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Akademia Cartonera: A Primer of Latin American Cartonera Publishers, is the anticipated result of the conference entitled “Cartonera Publishers: Recycling Latin American Bookscapes” which will be held on the 8th and 9th of October at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goal of this publication is to document the example set by these publishers in the cultural, publishing and literary realms. This book has been the fruit of a collective labor not only on the part of those people who contributed the included nineteen texts, but also the volunteers who have helped in the translation and editing of this manuscript.

This work will include eight manifestos written by the eight cartonera publishing houses that will be attending the conference, a prologue explaining the reason for this book, a retelling of the founding of some of these publishers, an introduction, nine academic essays, an inventory of cartonera titles, a bibliography and various images. The objective of this book is to take a snapshot in time documenting the existence of these publishers.

The presentation of the Book Akademia Cartonera: A Primer of Latin American Cartonera Publishers at the Wisconsin Book Festival will happen on Friday, October 9th,  8:00pm-9:00pm. Location: Promenade Hall, Overture Center, 201 State Street.