Location & Directions

C. K. Leith Library of Geology and Geophysics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
440 Weeks Hall
1215 West Dayton St.
Madison, WI 53706-1324

The Geology and Geophysics Library is located in 440 Weeks Hall, on the corner of Dayton St. and Charter St. (see map). If you are coming from the east on University Ave., turn left on Charter, and go south two blocks. Weeks Hall is on the southwest corner, across Charter from the university’s power plant.

Weeks Hall is a polygonal-shaped brick building with a courtyard in the center of it. When you walk through the courtyard, you will see the main entrance. Facing you will be a set of glass doors and windows; enter them and turn to your left. In front of you will be an elevator. Take the elevator up to the fourth (4th) floor, and when you exit the elevator, walk straight ahead about 15 feet, and you will find the Geology and Geophysics Library in room 440 on your left. Our front desk is on the left-hand side, just inside our door.


1st Floor Weeks Hall

Color coded floor plan map

4th Floor Weeks Hall

Color coded floor plan map