Bank Regulatory

Contains databases for regulated depository financial institutions. These databases provide accounting data for bank holding companies, commercial banks, savings banks, and savings and loans institutions. The source of the data comes from the required regulatory forms filed for supervising purposes.

The Commercial Bank Database, from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (FRB Chicago), contains data of all banks filing the Report of Condition and Income (named “Call Report”) that are regulated by the Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Comptroller of the Currency. The Commercial Bank Database has data available quarterly from 1976.

The Bank Holding Companies Database, from the FRB Chicago, collects financial data from bank holding companies included in the FRY-9 reports. The FR Y-9 filing initiated in 1978, but this Database has data available quarterly from 1986.

The FDIC/OTS Deposits Database collects deposit data on each office of every FDIC-insured bank and savings association. Data are collected annually (as of June 30) and are available from 1994.

The Merger Description Database from the FRB Chicago provides acquisition/merger data and other useful records about circumstances under which a financial institution ceased to exist. It provides information about the survivor and non-survivor entity, dates and merging codes from 1986.