Landy, 1913-1999; nurse
  • Sarah Marcus, 1932-1991; physician
  • Ida Ruth Meisels (and Saul), 1943-1990; musician and composer of Jewish music
  • Suzanne Abrams Newman, 1931-1935, diary [microform]
  • Jeanette Sheifer, 1921-1979; nursery school administrator
  • Edith Silverman (and Isadore), 1930s-2002; girls’ social club member in the 1930s
  • Ruth Tannenbaum, 1928-1990; book review presenter
  • Selma H. Weiss, 1926-46; social worker
  • Luci Wolpaw, 1958-1964; active in Cleveland Jewish theater

Oral Histories: Achieving Cleveland Jewish Women Oral History Collection, 2001-2002
“Firsthand accounts of a group of twenty-five women who were, or had been, leaders in the Cleveland Jewish community.” Names: Marilyn Meshorer Bedol, Evelyn Bonder, Ann Letterman Cohen, Cynthia Golomb Dettlebach, Natalie Zuckerman Epstein, Alice Fredman, Lois K. Goodman, Martha Joseph, Aileen Margolis Kassen, Susan Friedman Klarreich, Maxine Goodman Levin, Joanne Lewis, Belle Tract Likover, Florence Krenzler Matthews, Rena Shapiro Blumberg Olshansky, Leatrice Rabinsky, Barbara Robinson, Elaine Rocker, Beryl E. Rothschild, Lois Scharf, Dorothy Silver, Linda Rocker Silverberg, Margaret Luten Wasserstrom, Eleanor Weisberger, and Sally Harris Wertheim.

816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706

Guide: Guide to the Wisconsin Jewish Archives at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 2nd. ed. Madison: The Society, 1992 and Leuchter, Sara, with the assistance of Jean Loeb Lettofsky. Guide to Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust: A Documentation Project of the Wisconsin Jewish Archives. Madison: SHSW, 1983.

Personal Papers: Myrtle Baer, 1854-1963; social worker and editorial staff member of the Settlement Cook Book(housed in the Area Research Center, Milwaukee)
Boyer, Gene, 1925-2002; activist feminist and businesswoman
Edna Ferber, 1910-1977, author. Guide.
Edith S. Frank, 1918-1988; volunteer with civic and arts organizations. Guide.
Irma Greenthal (and Alex. P.), 1894-1978; niece of Lizzie Black Kander. Guide.
Myra Hess, 1950-69; concert pianist
Lizzie Black Kander, 1875-1960; author, Settlement Cook Book (housed in the Area Research Center, Milwaukee). Guide.
Elizabeth Brandeis Raushenbush (and Paul A.), 1918-80; economist. Guide.
Elva Simon, 1930-84; community volunteer (scrapbook)
Lilly Strauss, 1946; account of concentration camp experiences
Adele Szold, 1895-96; letters by University of Wisconsin freshman to her sister Henrietta; other letters

Oral Histories: Documenting the Midwestern Origins of the Twentieth century Women’s Movement Project, 1987-92, includes Gene Boyer, businesswoman

Wisconsin Jewish Oral History Interview Project, 1954- 74, included these women: Pela Rosen Alpert, Holocaust survivor, Green Bay; Ida Berkowitz, Kenosha; Clara Brown Milwaukee; Esther Shapiro Cohen, Milwaukee; Esther Levitan Goldstine, Madison; Nellie Jacob, La Crosse; Bessie Katz, Madison; Minnie Kopelberg, Madison; Fannie Miller, Green Bay; Mollie Putterman, Beloit; Bertha Langer Raymond, Milwaukee; Rae Ruscha, Marinette, Milwaukee; Rose Alice Vogel Schneider, Superior; and Nellie Bornstein Winter, Racine.

Evelyn Torton Beck, 1975 interview

Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust Oral History Project includes Pela Rosen Alpert, Flora van Brink Hony Bader , Lucy Rothstein Baras, Sylvia Schwerd Blasberg , Chana Bebczuk Comins , Eva Lauffer Deutschkron , Karola Frankenthal Epstein, Susanne Hafner Goldfarb , Magda Herzberger , Rachel (Rosa) Goldberg Katz , Cyla Tine Stunde, and several men.

Barrett Building
6101 Yellowstone Road, LL
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Personal Papers: Jennette Warsharsky Bernstein, 1954-75; historian of Wyoming Jewish community

New Haven, CT 06511

Personal Papers: Adele C. Newberger Gutman Nathan, 1889-1986; author, journalist, and pageant producer. Guide.
Mina Loy, 1914-60; poet, painter, playwright. Guide
Miriam Schlein, 1949-2007; children’s author. Guide.
Grace Schulman, circa 1948-1998; poet. Guide.
Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, 1901-87; authors. Guide
Rose Pastor Stokes, 1900-1993; writer, artist, and radical political and social activist. Guide.
Barbara Wertheim Tuchman, 1920-1982; author and journalist. Guide
Anna Strunsky Walling, 1880-1968; author. Guide.

Includes testimonies of many women who later settled in the United States.

NOTE: All dates pertain to the span of coverage within collections rather than birth and death dates for individuals, unless otherwise specified.

The Center for Jewish History
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011-6301

Guide: Guide to the YIVO Archives, edited by Fruma Mohrer and Marek Web (YIVO and M.E. Sharpe, 1998).

Organizations and Companies:
Grossinger’s Country Club, ca. 1920-83, includes correspondence of Jennie Grossinger, 1954-62
National Desertion Board (dealt with thousands of cases of desertion by immigrant Jewish husbands)
Pioneer Women [later Na’amat] national records, 1913-52; Zionist organization
United Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, 1907-1950 records preserve HIAS’ efforts on behalf of immigrant women (and men)
YIVO holds the records for numerous individual landsmanshaftn (organizations of immigrants from a particular community), which often include women’s divisions. For example, the American Federation for Polish Jews (federation of landsmanshaftn) records include the Women’s Division, Ezra, founded in 1931.

Personal Papers:

  • Celia Adler, 1911-59; Yiddish actor
  • Bella Bellarina, 1910s-60; Yiddish actor
  • Diana Blumenfeld (and Jonas Turkow), ca. 1930-61; Yiddish actors
  • Anna Bogin, 1950s-60s; Yiddish poet and writer
  • Edna Cogan, 1920s-1950s; Yiddish teacher
  • Celia Dropkin, ca. 1908-50; Yiddish poet and writer
  • Rachel (Shoshke) Erlich, 1934-84; YIVO researcher
  • Aliza Greenblat, ca. 1900; Yiddish poet and writer
  • Ida Hoffman, ca. 1900-66; nurse, social worker
  • Judith Ish-Kishor, 1920s-1940; writer of juvenile and historical fiction
  • Pola Kadison, 1920s-1981; pianist, arranger, and composer
  • Sima Kaplan, 1915-71; Yiddish writer and cultural activist
  • Miriam Karpilow, 1900-50s; Yiddish writer
  • Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, 1900-70s; folklore professor (folklore materials she collected)
  • Bertha Kling, 1907-78; Yiddish poet
  • Mary Krein, 1959-73; poet
  • Goldie Lake, 1980-82; playwright, teacher, film producer, community worker in Cleveland
  • Reyzl Landau, 1911-50s, Yiddish poet
  • Lucy Robbins Lang (and Harry Lang), 1921-68; Yiddish playwright, radical activist
  • Malka Lee, 1916-64; Yiddish poet
  • Esther Leibowitz, ca. 1942-83, fundraiser, radio personality
  • Shifra Lerer (and Ben-Zion Witler), 1930s-61; Yiddish actor and singer
  • Sarah Liebert, 1920-55; president, Sholem Aleichem Women’s Organization
  • Helen (and Shmuel) Londinsky, 1920s-1970s; Yiddish writer
  • Lilian Lux (and Paul Burstein), 1930-79; Yiddish comedians and actors
  • Anna Margolin (pen name of Rosa Lebensbaum); Yiddish poet and journalist
  • Chana (and Joseph) Mlotek, 1950-90; folklorist and ethnomusicologist
  • Kadia Molodowsky, 1950s-60s; Yiddish poet, writer, teacher
  • Adela Mondry, 1938-42; singer in Detroit
  • Rose Nevodovska, 1890s-1960s; Yiddish writer and poet
  • Hannah Novick, 1910-50s, teacher
  • Rina Opper (pen name of Rayne Opoczyski), 1921-69; Yiddish writer
  • Dorothy Osofsky, 1939-79; Jewish musicologist (field work material she collected)
  • Molly Picon, 1900-72; actor
  • Brocho Reichl, ca. 1900-53; dentist, Hadassah activist
  • Anna Shomer Rothenberg, 1916-51; singer and community activist
  • Ruth Rubin, 1947-66; Yiddish folksinger, folklorist, poet (materials she collected)
  • Luba Rymer, 1936-58; Yiddish actor and singer
  • Rose Schwartz,1940-1974; officer of the women’s division of a landsmanshaft federation
  • Ida Seltzer, 1930s-60s; YIVO Board member
  • Hana Stein, 1910-84; English novelist and short story writer
  • Sara M. Wachs, 1933-55; agent
  • Beatrice Silverman Weinreich, ca. 1950s; Yiddish ethnographer, writers, editor, linguist (materials she collected)
  • Dora Weissman (and Anshel Shor), 1906-66; Yiddish actors, owned talent agency
  • Hinde (Anna) Zaretski, 1920s-70s; Yiddish poet, writer, and teacher

Oral Histories: Amerikaner-Yiddishe Geshichte Bel Pe Collection
Marsha Farbman, 1963; Pearl Halpern, 1965; Esther Kadar, 1964; Pauline Newman, 1965; Feigl Shapiro, 1964; Flora Weiss, 1964; Ella Wolf, 1963
Oral History transcripts of interviews conducted 1974-75 for the book Jewish Grandmothers by Jenny Mazur and Sydelle Kramer

An earlier version of this bibliography and archival guide is also found on pages 1553-1586 (v. 2) of Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia, edited by Paula E. Hyman and Deborah Dash Moore, and sponsored by the American Jewish Historical Society. 2 v. New York, Routledge, 1997.