Data Services

Research Data Management & Curation

Do you have questions about how to manage your research data?

Research Data Services (RDS) is an interdisciplinary organization committed to advancing research data management practice on the UW–Madison campus. RDS focuses on providing researchers with the tools and resources that support their efforts to store, analyze, and share data.

To learn more about working with Research Data Services, visit the RDS website.

Get Access to Data

The UW–Madison Libraries have licensed a number of full-text, bibliographic, and other data sets that may be suitable for text mining or similar research uses. We may be able to work with you to gain access to these data sets in a format suitable for your research. Please contact your liaison librarian or UW Digital Collections Center staff to see how we can help you.

Persistent Identifiers Through EZID

EZID is a way for researchers to mint and manage persistent identifiers in the form of DataCite DOIs (digital object identifiers). After an initial consultation, EZID will be largely self service for researchers.  DOI production will be able to be incorporated into workflows in two ways, the EZID user interface or EZID application programming interface (API).

The EZID user interface is available as a web based tool that allows self-service of individual persistent identifiers. As an account holder, users can request new identifiers or manage existing identifiers.

The EZID API allows machine-to-machine transactions so that persistent identifier functionality can be integrated with other applications.

If you would like to discuss whether the EZID service is right for your needs or to learn more about the service, contact Cameron Cook.