2018 National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Conference held Nov. 8-11 in Atlanta, Georgia

March 28, 2018

The National Women’s Studies Association leads the field of women’s studies in educational and social transformation. Established in 1977, NWSA has more than 2,000 members worldwide.  Our annual conference regularly draws more than 1,800 attendees and is the only annual meeting in the US exclusively dedicated to showcasing the latest feminist scholarship.

This year’s theme is: Just Imagine: Imagining Justice: Feminist visions of freedom, dream making and the radical politics of futures. The subthemes are:

  • Afro-futurism, feminist futures, surrealist thought and radical imaginaries
  • Rethinking gender, sexuality, family, disability and the bio-politics of what is or is not human?
  • The future of the universities, schools, and knowledge production: maroon spaces, insurgent practices, and the future of the disciplines and the interdisciplines?
  • Post-capitalism: imagining new economic futures
  • Revolutions and utopian projects: sustained, incomplete and derailed
  • Political, cultural and artistic movements that “demand the impossible:” “abolition” and beyond
    Shana Redmond, University of California, Los Angeles
  • The earth’s future and legacies of its past: environmental justice, climate change, indigeneity, land rights, wars and occupations

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