Simmons OneView: Creating a Simple Crosstab

A Crosstab, or cross tabulation of Simmons survey results, allows you to examine the relationship between two variables.


  • For example, we can run a Crosstab to find out what brands of ground coffee are used most often by U.S. adults age 18-34.
  • Our two survey variables in this question are U.S. adults age 18-34, and brands of ground coffee used most often.

Creating a Simple Crosstab

  • Click the Study button to select your data source, then select the most recent 12-month study of U.S. adults age 18+ that is available in the list and click OK.
  • Select the “Use Question Text along with Answer Text” check box in the Questions panel. This will give fully descriptive labels to your variables in the Crosstab results.
  • To select the age group for our first variable, open the question category for Lifestyle (Demographics), then open the subcategory for Demographics (Personal Information) and select the question for Age. Scroll down to select the age group 18-34 from the Answers panel and drag it to the Columns panel.
  • To search for our second survey variable by keyword, click the Search drop-down button to open the search dialog box. Be sure to select the “All” radio button to include both question and answer text as well as categories in your search. Then type your keyword in the search box and click the Search button.
    • For survey questions on the beverage coffee itself, open the category for Beverages – Non-Alcoholic Drinks. Then open the subcategory for Ground or Whole Bean Coffee and select the question for Ground Coffee – Brands Used Most Often. Right-click in the Answers panel to select all of the brands and drag them to the Rows panel.
  • To run the Crosstab on these two variables, first enter a descriptive name in the Crosstab Name field above the Dictionary, then click the Run Crosstab button to generate your Crosstab results.