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November 2019

History Vault. Progressive Era : Voices of Reform (ProQuest)

The collections in this module consist of the correspondence, writings, speeches, diaries and photographs of five leading members of the Progressive movement: John R. Commons, Charles R. Van Hise, Richard T. Ely, Edward A. Ross and Charles McCarthy. Individually and collectively, these men proved they were more than idealists by devising and carrying out major reforms to solve the problems caused by the growth of industrialization following the Civil War. This module offers valuable insight into both the theorizing and practical legislation of the Progressive Era.

History Vault. Progressive Era : Reform, Regulation and Rights (ProQuest)

The Progressive Era, dating roughly from 1890-1920, was a reaction to the rapid industrialization and social and economic changes of the “Gilded Age” in the last two decades of the 19th century and the turn of the 20th century. Progressive Era reformers, as the name implies, believed in progress and their ability to improve society through a broad range of reforms. The efforts of these reformers created one of the great movements in American history. This module on the Progressive Era consists of 11 collections and documents a variety of the ways that the Progressive Movement attempted to improve the lives of the American people. The collections cover women’s right to vote, the Standard Oil monopoly case, the efforts of journalist Henry Demarest Lloyd, the University Settlement Society of New York City, prohibition, reform of law enforcement, the Teapot Dome bribery case regarding petroleum reserves on government lands, and regulation of food and drugs.

SAGE Research Methods (Sage)

SAGE Research Methods is a tool created to help researchers, faculty and students with their research projects. Users can explore methods concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct their research, and write up their findings. Since SAGE Research Methods focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used across the social sciences, health sciences, and other areas of research. Includes books, cases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, journal articles, Little Green Books, Little Blue Books, major works, and videos.

American Indian Newspapers (Adam Matthew)

American Indian Newspapers presents the publications of a range of communities, covering periodicals produced in the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Nevada and Oklahoma, from 1828 to 2016. Representing a huge variety in style, production and audience, the newspapers include national periodicals as well as local community news and student publications. The collection provides a unique view of a range of subjects from an Indigenous perspective, including the civil rights era and American Indian Movement (AIM), education, environmentalism, land rights and cultural representation. This resource has been developed with, and has only been made possible by, the permission and contribution of the newspaper publishers and Tribal Councils concerned.

October 2019

Springer Protocols (SpringerNature)

Springer Protocols is a database of over 55,000 biomedical and life sciences laboratory protocols. The database contains nearly 40 years of protocols including content from Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods in Molecular Medicine, Methods in Biotechnology, Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Neuromethods, and the Springer Protocols Handbooks. No protocol is ever removed from the collection, rather alternative versions are added.

Performing Arts Periodicals Database (ProQuest)

This article database covers a broad spectrum of the arts and entertainment industry, including dance, film, television, drama, theater, stagecraft, musical theater, broadcast arts, circus performance, comedy, storytelling, opera, pantomime, puppetry, magic and more. It draws its current content from more than 400 scholarly and popular performing arts periodicals, and indexes a variety of documents such as biographical profiles, conference papers, obituaries, interviews, discographies, reviews and events. Over 130 of the 395 periodicals contain full-text articles. (read more…)

US Newsstream (ProQuest)

US Newsstream enables users to search current U.S. news content, as well as archives that stretch back into the 1980s. It features top newspapers, wires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, and news sites in full-text format. US Newsstream provides key national and regional news sources from the U.S. and includes exclusive and preferred access to top titles, including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Newsday, and Chicago Tribune. This resource is licensed by the Department of Public Instruction and is also available for use by all Wisconsin residents via BadgerLink.

September 2019


MarketLine provides original industry, company, market analysis, and country reports and data based on published research and primary and secondary data sources. This growing collection currently includes: 3,500 industry profiles market data on 150 consumer products in over 60 countries 30,000 company profiles 2,500 company SWOT analyses summaries of 50,000 M&A and financial deals 110 country profiles economic and demographic indicators for 215 countries. (read more…)

August 2019

Primo Central Index (PCI) (Ex Libris)

Primo Central Index (PCI) is a multidisciplinary abstract and citation database that searches across hundreds of millions of records for journal and news articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, and more. The citation metadata is harvested from hundreds of publishers and aggregators, and many of the records include abstracts. Note that the records searched in PCI are the same ones used by UW-Madison Libraries’ Article Search. While the same content is searched in the two interfaces (PCI and Article Search), there are differences in the presentation and features available to users.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Irish Times and The Weekly Irish Times (ProQuest)

Irish newspaper database with comprehensive news reporting, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, cartoons, and more, spanning nearly 150 years of modern Irish history beginning with 1859.

June 2019

eBook Arabic Collection: Al-Kotob (Ebsco)

This collection of more than 5,000 Arabic e-books covers a broad range of academic subjects, including Middle Eastern art, biography, business, child development, education, medicine, social sciences, humanities, Islamic studies, history, law, music, religion, political science, technology and engineering.

April 2019

Making of Modern Law: American Civil Liberties Union Papers, 1912-1990 (Gale)

A collection of primary source documents detailing the ACLU’s work on civil rights, civil liberties, race, gender, and issues relating to the U.S. Supreme Court. Includes papers of the ACLU national organization and its Southern Regional Office. Documents include court documents, case files, project files, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, and more.


Online data and mapping tool for obtaining geographic data from authoritative sources like the Census, BLS, CDC, and dozens of other federal agencies and private data providers. It has thousands of indicators on demographics, the economy, housing, lending, quality of life, education, health, and more. Data is available at the neighborhood census block group in many cases, up to a national level, depending on the data.

March 2019

Bhopal : law, accidents, and disasters in India (UW Law School Digital Repository)

The Bhopal Digital Archive collects thousands of court documents, newspaper clippings, secondary sources, videos, and more, all focused on the Bhopal chemical disaster that occurred in December 1984. The content is entirely full-text searchable, and can be freely downloaded (except for the newspaper clippings, which can be viewed at the Law School). Content will continue to be added as the Law School receives it.

African American Newspapers (Accessible Archives) – added Part XIII collection

Expanded access to Part XIII collection. This original source material—written by African-Americans for African-Americans – contains a wealth of information about cultural life and history during the 1800s and is rich with first-hand reports. It is a searchable full-text collection of newspapers with the following titles available: The Christian Recorder; The Colored American/Weekly Advocate; Frederick Douglass’ Paper; Freedom’s Journal; The National Era; The North Star; the Provincial Freeman; Freedman’s Record and the Negro Business League Herald.

February 2019

Foreign Office Files for Japan, Section 1: Japanese Imperialism and the War in the Pacific, 1931-1945 (Adam Matthew)

Foreign Office Files for Japan, Section 1: Japanese Imperialism and the War in the Pacific, 1931-1945, consists of diplomatic dispatches, correspondence, maps, summaries of events and diverse other material. Sourced from the rich FO 371 and FO 262 series at The National Archives, UK, this resource unites formerly restricted Japan-specific documents and is enhanced by the addition of a selection of FO 371 Far Eastern General sub-series, and Western and American Department papers.

Victorian Popular Culture Module I: Spiritualism, Sensation and Magic (Adam Matthew)

The Victorian Popular Culture portal contains a wide range of source material relating to popular entertainment in America, Britain and Europe in the period from 1779 to 1930, and shows how interconnected these worlds were. Module 1: Spiritualism, Sensation and Magic explores the relationship between the popularity of Victorian magic shows and conjuring tricks and the emergence of séances and psychic phenomena in Britain and America. The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw an explosion of interest in the occult, and the foundation of a new religious movement, Spiritualism. (read more…)

January 2019

ProQuest History Vault: Slavery and the Law (ProQuest)

Petitions on race, slavery, and free blacks submitted to state legislatures and county courthouses from 1775-1867. Also includes a record of the state laws governing American slavery from 1789-1865.

Oxford International Organizations (Oxford University Press)

A database of annotated documents pertaining to the law of international organizations. Each document is accompanied by expert commentary on the context and impact of the document.

December 2018

Post-War Europe: Refugees, Exile and Resettlement, 1945-1950 (Gale, Archives Unbound)

Primary sources for the study and understanding of European peoples in the aftermath of World War II. It covers the politics and administration of the post-war refugee crisis in Europe.

American Historical Periodicals from the American Antiquarian Society (Gale)

Historical periodical titles dating from 1691 to 1877, arranged into five series. The collection represents over two centuries of print culture, ranging from early works imported by the colonists to later titles published on American soil on the eve of the Revolution and during the early republic.

WGSN: Insight

WGSN Insight provides unparalleled coverage and analysis into the world of consumers and is the publisher’s flagship trend product. Featuring original and thought-provoking content on consumer, marketing, retail and innovation trends, WGSN Insight helps the world’s most creative thinkers stay ahead.

The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant (University of Virginia Press)

Digital edition of Grant’s papers, based on the original letterpress edition edited by John Y. Simon. Searchable access to the content of the original thirty-one print volumes, including all editorial annotations, introductory essays, and appendices, as well as a separate volume of supplementary documents completed by John F. Marszalek.

Kanopy (Films)

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video service for educational institutions that works directly with filmmakers and film distribution companies to offer thousands of award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases across diverse subjects and disciplines. The Libraries have subscriptions to the Criterion Collection, Media Education Foundation Collection and California Newsreel Collection.

November 2018

American Proxy Wars: Korea and Vietnam: Global Perspectives, 1946-1975 (Readex)

Translated and English-language radio and television broadcasts, newspapers, periodicals, government documents, and books covering the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts. This collection of primary source documents was curated by a U.S. government organization that became part of the CIA as part of a program monitoring media from around the world.

WGSN: Fashion

WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) is an online news, information and fashion images database for the fashion and style industries. Coverage includes fashion trends and forecasting, design, company profiles, as well as news items on e-commerce, finance, advertising, and marketing.

Digital Scholar Lab (Gale)

Digital Scholar Lab is an online tool for collecting data sets comprised of content from the UW-Madison Libraries subscription to Gale Primary Sources. Those data sets can then be analyzed using text analysis and visualization tools built into the Digital Scholar Lab. Digital humanities analysis methods include: Named Entity Recognition, Topic Modelling, Parts of Speech, and more.

Lexicomp (Wolters Kluwer)

Lexicomp provides clear, concise, point-of-care drug information, including dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, as well as clinical content, such as clinical practice guidelines, IV compatibility from Trissel’s 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database, and other tools.
Selector: Andrew Osmond / Ebling Library Edition World Collection (ProQuest – Ancestry)

Full-text of local newspapers from the United States, including Wisconsin, dating from the 1700s to the 2000s. Limited additional coverage of local newspapers from other countries. This resource is licensed by the Department of Public Instruction and is also available for use by all Wisconsin residents via BadgerLink.

October 2018

NewspaperARCHIVE – Wisconsin

Wisconsin historical newspapers archive from the 1800s – 2000s containing thousands of well-known regional, state, and small local newspapers from around Wisconsin.

Colonial America (Adam Matthew)

Colonial America is a five-module resource featuring all 1,450 files of the CO 5 class at The National Archives, UK. The collection consists of the original correspondence between the Board of Trade and Secretaries of State and the English, later British, colonies in North America and the Caribbean. Access has been extended to include Module 3, which covers the 1770s and 1780s. Materials on the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary periods include relations and negotiations with allied Native American tribes; Military correspondence between British generals in America and the Secretary of State; and Intercepted Patriot correspondence. (read more…)

Techstreet Enterprise (Clarivate Analytics)

Techstreet Enterprise provides full-text PDFs from leading publishers of industry standards including ASME, ISO, ANSI, ASCE, ASME and many more. Full text is made available on the Techstreet platform by submitting a Standards Request Form.

MasterFILE Complete (Ebsco)

General interest database of journals, magazines, reference books, photos and videos from the Associated Press (AP). Covers topics including business, health, education, fitness, sports and leisure, personal finance, general science, multicultural issues, DIY and fashion. This database is licensed by BadgerLink/Department of Public Instruction for use by all Wisconsin residents. It replaces the MasterFILE Premier.

MLA International Bibliography (Ebsco platform)

The Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA) is updated ten times per year. The electronic version of the Bibliography dates back to 1925 and indexes critical materials on literature, criticism, drama, languages, linguistics, and folklore. Searchable by subject, author, author-as-subject, title, etc. Provides access to citations from over 4,400 journals, series, books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations, and bibliographies. International coverage is represented by literature from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. While the majority of records are from English-language publications, at least sixty other languages are represented including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Swedish. Many articles listed have no abstracts. Many Find It links to full text from other providers such as JSTOR or Project Muse appear in the MLA. Note: The MLA International Bibliography (ProQuest platform) remains available until December 31, 2018.

The PBS Video Collection (Alexander Street Press)

This collection includes documentary films and series from the Public Broadcasting Service covering many educational disciplines, including history, science and technology, diversity studies, business, and current events. Includes Frontline, NOVA, American Experience, Odyssey, and many films by Ken Burns and Michael Wood.